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Memories of Harleigh
The way you cocked your little head and raced down the hall with your ears thrown back. You in you little stroller, Christmas with you asleep under the tree. Your getting locked in the pantry and falling asleep while waiting on a treat. How you hated the sand and the ocean. What a good little girl to travel with. How everyone loved you who met you . Most of all how you would cuddle with me and lick my tears away if I cried. You were so perfect and so loved. Rest without pain, make new friends, be happy and know when I come to meet you I will bring you Mr Mouse...hope your snow baby made the trip with you and your little blanket.you loved them so. Rosie is being a good girl and misses you. I love you to the moon and back...always will my sweet sweet Honeypot.

4-16-14...a million tears already shed and you have only been gone 4 mos 18 days. Will the sadness ever go away? I don't think so. You were the bright spot in my heart and the joy of each day. I love you so Honeypot. Happy Easter my precious! I love you. Mom

5-16-14 ....another month without you running down the hall, ears thrown back, tail wagging to meet me. It's not getting any better. I look for you everywhere, I hear you and I wake up to kisses on my face but you are not there. Having surgery without being put to sleep couldn't hurt any worse than living each day without you here. I finally got the doctor who fixed your little back to say that they messed up with your after care or you would still be with us. He said they were SORRY!!! If he had been in the room at that point I would have ripped his heart out, then I realized he didn't have one. Dad and I thought we were getting you the best and after $12,000.00 and all we did was cause you so much pain and suffering. I am soooooo sorry my precious Honeypot. The next step was to refinance the house. We would have sold our souls to save you. I so hope you know that. Daddy and I will be married 50 yrs on the 23rd of May. Sissy and Gwen wanted to have us a party.....without you it would be to sad. We are going to have our picture made in a beautiful park that you would love. People think we are sick but we are taking you with us to be there In the picture. Since you went with us everywhere I want you there on our special day. You were always in our family pictures.

I wanted you to make sure you knew that Dus-Tee-Dawg is a new arrival at the Rainbow Bridge. I told the grand kids that you would watch for him and play with him now. He was 17. The vet had to let him go before Gwen and the kids got there...Mama drove as fast as I could and got there about 2 minutes late. I sat with him until they all could get there. I told him you would watch for him.

Rosie is Rosie and I love her but she will never be you. She so wants your Mr Mouse but I can't let her have it. I bought her a special toy but she seems to only want yours. She looks for you. Daddy and I miss you so much and we will love you forever. Please watch for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We don't have a lot of time left here on earth..until then, I LOVE YOU MY SWEET "HONEYPOT"

5-24-14. Dad and I had our 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. We had been planning it before you left. We had our pictures made at the park. We had so planed for you to be there and was going to have a special portraite made of you. Tears were in our pictures. You weren't there, only in our hearts. We miss you everyday and the tears fall daily. We don't hear you a soften in the house but we know you are here. If you can let us hear that sweet sound of your tags makings the noise or the scratching on the bed when you "needed a little help" we would so love for you to try. My sweet sweet precious little girl, no one ever touched our hearts and souls like yod did and still do...oh how we miss you. Rosie is such a good girl and we know you want us to take good care of her and we give her so much love and she is such a joy also...but she is not our "honeypot". Seems so unfair but we would never be anything but good to her and alwayws do all the things for her that we did for you...however, when you left you to took such a chunk of our hearts that it is not mending the whole you left. Never doubt that you are always with us EVERDAY, eveywhere. Be careful and watch for us. Left you some new flowers. Looking for country ham on your list..your fav. Love till next Time..mom

5-28-14. Today marks 6 long and lonely months without you Honeypot. I see your beautiful face everywhere I go and when I come home from work I open the door to expect you to be there waiting on me with kisses everywhere. My worst fear was always to come home to an empty house...I now live it daily. People think dad and I are crazy because we have cried every day for 6 mos today. They just don't get it. You were our "little girl" as much as Sissy and Gwen. I made your doctors admit that they caused your death and they made a mistake. It only made us feel worse because we carried you to such quacks. We thought they were the best anywhere..we were o wrong. If I had brought you your eggs earlier you old have eaten and they would not have force fed you and took your little life. I am so sorry my precious ...I would have given my life to save ours. I so hope you know that and you forgive us. We saw you suffer so and you never hurt a soul. Even people who didn't like dogs loved you. You were and are the perfect little human being. Know how our heart breaks at our loss of your sweet soul. Love you to the moon and back my sweet sweet Honeypot. I miss you so. Mom

