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Thursday, August 3,2014, 12NoonDearest Harry,

It has been 24 days since you left us and I think about you every day. I miss everything that you were and everything that we did together. I miss your twice daily expression of gratitude after you were fed- you'd stand against my leg while I was seated at this computer, I'd pull you up into my arms, hold you like a baby and tell you what a good boy you were. You would gently lick me on my mouth as I was telling you how great you were, like you were eating my words. The look of humility in your eyes was a real treasure.
I hope you have found your namesake- human Harry who was my idol uncle. He and his wife Lenora were memorialized by naming your mother Nora and their last name Genner for your father. You got the high honor of being named Harry. They both passed a long time before you were born, but I am sure you have met them both. I can feel you all looking at us earthlings from whatever is your vantage point, understanding volumes of what we mortals know so little about. You all have transcended time itself.

My wish is that you could visit me in my dreams sometime and I know you have heard this prayer. I received a lot of messages from what we humans have invented, called the Rainbow Bridge. These messages and condolences have been extremely comforting in my grief and I thank all of those people. Sometimes I have a flash of anger that you left, but in my heart, I do understand and accept it most of the time. I will always look forward to the moment when I become a spirit and can be with you all, though I am still here with my fellow travelers seeking to do God's will. Obviously, you finished your work here and you did a great job, reflected by my feelings of longing for you Harry. Goodnight for now.
Always love you, Bob

Dearest Harry, 7/10/2014

Seven and a half years ago I saw you born into this life. Today was the last day to see you alive. Today we shared the end of your life. I know in my heart that you knew it was time for your life's exit. As it is only 2 hours ago that I permitted the vet to put you to final rest, I am still in agony that I had to make that decision. I am also in agony that I will not see you alive ever again. You have always looked at me with the highest trust and loyalty that any living being could. You looked at me that way when I agreed with the vet that this was the best for you. From the loss of your back legs' mobility and subsequent incontinence since late January, 2014, you continually demonstrated the spirit of "carrying on" as well as your ever present "joie de vivre". We both knew that during this phase, you could still be happy, frisky, and enjoy your life. This last unfortunate injury brought on by your mother, Nora, would have left you unbearably out of so many more things, you, as well as I, would feel too limited to live a 'close to normal' dog's life. I will always treasure my memories of you since your birth; the struggle we both shouldered to keep you alive and developing normally after your first five days, when you lost the strength to suck momma's milk and quickly became dehydrated. The vet's instructions of feeding you formula every three hours worked. By the end of that first month, you were back on schedule and we underwent weaning you onto solid food. I got to watch your every discovery and amazement of the new world you had entered- the outdoors, the grass, the lizards, the Genner and Harry wrestling matches, the comfort of momma, poppa, and son sharing my bed at night, car rides, daily walks, coming to work with me--the list is endless. That is what saddens me- that for you and me it is over, but the memories will always last. You, as well as your mom and dad helped me immensely through the lean years following my loss of the Peabody job and the eventual foreclosure on our house and your back yard. Your presence always melted away any fears, real or imagined, in that phase of our life together. I love you like no other and today it hurts a lot, but your gaze at me in my memories will be treasured and help the hurt go away. I love you and will always miss you Harry. I thank God and you for your life. Love for you always, Bob

December 25, 2014
Hello Again My Dearest Harry,
You probably know today is Christmas Day and your mama Nora's 12th birthday. We all miss you still. I always had the comforting thoughts that you would be with me into my 70's and most likely your parents would be at the Rainbow bridge watching and waiting for us. God had other plans and I have to accept that. I am sure God treasures you even more than I did. Your papa Genner will be 13 years old this coming January 1, 2015. They are still very active and enjoy healthy lives. Since you have been gone, many people who loved you at the club have expressed their sorrow of your departure. Those that had not been present for some time are also shocked and sad to hear the words, "he is no longer with us". You had quite a following there at the Central Group. You have blessed me at least once with a dream containing your lively doghood which made me very happy. I am always hoping for another visit in my dreams. Being Christmas today really brings up so many memories of you. I guess you know I have your ashes in a box on my nightstand by our bed. I'd love for you to come out of that box back to the physical realm. You were such an amazing dog, friend, companion, and an inspiration. I still have daily thoughts of you and you know that I do from the spiritual realm you now inhabit. Please continue to bless my memories of you. I still miss you buddy boy.
Love, Bob, Genner, and Nora

