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Memories of Hannah
Oh Hannah (Hanny-Nanny), it was so hard for daddy and I to let you go tonight, but it was the right thing to do because you were so uncomfortable. I never wanted a dog as I was a 'cat' person. Daddy said once we got a house, he wanted a dog. When we walked into Noah's Ark that day and you were in a run on the left, you picked me and furever changed my life. You always had to be where I was, and you didn't care what we were doing or where we were, as long as you were with mommy. Daddy said during times you weren't with me, you'd just lay by the door and wait for me to get home. You followed me everywhere. You would be at my feet when I typed on the computer, and I hate typing this and you not being here. You'd get so excited when I'd say, 'Go for ride in big truck.' You would go on my dog walking/pet sitting jobs and just wait for me in the truck. You loved when we'd stop at McDonalds and get fries or stop and get some ice cream. You also loved when we went to the 'doggie' stores and got so excited when we went to the drive thru at the bank to get your bone(s). We know how much you loved floating on your raft in the pool and just chilling and taking in the sun. Summer 2011 will not be the same. I will miss you sleeping on the bed at night and lying in the hallway as I cleaned the litter boxes. You loved to get your bones at night before settling in for nite-nites. This is so hard. You were with us since a pup and 13 more years just wouldn't be enough time. I know you loved us and had a happy life, and we will miss you terribly. I hope Parker, Casey, and Murphy along with Nanny greeted you at the bridge. Until we meet again my sweet girl, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts every day, as this house won't be the same without you. Run free my sweet girl.

We love you so much!

Mommy, Daddy, and All the Fur Kids

1/31/11 - Oh Han-Nan, it's one month tonight mommy and daddy helped you to the bridge. I've lit a candle for you once-a-week as well as tonight. I haven't taken the truck yet on my dog walking/pet sitting jobs. You're suppose to be at my feet as I type this on the computer. Huck hasn't been the same. He misses his buddy even though you were mean to him sometimes. Mommy is trying to stay strong. I will always love you my faithful furry kid.


12/31/11 - I can't believe today is one year we had to help you to the bridge. Huck has been trying to take over for you. I've lit a candle every month on this anniversary. I don't drive the truck that much and especially don't go thru the drive-in at the bank with it. I hope you greeted Grammy, Caley, and Morty when they left us. It's been a rough year losing you, Nanny, Grammy, Caley, and Morty. I still haven't let any other fur kid use your food bowl yet. You were my first dog and furever changed me to a 'dog person.' I couldn't go to Noah's Ark dog walk this year since you were not here. You will always be with my sweet girl. Until we meet again. I love you my faithful furry kid.


12/31/12 - Wow, it's 2 years tonight. I hope you greeted Grandpa Bob, Aunt Margie, Simba, and Dolly at the bridge. I know you and Dolly hated each other, but I hope you were there for her on 12/11/12 when she came and you showed her around. Please don't hate each other any more. Enjoy your life in your new beautiful world knowing that mommy and daddy will see you all again. It's so hard to listen to this song. I still cry like a baby. I love you my sweet girl. Behave yourself.


12/31/13 - 3 years tonight. I hope you greeted Chloe in March and have been showing her around. New Year's Eve will never be the same. I don't look forward to it any more. I'm hoping 2014 will be a better year as the past few have not. So much heartache. I hope you're having fun and very happy. I love you, sweet girl. Look down on us every now and then.


12/31/14 - 4 years tonight. I hope you greeted Buster, Mabelline, and Lexy. It's been another rough year losing 3 fur kids in a month and a half. I can't believe it's been 4 years. I hope you've been doing well and are happy. Please take care of your brothers and sisters. I love you very much.


12/31/15 - Wow, 5 years this night we lost you. I really HATE NYE now. I hope you greeted Pop-Pop, Huckles, Spunky and last year, Buster, Mabes, and Lexy. I hope you are all together and getting along with even Dolly. The house is as crazy as ever with some new furry kids. Dexter is now my shadow as you were. Each and every one of you have a special place in mommy's heart. You will always be my 1st dog ever and very special to mommy. I will always love you, sweet girl. Until we see each other again, we will be together forever. Enjoy your home and brothers and sisters. Mommy loves you!