6-20-2014 daddy and I will be leaving in6 more days to cruise to Alaska. When you were here with us we never dreamed of leaving you long enough to go. This is dad's dream vacation. We decided from the time you were a little tiny baby that we would wait forever before we could leave you that long . We took you everywhere we went but they wouldn't let you on the ship. Now that we are going it just makes us sadder to realize that we can now go but at the cost of never seeing you on earth again. Not one day in 6 mos and 20 days have we not cried for our honeypot. I don't hear y ou in the house like I did when u first left but my heart is so broken .i wake up still and check your little bed to see if you are ok during the night and when you r not there I cry myself to sleep. While we are gone I m taking your ahes to the office so nothing will happen to them while we are away. You loved going to work with me. You were so scared of storms and it will be the season for them while we re gone. Baba misses you and she cries to. The grand babies still talk about how sweet you were and little Michael ask me things about you. Our friends say they miss you and that you were the sweetest little girl...even the ones wo didn't like animals. We keep looking for another baby Beagle but none can fill your paws. If I'd only I had taken you the eggs earlier you might have eaten and they would not have forced fed you and killed ou by doing it wrong...then you would still be here with us. When we do come to get you on the rainbow bridge I will never let you out of my arms again.don't think I ever told you how much your last kiss meant to me before you went to your final night night. I can still feel your little wet toung on my cheek . It was the last thing you did my precious ...then you minded me like you always did when I told you that you could go night night...always to the end the perfect loving little girl. Mama misses you so...love you till tomorrow .watch for us sweetheart..til then, we love you so..mom and dad xoxoxo.

10-25-14. Mama has been visiting you but just couldn't right to you. In the. 11 mos that you have been gone I have cried everyday and every night. I miss you so so bad. I talk to you and I tell Rosie all about you,. Rosie is a sweet little girl and she loves to ride like you did, she is still not friendly with strangers and still growls at Baba and Gwen sometimes. Daddy so want a baby Beagle but we could never find one as precious as you. Rosie is loved by us but will never take your place in our hearts. You were not just our precious Furbaby, you were our child and the reason we couldn't wait to get home each day. You were and are our third child. As I write to you tonight tears are blinding me as i am writing to you. I come home at night and still think you will be at the back door waiting for me...when you are not their I picture you running to meet me with your little ears thrown back and your tail wagging a mile a minute. I would sell my soul for one more wet kisses. I worry that you wonder what happened to us and why you can't find us. Everyday we get closer to meeting you on the Rainbow bridge..please be watching and have plenty of kisser' for us. I love you so my precious child...always will. When dad and I come to live with you I will bring you all the deviled eggs your little Tummy can hole. So so sorry I waited to late to fix them for you and so sorry I took you to Blue Pearl. Thought we had the best and spent everything we could raise...would have sold the house...and yet they chose not to listen to me and force fed you and they finally admitted they made a mistake that killed you. I truly thought I had the best so you would hurry and come home. Forgive me my precious...mama loves you to the moon and back still...always will...so does daddy. Till next time...go night night, sleep tight, sweet dreams..see you in the morning.

11-25-2014. One long and sad year without you my precious Honeypot. I still have your bed and all your toys right where you left them. I have not been able to to make deviled eggs since you left. It doesn't matter because that was your favorite people food. I doubt dad would have eaten them anyway. I always hated them. I only fixed them because you loved them so. You never liked other fur babies much because they all tried to play to rough and your little back was so messed up. I see you sitting on the Rainbow Bridge all by your self waiting and wondering why we aren't there. I want you to watch for us so you are the first thing I see when I get there but I want you to run and play with the other boys and girls also. Your back won't get hurt anymore and the other fur babies will play nice now. We left home on your death day as we could not bear that awful day again. We came to Savannah because we had so many Happy Times with you here in your little stroller and pushing you down River Street. Everyone would stop and say what a sweet beautiful little girl you were and you would allow the children to pet you. All safe in your stroller with dad and I by your side you would bark at the big dogs and act so brave. So glad I took so many pictures of you here in that little blue stroller. I won't let it out of my sight still. Bo wanted a stroller for her old Gaudie and I bought her one. I could not let anyone have yours. Jnae lost her little Sausha and Jason lost his precious old bulldog last week. I know you are where you can watch us and I know that you are aware that there is still never a day that I don't miss you, love you, talk about you or tell you I still love you and miss you terribly. You made our life so happy and complete and it is so sad with you gone. Rosie is still Rosie and we love her too and she does help us with the pain but I can give her 95 per cent of my love but you had it all. You were (and still are) the one perfect little girl that everyone hopes they find in a four legged child. I still see you at the pet shop on the day we first met you and you jumped into my purse on the floor and growled that little puppy growl when I tried to get you out. You cried so when they took you back to your crate. We came back the next week and that time you jumped back into my purse the moment they brought you in the play room and would not get out...that is when we knew you were going to be our "special child" and you were that and more. You were the joy of our latter years and the child we were to have. The joy and love you gave to us makes it's even harder to lose you for now. Gwen and Baba still miss you as do all the grandchildren. Xmas morning they asked about you and we told "Harleigh" stories like how Michael would get Into Your bed and you two would play and play. I missed you so last year sleeping under the tree and when I put the tree up this time I could see you helping me. When I was finished I saw you once again sleeping so peacefully under the lights. Never doubt that you are here with us everyday in everything we do...we will never forget our precious Harleigh Girl, our Honeypot. We hung your stocking on the mantel as always and will continue to do so until we leave here. we will never let you leave our hearts? Love, kisses and belly rubs always...see you soon. Hope you had all the Turkey you could eat yeasterday and ham too. love forever and always..Mom and Dad.

