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Memories of Hansel Justin Thyme
You were so tiny when I took you home. I put you on the front seat and you kept crawling over to my lap and after the 3rd time, I said you are going to be a stubborn one but a loving one. Over the years you always had to get your way and that was a loving way. You were a talker and would come over to us and start with a little growl and louder and louder and that bounce off your front paws was to tell us to get up and lets play ball. Those little legs would move you and you would grab that ball and be back as fast as lightning. We loved how you would nibble on our chin and give us a kiss. When we corrected you-you would be mad for 2 minutes and would come over with that growl and say you're sorry, and with a kiss say let's play ball.
You loved Shayna and Maggie and loved Eddie and like a brother, the two of you would start a fight, and you two would be back to friends.
I hope you know how much we miss you and love you, our little grumpy old man.
And when you turned old and gray, something went wrong, your kidneys stopped functioning,. With the doctors' help, we got you back to health for a few more months. You did lose some of the energy but the love was there.
and one day we awoke early and you looked at me when I picked you up and set you down outside and you tried to walk and sat down and with that look, you said"daddies don't cry I am tired and it's time for me to go play with my sisters. We picked you up one last time and to the vet and with her we held you as you took one breath and your eyes looked at us and you smiled and went to the meadow and"Rainbow Bridge".

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