12/31/16 - 6 years ago this night we had to let you go. Oh Hanny girl . . . you were always by my side and when you weren't, you wanted to be. We still have the big truck you loved so much to ride in. It's getting old and worn. Dexter has been my lil buddy. He too, wants to be with mommy all the time. The house is as crazy as ever. We've been very lucky this year and have not lost a fur kid. It's been almost 1 year and 3 months - - that's a record for us. The past few years have been so heartbreaking losing so many. I hope you are all together and very happy. One day we will all be together again, sweet girl. Until then, please know you were my first dog ever and you started the whole thing and you are very special. I love you Han Nan!


12/31/2017 - Seven (7) years ago tonight was an awful night for mommy as I had to let my special girl and first dog ever - - go to the bridge. I wish I knew then what I know now, and I would have let you go in the comfort of your own home. Oh sweet girl, I am so sorry what happened to you even though we really don't know what it was. Something made your liver enlarged. I hope you were nice to Dexter and Boots and greeted them at the bridge. Mommy misses all of you. We will be together again some day. Until then, be happy, run free, and please be nice to your brothers/sisters. You started it all, Hanny Nan. I love you!


1/1/2019 - Eight (8) years ago last night we had to let you go. I'm so sorry I didn't write last night Hanny. I still really don't know what took you from us. Dr. Sue said it was your liver. We went to bed one night and woke up the next morning and your belly was huge. I wasn't sure how much time you had left after that. Every night you came out with me to turn the Christmas lights on. I'm so happy you made it to Christmas that year. I hope you greeted Moby and Scooter at the bridge. Now Ollie isn't doing so well. You never met him, but I hope you greet him when his time comes. I still have your bed. Jesse sleeps on it at night. I think I finally have to get rid of it. It is so worn now. It was so awful and stressful when we took you to Newton that night. I wish I knew then what I know now and would have had a mobile vet come to the house. I had thought Dr. Sue would, but she was in the hospital. Oh Hanny, you were my first dog and ever so faithful. You were always by my side. Then when you left us, it was Huckles then when he left us it was Dexter. Today, nobody really follows me around like you three did. Zinnia is on the couch with me every night but she doesn't follow me around as she is blind. We still have the big truck you loved to ride in. I wish you had more time with us. Please be happy and know we will be together again forever one day. Please come running to me when that day comes. You were my baby girl. I love and miss you very much!

Love you sweet girl,


1/1/20 - Nine (9) years ago last night NYE we had to take that awful trip to Newton to let you go. I so wish Dr. Bliesath could have come to the house. You were so stressed there and mommy was a mess. It was an awful night and mommy and daddy are so sorry. I hope you greeted Ollie, Ernie, Chrissy, Toby, and Harry at the bridge. Another awful year losing your brothers and sisters. We finally traded in the truck for a newer one and it's very nice. Jesse is still in the bedroom on your old worn-out bed that needs to be replaced. She is as mouthy as ever and Noel is up there in age and she is just as mouthy as ever. I think they are the only 2 now you knew. You will always be my first dog that started it all especially the basset thing. I went that way instead of the shepard way. Please behave but enjoy your beautiful home. Come running to greet me at the bridge when it's my time. Take care of everyone else. Mommy and daddy love and miss you all.

Mommy, Daddy, and all the fur kids

1/24/21 - Ten (10) years ago NYE night was just awful. I'm so sorry this is late. I'm losing my mind. I thought I already did this. Oh Hanny Nanny, you were my first dog ever and started it all. You also started the whole basset thing. I never though I'd ever be a dog person, and you did that for me. You were and will always be so very special. Only you, Huckles, and Dexter followed me and laid by my side when I was on the computer. I use to love our truck rides and when you came with me on the pet sitting jobs. Even though you didn't know them, I hope you greeted Myron and Patch at the bridge. I hope you remembered Noel and greeted her. The only dog we have left that I think you knew is Jesse. She's a lil spit fire. She's had a cough for quite some time but that doesn't slow her down. I've lost so many of you and miss you all. Please be nice and don't pick on anybody. Some day we will all be together soon. Please come running and greet me. I have the biggest picture of you hanging above the front door. Mommy and daddy love and miss you so much. Be happy and have fun at the bridge.


Mommy and Daddy

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