April 15, 2015
Hello Harry, You Wonderful Spirit,
I had a visit from one of your great admirers, Lisa. She lost her dog a couple of months ago and is on the Rainbow Bridge website with you. Her name is Porche. I am sure you can find her and know that she is waiting for her Mistress Lisa. Lisa found a beautiful music video recording of the Rainbow Bridge which brought your departure back to me making tears well up in me. I again heard the words of how you will know that I have followed you and you will immediately know I am looking for you. We will join again for eternity. I could say, "I can't wait", but I know I must carry on God's mission for me here for a little more time. Probably before I come, your mama Nora and papa Genner will join you and all three of you will greet me with your loving hearts. Yes, I still think of you daily at some time of the day. I'm sure you see that we have a different home with a backyard and a little swimming pool. I watch Genner and Nora basking in the sun and rolling in the grass. The only thing missing is you and I am sad that you aren't with us in physical form. I can feel your spirit though. Your ashes remain in my new bedroom with your collar which I see every day. I hope you will visit me soon in my dreams. My thoughts and love for you. will never fade- Bob

June 23, 2015
We are nearing your 1 year departure anniversary and my feelings and missing you has not changed. I have freshened up your memorial for the occasion. A day does not go by without thoughts of you and wishes for your spirit to visit me in a dream. I see your picture with your mother and father daily when I turn my computer on. Our new home would be perfection if you were here. You would have a backyard to play in and we would all use the swimming pool together. Remember all of the swimming therapy you enjoyed with Norrel? No matter which side of the pool I was sitting at, when Norrel would release you, you would swim to me. You were such a trooper and a true buoyant spirit in my life. I will look forward to seeing you when God brings me to where you are. Your mother and father are doing well in their old age and most likely will be joining you before me. God Bless You Harry. You will always be in my heart. Loving you forever. Daddy Bob

July 10, 2015
Harry, Harry, 'tis Bob again to acknowledge your first full year anniversary away from our lives. It does not hurt so much, but I still sincerely miss you. I hope you pause occasionally and look down into our earthly lives and know we would love to have you back, though it is most unlikely, but would be a welcome miracle. I'd like to be sleeping as a family again, watch you and Genner wrestle before going to sleep, hold you in the morning after your breakfast as usual. Please enter my dreams tonight for a temporary reunion. You enjoy whatever form you have assumed, though the one I always carry in my memory is my favorite. Think of us now and then and know we will all be with you eventually. Lots of love as always. Bob

March 27, 2016
Almost another year has past and you frequent my thoughts as if it was yesterday. Your mom and dad are still doing well, but they do sleep alot. Today, we just got back from the Farmers Market at Lake Eola and I missed showing you off- you were such a handsome and loving canine. I miss that love every day. I have to be honest that I always wonder if I did anything to cause your back end paralysis and if I am guilty, you will please forgive me. Members at the club who haven't been by for a long time always ask where you are and it pains me to tell them of your exit. They all wish you were still here. I wish you could give me a glimpse of the spirit world in which you dwell. I shall focus my thoughts and love to you that I may dream of you and your place soon. I shall be writing you again on July 10, 2016 again. Still love and miss you daily. Love you always, Bob

May 7, 2017
I have some good news for you, but it is not good news for me or your dad, Genner. Your mother Nora has been diagnosed with a tumor by her lungs and heart. It is a very present size on the x-rays the vet showed me. The vet said it was inoperable and I could not afford the surgery if they were able to do it. We do not know when it started or how fast the tumor is growing.Her breathing right now is only a little compromised. he can still gallop around for a short time without stress If the tumor grows more, it will eventually stop her ability to breathe. I have not told anyone, but my own human mother passed due to the same circumstance. There will be increasing pain for Nora if the tumor progresses, but the vet told me she would first turn down food. At this point, I will humanely have her put to sleep as I did you. When I had you put to rest, I only had minutes to make the decision.
In this case, I will go through weeks of knowing the inevitable which means my pain will be hard to overcome as the time goes by until her inevitable end. You will then be joined by your mama. It is difficult for us me to lose you babies that have given me a great, blessed chunk of my life. I am going to stop typing now to join your mama and papa in bed to sleep. Please keep a watchful eye on us here and if it is in your power, make things painless for your mother. Genner and I will help each other. Love and miss you still Harry. Your Dog Daddy Bob

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