12-29-2014. I could not write to you before Xmas. I couldn't bear to think of you not seeping under the tree. Rosie had to stay outside almost all dy because she was snapping at everyone...even me. I don't know what happened to her. She is not a warm and fuzzy fur baby like you but she is usually ok with people. Maybe she guessed that I was sad. We put your urn on the so you could watch everything, hung your stocking underneath. Day's health is getting worse and so is mine. He had pheumonia over Xmas and I had to get steroids shots. It use to scare me at the thought of getting older and leaving this life behind but now it doesn't as I know you, my precious, will be well and waiting on the Rainbow bridge for us. We still can't change your things around but did however give Baba's furbaby your stroller as you loved little Oreo and he is sick also. He begged to go outside and he can't so we loaned Baba your "car" so he can get out and get fresh air. She was going to buy him one and we talked and decided you were never selfish and Oreo was your friend and nephew so we agreed that you would like that. The Dr said he wouldn't like it but he got right n. He goes to the garage door and wants Baba to take him for a stroll. Another year is approaching but with you not here it is just 365 days more. Just want you to know that there is NEVER A DAY we don't miss you and there never will be. You were a very special gift from God that was loaned to us for almost 14 yrs. each day with you was a blessing and filled with love and caring. We miss you so and Our love for you grows stronger each day...thank you for giving so much to us and for all the beautiful memories...please keep coming back to us like you have done for the past 13 mos. You show up in the strangest ways when we need you the most. We both still hear your little tags jingling when we need you the most. I still see you coming to the back door to great me when I return home from work each day with those sweet little ears thrown back. Please forgive me for taking you to those terrible doctors. I was told they were the best to be found and the eggs are a nightmare for me. How could I have forgotten you loved them so. If I had fixed them sooner you might have eaten them, though I fixed you everything I could think of that you liked trying o get ou to eat. That force feeding they gave you caused the pheumonia . I never let them forget what that they killed our little girl. I email them and call them at random so they don't forget. You stay sweet and kep those Beagle ears listening ...each day brings us closer to meeting you on the Rainbow Bridge. Keep giving us those signs that you are watching over us still. We love you so...mom and dad. XOXOXO!

2-14-15 good morning Harleigh Girl and Happy Valentines day . I miss you everyday and the tears just don't stop. Daddy and I so appreciate your visits. Daddy felt you on the bed walking around like you lve to do and I caught a glimpsed you in the bathroom asleep on the rug. Would give my soul to her you running to meet me and giving me kisses again. We will just be ridding down the road and one of us busy out crying for our little honeypot. No little girl has ever been missed more. Rosie is rose and Oreo is fine. Sissy cries for you too. We had the most perfect, loving beautiful little girl in the whole world..you will NEVER leave our hearts and memories even for a moment...till next visit ...we love you honeypotxoxoxo

5-8-15 mama wrote you a long letter this morning my sweet baby and the computer ate it. Nothing is right without you here. I hear you at night with your little tags gingling but I can't see you. When I get ready in the mornings and you arent laying beside me watching me my heart breaks...you are not there for your byby belly rub either. Mothers day will be awful again without you my sweet precious little girl. Rosie loves me and tries so hard to take your place and I lve her too but she can never be my Harleigh Girl . I do believe dady and I will see you soon as our heart breaks more everyday. Bwatch and wait my precious...soon we will come and meet you on the rainbow bridge and I will see that you get all the dressed eggs you can eat and I will bring you a whole box of treats. Mommy and Daddy love you...you be sweet precious.

