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Memories of Harley
We will miss the nitely bonding snuggling and grunting that you loved to do and your sweet kisses. And your love to please us as you would greet us at the door and the way you would run to the window when I told you mom was home. Now you have Buck Shot to hang out with and be buddies again so you are not alone in your new adventures and Buck will introduce you to Russell. Be good my BUDDY. 7/10/07 Hey Mandawg It's been 5 days and mom and I hope that you and Buck Shot and Maggie Have got with Russell and are playing to your hearts content I bet it's beautiful up there send us kiss to let us know things are OK and look for spuds and poncho they were with me a long time ago and your sister Reba is starting to look for you she can't understand let her know you are OK. We have a lot of friends signing your residence book. Be good my loyal friend. 7/12/07 Hey Mandawg today makes a week since you took the journey Mom and Dad send you HUGS and KISSES we are still sad but we realize you are in good hands. I'm sure you are helping new arrivals take care my FRIEND. 7/13/07 Hey mandawg I know it was you who sent me to help that lab puppy on the cross thru street and it was you who told her to come out from under the truck to me and I would help her to find safety which I did as she climbed into my truck and felt safe and her Mom is very grateful and you definatley are a GUARDIAN ANGLE. HUGS & KISSES from MOM & DAD. 7/17/07 Hey partner I couldnt get into the candlelite ceremony monday so as you seen I follwed the script and had a private service I could feel you in the house. I will get a picture of you on your marker for all to see my boy , play and be happy. HUGS & KISSES LOVE MOM & DAD.7/21/07 Hey Pal I stoped by the cemetary and talked with Russell and told him to have fun playing with you guy's and send kisses in the wind. HUGS & KISSES LOVE MOM & DAD. 7/25/07 Hey my friend I got your ashes back today and it was hard but it was also nice to hold you again close to my heart and have you home, Reba looks 4 u in the. shower and walks the house at night as we all miss u b good send us kisses. Hugs & kisses love MOM & DAD.8/4/07 Hey BUD just wanted to say hello and I hope u r well send us kisses. Hugs & Kisses love Mom & Dad.9/6/07 hey partner we hope u r doing fine we miss u a lot and we look forward to the little signs u leave us so we know u had been here,Reba still looks for u, we got a new puppy named Diesel he is a hand full, I hope u will stop and see him and give him some of your character he can't replace u. Look for Dieka and show her around. Hugs & kisses love MOM & DAD.10/09/07 Hey Bud wanted to say thank you for being my angel I know you was looking out 4 me when they did the scan and found my lung problem and was put in the hospital to get better luv yea hugs & kisses Mom & Dad. 12/25/07 Hey Mandawg Merry Christmas I had Santa bring you a new toy to play with Mom & I are going to miss having you opening your gift we hope you are having a wonderful time and playing in fields LOVE MOM & DAD. 2/15/08 HAPPY BIRTHDAY #11 my boy me & mom miss you we think of you often I wish I could give a hug & milky bone I will ask Russell to give you a hug from me have a great time playing Hugs & Kisses LOVE MOM & DAD.5/4/08 Hey Harls we just wanted to say hello and Diesel is a handfull we see some of you in his demeanor which is good Hugs & Kisses Love MOM & DAD. 07/05/08 Hey MANDAWG I hope you are having a great time it's a year ago today that you was called away there are tears today and Mom & Dad still think of you all the time and really miss you and the snuggling & grunting I can tell when you are here as in my slipper moved to the foot of the bed the other morning stop by more often and give Diesel some pointers be happy I am giving u a big HUG my faithful friend HUGS & KISSES love MOM & DAD.12/25/08 Hi Harley Dad & Mom want to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year you are thought of every day and missed we look for the signs of your visits you be good and I am giving you a BIG HUG right now