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Memories of Harry
About 5:00 Harry would start pacing because he knew his mommie would be home from work soon. The minute I walked in the door, he was at my feet and wherever I went in the house, he was with me. He would look at me with those big brown loving eyes. We were soul mates. I could not resist that look. He stayed by my beside when I got home from having heart surgery, just waiting for the day mommie would put him in the big bed. He loved his sister Paula and she misses him very much. Daddy does too.

12/10/07: You've been gone for 1 whole month. We cry everyday for you BugBug. Sissy is still looking for you. We love you.

12/25/07: Merry Christmas Harry!! We celebrate by saying "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. There are no presents except the after shave you and Paula gave Daddy. We are very sad you are not here with us. Missy and I will go to Nana's tomorrow like always. Wish you could be with us in body. You are always with us in spirit. Mommie loves you and misses you so much. I cry for you everyday. YOU ARE MY SPECIAL ANGEL!!!!!

01/01/08: HAPPY NEW YEAR Sweetness and Light of my life. We miss you so. Play nice and wait for mommie & daddy. Nana sends her love and misses you very much also. Love, mommie.

01/02/08: You came to me this afternoon about 4:29. I was washing my hands. I could smell you for a few seconds. It was heavenly. Thank you so much Bubby. I know you still love me. Thank you Lord, I know you love me too.

01/09/08: 2 months today that we had you put down. The worst 2 months of my life. I'm so sorry Bubby. I wish dogs could wear oxygen. I have cried for you (and for me) all day. I miss and love you so. Daddy cries too. Paula is searching. Have fun and play. Tomorrow is a big day for you.

01/10/08: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY!! Today you are 14!! Only eat a small piece of cake. Share it with all your new friends. We miss you BugBug. Paula, Daddy & I love you very much.

01/13/08: It was 7 years ago that we rescued you from the breeder. You were so skinny, unkempt & dirty, with dredlocks and a mat on your back at least 6" long and 2" high. It was a lucky day for all of us. We got you, you got a family and Paula got her half brother for a companion. What a great day! We love you Harry!

02/12/2008: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY my sweetness. I was driving home from work today and about 5:20 you came to me. I could smell your scent. What delight!! Thank you Bubby. We love & miss you so very much. XXXXOOOO

04/10/08: You've been gone from us 4 months now. This has been 1 of the worst times in my life. We miss you so much and miss your funny antics. We will love you forever. No one can take your place, ever. Love, Mommy, Daddy & Paula.

04/26/2008: Today we got Paula a new friend, a little Yorkie named Macky, short for MacArthur. His mom was going into assisted living. She couldn't take him with her. So, rather than him going to the pound, Daddy & I agreed to take him. He's cute, but he's not you. You will always have that special place in my heart. I love you so Bubby. I hope you are ok with this. He brought his own food bowls with him. I love you my darling. XXOO

08/26/2008: Hello Darling. Daddy came to see you and be with you. I know you found him right away and he is hugging & kissing you like mad. He loved & missed you so much. Take good care of him. Remember, mommie loves & misses you too!! See you again 1 day. XXOO

09/11/2008: Macky came to be with you at the bridge yesterday. I know you will like him. He loved Mommie so much, like you did. He was a good boy, but a noisy one. I miss him very much, just like I still miss you. Please take care of him. Now you can both love Daddy. Just remember though, that 1 day Paula & I will be with you. I love you Bubby. Love...Hugs...Kisses...Licks... XXOO

10/10/08: Oh darling BugBug, I saw the Rainbow you and Macky sent me on my way home from work today. That tells me you are together & playing & that you have found Daddy & all is well. I love & miss you so much. Take care of each other. Love, Mommie & Paula.

11/07/08: This date (today) was the beginning of the end my darling. I cry for you every day. I miss you so much. I am so sorry things ended up this way. I will always be with you in spirit & memory. I Love You so much. Stay close to Daddy. He loves you too!

11/09/08: My darling, it is 1 year today that you departed from this earthly world for a better place. You can breath without oxygen and no coughing. I am missing you so much. I love you. Love Daddy & Macky. Wait for me, I will arrive someday. Until then, have fun, play and stay close to Macky & Daddy. Love...Hugs...Kisses...Licks from Paula. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}} Love,Mommie

12/03/08: It's getting cold out & soon you would need your sweater. Sissy had hers on once and rolled it off as usual. I know you didn't care for them, but you kept it on once I got it on!! Sometimes you weren't real cooperative. I miss you so much. I cry for you every day. I guess I still cry for me too since I don't have you with me. Love Macky & Daddy. Stay close.

