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Memories of Harley Ray McClendon
Our baby boy Harley Ray McClendon lost his fight with cancer.
Crossed the rainbow bridge. Friday 12/16/2016 at 9:55 p.m.
Our hearts are broken, my world is shattered.
He fought so hard to stay with me, I fought so hard for you to stay.
Friday night Harley went into respiratory distress. We took him to the ER they did a thorough check and placed him in the oxygen tank. Just a minute later without oxygen he was struggling again.
We had to make the right decision for him.
My world 🌎 revolved around him. My little shadow is gone!
He was such a good boy and did not deserve all of what he had to go through and all the pain.
We had to make the horrible decision not because it was easy because it was not, not because we didn't want to take care of him, we carried him made a ramp for him and gave him the best life possible.
I loved you more than life and I am not sure how to go on without you little buddy.
I Love ❤️ you my baby!
We miss you so much.

One week, one week since you have been gone, how am I suppose to go on.
I know now you are not coming home.

Merry Christmas my Angel I miss you so much, my heart hurts! Our first Christmas without you, we didn't even put up a tree. To hard of a day.

Happy Birthday my angel. You would have been 13 today. I love you and miss you so much.

Oh Harley I hope you are happy and healthy at the bridge.
I love you so much and miss you so much. You have been gone six weeks today. That hole in my heart will never close. I am lost and broken.
I still think you are just at the vet and that you are coming home.
I so need to hold you .
I so need closure
Thank you baby boy for giving me all of you, all of your love and devotion for 12 years!!!

Harley was my world my baby boy
I say your name often in hopes to see a sign from you.
I need to feel you by my side.
I as so sorry for helping you cross over.
I hope you forgive me.
If I had to do over I would not
I miss you so much I'm not sure I can go on without you.
Please forgive me
Thank you for loving me

Hi Harley
I miss you sooooo
Please forgive me!!

Tomorrow will be Valentines....you know you are my sweet little valentine.
Sending hugs and kisses to you
I love you my Angel

Valentine's Day
Love you doodle bug

Oh Harley how I miss you sweet angel
You have only been gone from me 9 weeks and it feels like a life time.
I hope you will forgive me and know I only did what I had to do for YOU.
Hugs and kisses!!!

Friday's are so hard....so hard......I use to love Friday's but now not so much.
I wish I could hold you one more time, kiss you one more time, carry you one more time, feed you chicken just one more time and sleep side by side one more time.
I love you Doodle Bug

The longest 13 weeks of my life. I am so lost.....LOST without you.
I hope you know how much I love you!!!

Hello my Angel, Oh how I miss you. I still sleep with your blanket. It still smells like you. I hope you hear me talking to daily. I know if someone heard me other than Mitchell they would think I was crazy!!!
Harley Doodle I love you...Harley Doodle I miss you!!!

Hi Doodle Bug, today has been a really hard day without you...crying now....I love you


Hi Baby Boy....I miss you everyday and every breathe...Love you

Doodle Bug Doddle Bug I Love You Doddle Bug Doodle Bug I Miss You !!!!
I sing this to you every night...I hope you can hear me....Fly High Sweet Heart

Hi baby, I miss you so much :(

Hey Doodles, your Gandpaw is very sick so be looking for him. I love you

My Dad, your Grandpaw is in Heaven now. I hope you see him. I hope your with him!!!

Miss you Harley

Hope your playing with your Grandpaw. Give him a kiss for me. Hugs baby boy!!!

The days are lonely without you Doodles. I hope you are with Dad and Max.

I am so sad baby boy, life is and never will be the same. Mia said she loves you and misses you. Addy said to tell you hello. Bernie and Prissy also says hello and they miss you.
Prissy misses giving you kisses and Bernie misses head butting like goats.

Happy Halloween little super puppy. My first Halloween without you. We won't have any trick or treaters anyway. I miss you so much, life is so hard without you. I love you sweet boy.

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet angel. This is our first Thanksgiving without you and Dad, it's been a really hard day. I hope you have forgiven me, but I know how thankful I am to have had you 12 years. Mia, Addy, Bernie and Prissy says they missed you too.

My first birthday without you, I miss you so much!!!

You left me one year today my sweet boy. I miss you so much. Life is not the same. My heart hurts and is broken. I try to think you are better there because you was having such a hard time breathing. I would have given anything for you, for you to feel better. I was not ready for you to go and you was not ready to leave me. You fought so hard, we fought so hard. It was just your time I guess. Still not easy. I love you Harley Ray and I always will!!!1

Merry Christmas :(

Happy New Year Sweets :(

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. You would have been 14 today. I love you and miss you so much. Nothing is as fun without you. I know how you love sweets, I wish you could have cake. I love you Doodle bug!