5-8-15. Forgot to tell you tat daddy saw you ad a little bird sitting out side his window when he was crying for you. He knew it was you watching over him..it made him happy to know you are still with us ...made me happy to...i love you my PRECIOUS XOXOXO

11/26/15. Two years ago today our hearts broke....we lost you from our sight Harleigh Girl! Not a day goes by that mama doesn't cry. Dad is finally coming to grip with your absence but it get worse for me everyday. Mama has lost 18 lbs ..don't want to eat because you are not here to hare with. Rosie still tries everyday to make me foget and she is a sweet smart girl but she is not you and I miss you honeypot so much that it is unbearable somedays. I still hear your tags gingling and I look for you to come running when I come home from work with kisses and tail wagging. I am so so sorry I took you to that terrible doctor..he was suppose to be the best. You tried so hard to get well. Mama will never forgive herself. Please don't forget watch or me and dad.on the Rainbow Bridge...i will never be totally happy again until I see you and get aall the kisses I long for everyday. I love you my precious. Pkease don't be sad..we are closer every day to being with you again. I love you my precius child! Night, Night! P.s. Sissy misses you so much also!

11/24/16. Three long years without my honeypot! If wishing and crying and wanting you back could make it happen you would never have left. I can still see you suffering so bad, and I remember all the sharp words I used when you ate my supper or chew up something and oh I wish I could take it all back my angle. I know you knew how very much you were over and still are, you are my guardian angel...I know that, I fell it. I miss you so and I still expect you to come running when I come through the door from irk with those sweet little beagle ears flopping and thrown back. Today is Thanksgiving and I am thankful we had you for 13 yrs but still angry because God took you. I needed you so and you were always there. No little girl has ever been missed more. Forgive me my precious little girl if I ever hurt your feelings I would have gladly swapped places with you. You only left as sick as you were and in that terrible pain when I told you you could go. Hardest things I ever had to do. Know until we come and get you at the Rainbow bridge that you are loved and missed more each passing day. I love you my sweet sweet baby! Nite, nite sweetheart..play with your snowman until we get there and then I won't ever let you be lnly or leave you for anything! Mama lbs you so!

.Today is the saddest day for daddy and I ....we miss you everyday but to day reminds us of how you suffered to try and stay with us. Never has, and never will be a little girl loved as much as you. If you can , send us a sign like you use to that we e always by your side and forever in your heart to. I could hear your little tags clicking, find an old toy or smell your little smell anything to let us know you know how much we love and miss your and that you miss us to. If you cant, we understand and know you loved us to...tears rolling...wish I had let you have all the food you ever wanted and all the icecream you could eat. You would have been soooo happy and in the end it wouldn't have mattered. Mama tells everybody not to take their furbabies to BLUE PEARL. They not only killed you, they allowed you to suffer. We spent over $13,000.0o trying to save you. I made them admit they killed you and I got all the doctors....still it didn't help. I try and want to believe that today you are laying in the warm sunshine, playing with your snowman Baba gave you for Xmas when you were a little girl and that nothing hurts you and you run and play with the ball you use to love so...the little red one. Harleighgirl, nothing has ever hurt me as much as your leaving us...not even losing Pa. He was old and died from an illness...you were taken to the Doctor to make you back better and they did and you worked and worked and tried and tried to get better and you did. You broke all records for recover from back surgery and even ran up and down the step at your age. The let you die from a UTI from the meds they gave you to make you well. There was no reason for you to leave except they killed you. As we decorated the Xmas Tree this week we talked about how you did love to lay under it and how you got on the couch and watched me get it ready then under you went. I think you liked all the warm lights. As soon as the packages were opened enough on Xmas Morning for you to find a spot it was back under the tree for Harleigh girl. ALWAYS know we will be watching for you to meet us on the Rainbow Bridge and soon hon. Mamam loves you so and so does daddy and all the kids. Rosie is a good good girl but not my Harleighgirl.....Go play and eat and have fun today....at least this 3rd year away from all who love you so we know you are not in pain and you are a healthy little girl again. hugs and kisses.
Love you so my four legged child.....always will!!!

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