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My girl, my princess. You have been gone for one year now and I still can't do this without crying. It's so hard to write anything here because all these beautiful memories of you come rushing in, and then I can't type because I can't see through all the tears. I have tried twice now to write your story, but I never do because it hurts. You are and always will be our baby. I know that you are healthy and happy up there, and I am so happy that you aren't going through the pain and hunger that you were for the month before me and mommy made the decision. I have no idea how you took all that with such grace. You are unbelievably strong. You always were. Remember that you were loved, Know that you always will be. Rockford misses you too. The first few weeks were so hard on him, he would just stare across the road at the park waiting for you to come running from the bushes after our walks. I don't think he really knew what happened, but I know you two had said goodbye that last morning. You were so good to him and he loved you, trusted you, and learned so much from you. We can't thank you enough for being our girl for those 6 years.

Baby. 2 years have come and gone already..... and I still don't know where to begin. So much has changed since you had to go, but I'm sure that you have been watching and know all about it. I miss you so much, my little angel. I'm so happy that there was enough time for you to teach Rockford how to love me because without him, I would be all alone with nothing but memories of you to keep me grounded :) I can never forget just how smart and beautiful you really were. You made such an impact on my heart and I love and thank you for that. I'm so sad right now, because I have SO many beautiful memories of YOU. You made me so happy and you still do because you ( and Rockford) showed me what true love should feel like.
I am giving rock as much love as I can because like you, he deserves it. He had cancer but we beat it, for now :) I wish that I could have saved you baby, but we didn't have time or money. But it was our love for you that told us we had to let you go, and my heart still aches everyday because I couldn't change the future for you. I have no idea when god will give me the strength to stop grieving you, but I will never forget you....ever. You will always be my baby, my princess, MY GIRL
Daddy loves you Hannah

Hi my love....
Its been 4 yrs now and I don't know where to begin...I miss you
I couldn't do this last year... this has been a really hard year for me and Rock..but trust me... I did come here to visit, I just couldn't write anything.. sorry my love
There are days that I love because I see you in the subtle things that Rockford does, and there are days that are still just SO brutal becauseou I still miss you so much.. Me and Rock moved but I'm sure you know that. I was SO worried that I would loose you if we did, but I've felt you SO many times since then that I know you are with us. I just wish that you could really be here to enjoy the things that me and him are doing. You would have so much fun with him here... running in the woods and chasing fish in the creeks............................I want to tell you how much I love you I always will baby
There are days that I know that you and rock are running, chasing each other in his dreams... and I really hope hat it is you that he is chasing when he runs all crazy while we are out walking in the forest.... I had blue jays following me and him the other day while picking mushrooms..was a small family of them.. one almost came to my finger..........makes me wonder if that could have been you introducing me to your kids...?? was totally surreal and it's the first thing that came to my head...
Rock is doing great tho, as if you don't know. He is really happy here. We walk every day and fish all the time.. He still takes up all the bed too! he's such a sweet boy.. I thank you so much for teaching him how to be a good boy. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him.... same way they fell in love with you .. I wish the people that know dummy right now, could have met you too...you have no idea how proud i was to have you baby, and how proud I am of Rockford.. this isn't getting any easier, but until next year my love....sweet dreams princess.. Daddy loves you Hannah

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