Happy Valentines my sweet. I know how you loved sweets. Kisses and Hugs to my baby boy, my Valentine!!!!!!!!

My life without you is the worst. Summer is coming and I know how you loved to go camping. You didn't like the water but you loved to be with your mommy.

Happy Easter Doodle Bug!!!!

I want to think you Harley for letting me be your Mom, I had the best job ever loving you and taking care of you. RIP my boy.

Wishing I could see and kiss you today on Mothers Day. So proud to be your Mom

Give my Dad a kiss for me Harley, to is Father's Day
I love you both!!!

Happy 4th my love. One good thing you at the bridge, you will not be scared tonight. I still have your thunder shirt.

Having a hard day today without you. I think of you often and look for signs you are near. I hope you are. Love you

Hey Baby Boy, I just want you to know I think of you everyday, all through the day, I miss you so. My heart still hurts so bad. I don't think it will ever stop hurting. I cry for you daily. I hug your blanket at night. It still smells like you.

I cried all day today missing you baby boy. I'm so sorry!!!! I miss you so much, people don't understand!!!! They tell me to move on, but I can't. My heart is so broken, life will never be the same.

Today is National Remberance Day. I remember you very day. I wish you were here :(

Hi Baby, I just want you to know how much I love you and how much I miss my sweet boy. We speak of you often, almost everyday. Mia has learned some of you bad habits, lol. She misses you too. Say hello to my Dad and I wish him a heavenly birthday today. Love you Doodles, kisses.

Well Doodles, it's almost Halloween. I entered you in a contest, the one where you are Super Boy !!! Crying for you today.

Happy Halloween Boo, I love you !!!!

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet baby boy. I love you so much and miss you every day!!!
Mia misses you too
I still sleep with your blanket every night but I don't think it smells like you anymore. I miss your smell . Sometimes I eat Fritos and think of you.

I was holding your blanket and thinking of you, guess what, your sweet smell was there, I had just told you how it didn't smell anymore.....I was wrong :) made me smile and knew you were there with me at that very moment!!!

Today was my birthday, I miss you so. Yours will be soon 1/9/04

My beautiful boy you left me only two short years ago I want you to know how much I love you how much your missed and know that I love you to the day I die. Sweet boy I hope that you are running free breathing free and happy . You are my sunshine. I hope that my heart will heal. Until we meet again I love you your Mom.

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY ANGEL !!!! We sure missed you today, but I know you are breathing well and running on all fours. I felt your presence today and your blanket smelled just like you. I was told it will get easier "missing you" but I'm not so sure. My heart still hurts and I miss you so much every single day. Fly high Harley and RIP. I love you!!!!


Hey Harley Doodle, next week is your birthday. I will miss feeding you cake again. Oh how you loved sweets!!! Every time I see white cake I think of you!!!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Harley Ray!!!!
You would have been 15 today. I miss you so much, my heart hurts, but I will eat cake and send you kisses. My little Angel Boy Happy Birthday. I love you!!!

I think of you daily, I hug your blanket and send you kisses. I hope your happy at the bridge and looking down on me. I miss you so much!!! I love you !!!!

Hi doll, Happy Valentines Day sweets!!!!
I love you and miss you so very much!!!

Oh Harley how I miss you!!!!
I miss your smell, your bark, your hair and I miss not having you in my lap!!!!
I love you so much

Missing my boy today and everyday. I love you sweetheart!!!

Hey Harley, I hope you have found Bernie, he crossed the bridge this morning at 9:30 a.m..
I miss you both so much!!! Give him a kiss for me. Love my boys!!!!


Well, my sweet boy it has been 3 years today since we said good-bye. I miss you every single day of my life. I can't wait to see you again someday!!!
The tears still fall for you and my heart still aches for you!!!
In a few weeks you will be having another birthday in heaven, I hope you get cake. I know how you love cake and sweets. I will talk to you again soon. Hugs and Kisses, I love you!!!

Merry Christmas my sweet boy. Still so hard without you. I love you so much and miss my boys.
Your birthday is just around the corner, will talk then, love you!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!!! I hope you get cake!!!! Love you and miss you soooo

Happy Valentines Day My Love

We baby boy you Mom lost her job a few days ago, not sure what I am going to do!
This world is in a bad place now.
I miss you and think of you every day!!!!!

Hard to believe you have been gone 4 years
I hope you have a great day at the rainbow 🌈 running and happy 😊

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Doodle
You are loved and missed so very much!!!

Wow boo what a year.

Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎉🎈🎂
Love you 😍

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