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Memories of Hans
06/24/15 Hans, you are at peace now, you went the way I hoped, at your time. I found you down in the Four O'Clocks, you looked so peaceful. I will miss your fussing for dinner, you had a good day yesterday at day play, catch up with Heidi. We will try and handle Preston in your absence. Love you old man. 06/27/15 Hoping you and Heidi are having a blast. A lot of people have pets there with you, make friends and keep and eye out on us, love you Hanzi. 06/30/15 Hans, the AC went out, so hot here. Preston is lying in the tile to cool off. You should be back with us tomorrow, looking forward to picking you up.07/01/15 Hans, you are back home, finally. I put you on the shelf below Heidi in the curio. I placed your candle and your last toy next to your box. Love you baby. 07/05/15 Hans, you always looked forward to July 4th weekend, you loved you some watermelon. You would have really loved this this year, extremely hot here. Preston has finally started to move into the Alpha spot. Love you. 07/08/15 Hans, it has been two weeks since you passed. You have a lot of cards that were sent, you were a very loved pup. 07/18/15 Hans, Preston has a stay over visitor. They are getting along so good. She is a sweet pup, she may be staying with us for her forever home. Hope you and Heidi are having a blast. 7/20/15 Hans, you have a sister, Ava. She was supposed to be a Dachshund, but is a Boxer/Bull Terrier mix. Preston is freaking out over her size. LOL. Love you man. 07/24/15 Hans, it has been one month since you went to Rainbow Bridge, you are missed daily. 08/16/15 Happy Birthday Hans, today you would have been 16. I hope Heidi is treating you to a good birthday! 08/22/15 Hans, hope you and Heidi are playing. Preston had some dental surgery, but is recovering nicely. Miss Ava is a mess, you would have your paws full. Love you old man. 08/24/15 Two months ago today, I came home and found you curled up, and at peace. I so miss you! 09/28/15 Hello Hans, how are you doing? Miss you! 03/01/16 Hey Hans, miss you little man. All is well here, how are you and Heidi. Preston had another tooth removed, it was bad. Ava is a mess, but we are able to leave her out now in the house. 06/24/16 One year ago today, you passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you everyday, Hans. Preston has definitely taken over your role and keeps Ava in her place. Hope you and Heidi are having a blast together. Love you! 08/16/16 Hans, you would have been 17 today. Miss you old man. 06/24/17 Hello Hans, today marks two years since you left us. I miss you every day. You were such a good dog. Preston has definitely taken your spot and filled your paws. You would be so proud of him. Give Heidi a hug from us. Love you! 08/16/17 Hans, you would have been 18 years old today, miss you buddy. Preston and Ava are good, give Heidi a hug from all of us. Love you old man. 06/24/18 Hey buddy, this was about the time I discovered you laying next to the fence after you had passed on to Rainbow Bridge. Miss you everyday. Preston is still in good health, Ava is starting to calm down. Tell Heidi hello, miss you Hans. 8/16/18 Hey buddy, you would have been 19 today. I miss you every day. Everyone is doing well here. Give Heidi a big sloppy lick from us. 06/24/19 Hey Hans, another year has passed since you left us. Things are good here. Preston is slowing down, Ava is still a mess. How have you and Heidi been? Tell her hello. You would love the new patio cover. Miss you! 08/16/19 Happy Birthday Hans! You would have been 20 today. Miss you buddy. Preston is still kicking at 11, Ava just turned 4. Tell Heidi hello and we love her and you. 06/24/20 Hey Buddy, hope all is good with you and Heidi. Preston got a good check up and Ava is still a mess. Love you two. Take care. 08/16/20 Hey Hans, stopping by to say hello and Happy Birthday, you would have been 21 today. Miss you. Tell Heidi hello. 06/24/2021 Hey Hans, today it has been six years since you passed. Miss you everyday. Preston is getting around so good being 13 years old. Ava is just Ava. Tell Heidi hello. 06/24/2022 Hey Hans, it has been seven years since you passed, miss you every day. Preston is 14 years old and slowing down. Ava is still a mess. 08/16/2022 Happy Birthday Hans! You would have been 23 today. Miss you every day. All is good here. 6/24/2023 Good morning, Hans. I cannot believe it has been eight years since you left us. Preston joined you and Heidi in January. I know you and him are playing together along with Heidi. Ava is still a mess, but is staring to slow down. Miss you every day. 08/18/2023 Happy Birthday, Hans, you would have been 25 today. I still miss your tail every day. I am sure you and Preston have reunited. He crossed January 16th. I know he and Heidi would get along. Tell them hello for us.

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