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Memories of Johannah
Hannah, you have been our loyal protector for 12 years. You were 5 years old when the children came along. You had never been around children and were so gentle and loving to them. You are truly their big sister, loving to play with them and watch after them. We will be ever grateful for how you have treated them. We could not have asked for a better dog. You have watched after our house and us, comforted us (especially when we lost Willie), played with us, and loved us unconditionally. You are one of our children and we will miss you more than words can express. Thank you for blessing our lives with your love.

Please visit my kitty big sister Pressy.

Precious - http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/PRECI049/Resident.htm

12/21/14 Good Morning, pretty girl Hannah. We put up our Christmas tree last night so we put your Christmas tree up here so you're celebrating Christmas with us. We know you are always with us in spirit but we deeply miss your warm loving presence with us during the holidays and always. We have left a present of our forever love for you. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa
12/25/14 Merry Christmas, pretty girl Hannah. We miss you with us today as we do every day but feel your sweet gentle presence always watching over us. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa
1/1/15 Happy New Year, Hannah. Love you always and miss you so. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa

17-June-2015 Its been close to a year Hannah, we still miss you and there are many times when we think about you, or have the urge to go do something we used to do for you before we remember that you have gone on. Even mowing the grass isn't easy, remembering how you always tried so hard to get through the fence to get the lawn mower. We Miss you.

7/4/15 Happy Independence Day, pretty girl. We're thinking of you today...as we do always. We miss you but we know you would not be happy with the loud noises of the fireworks. Know the beautiful Paradise meadow fireworks make no noise so all furangels feel safe. Love, Grandpa and Cookie Lady
9/23/15 Good Morning, pretty girl Hanna. Grandma and Grandpa miss our sweet girl doggie as we know your Mommy and Daddy miss you so. We keep you always in our thoughts and deep in our hearts alongside your pawprints. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa.
11/26/15 Happy Thanksgiving, Hannah. Love, Grandpa and Cookie Lady
12/21/15 Good Morning, sweet Hannah. Grandpa put a Christmas tree for you and a gift...it is filled with the forever love for you of your family. We know you are smiling down at us from Paradise meadow with the Boo, Pressy, and Ausie celebrating this glorious time of year with us. Love, Grandpa
12/25/15 Merry Christmas, pretty girl Hannah. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa
9/22/16 Good Morning, pretty girl. The Cookie Lady and Grandpa love and miss you so much but we're comforted knowing you're once again young and healthy. Run and play in Paradise meadow with Ausie and our kitty furangels. Love, Grandpa
12/17/16 Good Morning, pretty Hannah. Grandpa put a Christmas tree and a present filled with the family's love for you at your place so you can celebrate Christmas with the family in spirit as we know you are always with us. Love, Grandpa
12/25/16 Merry Christmas, Pretty girl Hannah. Really miss our sweet doggie girl so much but know you're celebrating with the family today. Love, Grandpa
12/6/17 Happy Saint Nikolaus Day, pretty Hannah. Know Saint Nikolaus came to Paradise meadow today to pass out new toys and favorite treats to all the animal angels...we're sure there were many happy smiles, wagging tails, and loud purrs today. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa
12/25/17 Merry Christmas, sweet doggie girl Hannah. Heard you and all the furangels sing to us at Midnight last night...thank you, sweet girl. Love, Cookie Lady and Grandpa
12/25/18 Merry Christmas, sweet Hanna. We miss you so much on this special day and all other days...we keep you always in our hearts. Love, Grandpa
1/1/19 Happy New Year, pretty girl Hanna. We begin yet another year without you which makes us sad but we know you're forever with us in our hearts. Love, Grandpa

Please also visit Willie ("Boo").

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