Love MOM & DAD.1/08/09 hey Harley , Reba passed away today she is now with you once again and no longer in pain show her around and have fun playing in in the green meadows Love Mom & Dad. 2/15/09 Happy 12th birthday Love Mom & Dad.7/05/09 Hey my friend it's 2yrs today since you crossed the bridge and you are still missed dearly we wanted say we love you and hope you and Reba are enjoying the green meadows Hugs & kisses to you love Mom & Dad. 11/03/09 Hey pal hope all is well with you & reba look for kaiser and show him around we love you Mom & Dad.12/29/09 hey pal just want to say hi hope you and reba are playing I missed you at Christmas H&K's from MOM & DAD. 7/05/10 Hey pal it has been 3yrs today since you crossed the bridge and we still miss you and talk about you all the time take care of jim and Mom & Dad send you many XXOO.12/25/10 hey pal merry christmas from MOM & DAD we love you and think about you all the time XXOO.7/05/11 Hey Pal today makes 4 yrs and we still miss you very much you are in our hearts take care my loyal friend Love MOM & DAD XXOO. 12/25/11 Merry Christmass Harley & Reba mom & dad love you and still miss you I think of you often xxxooo love Mom & Dad.7/5/12 Hey my Buddy today makes 5yrs since you crossed the bridge we miss you xxxxoooo give Reba kisses for us love Mom & Dad. 12/25/12 Hey Harley & Reba Merry Christmas mom & dad miss you opening gifts we love you xxxxooooo love Mom & Dad. 7/5/13 Hey my loyal friend it has been 6yrs since you crossed the bridge we still miss your nightly snuggles we hope you & Reba r doing fine as allways XXXXOOOO Love Mom & Dad. 12/25/13 Merry Christmas Harley & Reba Mom & dad hope you are playing and romping in the fields , hugs & Kisses love mom & dad. 7/5/14 hey Mandawg today makes 7yrs and we still miss you and your grunts give Reba kisses xxxxoooo love mom & dad.12/25/14 hey harley & reba merry christmas heres H&K's from mom & dad we love you pay a visit. 7/5/15 Hey Harley well today makes 8yrs that you crossed the bridge we still miss you and your love give reba love from us love mom & dad xxoo.12/25/15 hey Harley & Reba Merry Christmas H&K's & love from mom & dad xxxxoooo. 7/5/16 hey Harley wow today makes 9yrs we know you and Reba are doing well Mom & Dad love you H&K'S give Reba kisses from us xxxxoooo. 12/25/16 Merry Christmas Harley & Reba H&K's to you both we miss you xxxxoooo. 7/5/17 Hi Mandawg today makes 10yrs since you crossed the Bridge and you are still missed love Mom & Dad H&K's to you. 12/25/17 Merry Christmas Harley & Reba we miss both of you very much sending H&K love Mom & Dad.7/5/18 Hi Harley this makes 11yrs and we still miss you we hope u & Reba are playing and having fun wish u were here H&K love Mom & Dad. 12/25/18 Hi Harley & Reba Merry Christmas we love you H&K Love Mom & Dad. 7/5/19 High Harley it's 12yrs today we still miss you and your nightly snuggles we r sending xxxxoooo and give Reba a xo love Mom & Dad. 12/25/19 Merry Christmas Harley & Reba , Buck, Maggie love Mom & Dad H &K. 7/5/20 Hi Harley today makes 13 years we still miss you and love you I can still hear your grunting sending xxxxxooooo give Reba, Buck, Maggie some love from us love Mom & Dad.. 12/25/20 Merry Christmas Harley, Reba, Buck, Maggie, Diesel we are sending hugs & kisses to you guys and Diesel stop by Love Mom & Dad. 7/5/21 Hi Harley it's been 14yrs and we still miss you and love you we can picture all of you playing and having fun sending xxxxxxooooo to all love Mom & Dad. 12/25/21 Hey Harley ,Buck,Maggie,Diesel, Reba mom and dad want to wish you a merry Christmas we miss you stop in sometime we love you xxxxxooooo. Hi gang we know you met Layla at the Bridge show her around and play to your hearts content love mom and dad. 7/5/22 Hi Harley it been 15 yrs we still think of you love mom and dad xxxxxooo. 12/25/22 Hey Harley, Reba, Buck shot, Maggie, Diesel, Layla mom & dad want to wish you a Merry Christmas H&K from us. 7/5/23 high Harley hope you and the rest of our gang are having fun just wanted to say hello and we miss you all H & K from mom and dad.

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