12/25/2008: Merry Christmas my darling. Another day without you. Give Daddy extra special loving today. Be extra nice to Macky today, also. Nana sends her love. Paula, Nana & I miss you so much. Wish you were here. Love, Mommie, Paula & Nana {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}} XXXOOO

01/01/09: Happy New Year my darling!! I am missing you like crazy as always. Stay close to daddy & Macky. I Love You. Paula & Nana miss & love you too!! XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

01/10/09: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!! This is your special day. Hope you spent the day with Daddy & Macky. No belly aches, right? You only had 1 piece of cake, I know. It rained a little here today. Hope your day was sunny & bright!! I love you for ever. {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}} XXOO

01/26/2009: Hello my Darling, I saw your sign this morning. Missy was coming across the yard & the way the porch light was shining, it looked like you coming to me. It made me cry. I love you so much, forever. Love Daddy & Macky. Be a good boy & wait for me. XXXOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

11/09/2009: Dearest BugBug, it is 2 years since you had to leave us. Stay close & love Daddy & Macky. I am still missing you everyday. I cry for you daily. I miss my faithful companion so much. Be a good boy while you wait for mommie. You have always been a Good Boy!! I love you!! "You Are In My Heart Forever". XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

01/13/2010: Oh my darling, Happy Birthday!! I know I am late but I have had internet problems & could not reach you. I love & miss you so much. Today is PopPops birthday. Maybe you can find him & wish him a Happy Birthday too. My Soul Mate, I LOVE YOU....

04/19/2010: Dearest Harry, Popeye came to join you, Macky & Daddy on the 4/13. I am crying & very sad. Please take care of him & show him the ropes. I know you really don't care for cats but please Bubby, be nice. I love & miss you as always. Love, Mommie XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}.

11/09/2010: My darling Harry, it has been 3 long years you have been gone from me. I still cry for you. Not everyday, but when I do it could be more than once a day. I miss you so much. I wish I had been a better mom & recognized what was wrong. Sissy has the respitory problem too, but when she coughed like you did, I knew what to do. She is on the medicine you would have been on if I had realized what was happening. I miss & love you so very much. Be good. Watch for me. I'll be there someday. {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}} XXXXXXOOOOOO

12/13/2010: Oh my darling, I am loving & missing you so much. I hope you have shown Li'l Bit the ropes. Be nice to her. She is a dear little girl. It is very cold right now but I know that you would wear your sweater outside for me. You were always such a good boy. Stay warm. Love Daddy & Macky. XXXOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

01/10/2011: Hello my darling. Happy Birthday!! I am loving & missing you so much, as always. I think of your last days with us. I cry everytime I talk about you to someone else. I can't help it. i love you so much. I'm sorry things ended like they did. I hope Daddy is always near & that you are loving him & Macky. Be good to Macky. he helped me so much. He would come comfort me when I would cry for you. I look forward to the time I will see you. Be a good boy. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

11/09/2011: Oh my darling, another year has passed that I am without you. I love & miss you so much. Things will never be the same until I see you again. I know you are with Macky & Daddy. Be a good boy. You are in my heart always. XXOO {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

12/25/11: Merry Christmas sweet heart!! Mommie misses you so very much. Hope you, Macky & Daddy spent the day together. Stay close to the Lord, this is his day too. Be a good boy. You are in my heart forever. {{{{{{HARRY}}}}}}

04/22/2012: Dearest Harry, I hope you met Paula as she crossed to the bridge. She has missed you so very much. Take care of her & show her the ropes. I love you & miss you very much. XXXXOOOO {{{{HARRY}}}}

11/12/2012: My darling boy, I am loving & missing you so much. I hope you, Sissy & Macky are well & loving Daddy everyday. I hope you saw Molly from Media when she arrived. I hope you have helped her settle in. You are my baby boy. I wish I had seen the signs that you were getting ill. I miss you!!! Love, Mommie XXXXOOOO ((((((HARRY))))))

04/18/2013: Dearest Harry, I am missing you everyday. Love Paula today, since it is her 1 year anniversary away from mommy. I miss all of you so much. Love Daddy too. Be a good boy. I love you so much!! XXXOOO {{{HARRY}}}

4/16/2014: Hi bubby, I am thinking of you today also. In 2 days, you will have had sissy back for 2 years. I am missing you both so much. Macky too. I will never stop loving you. You are in my heart forever. XXXOOO {{{HARRY}}}

7/15/2014: I love and miss you so much boy. Help Macky celebrate his birthday!!! Be good. {{{{HARRY}}}} XXXOOO

11/09/2014: My darling, I am still missing you so very much. The tears still flow and I still think I was wrong. I love you so much Harry, and I always will. You will go with me to the grave. {{{HARRY}}} XXXOOO

11/07/2015: Don't ever think that I have forgotten you because that will never happen. I hope you met Truffles when she got to the bridge. Show her the ropes. I love all of you so much. I still cry for you and question my decision. XXOO {{{HARRY}}}

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