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Memories of Hanky
Hanky we love you and miss you so much. Little Willie has a hard time without you to help her get her mornings started. She misses you. Please stay close with Blue and send her happy warm licks so she wont be so sad. We adore your spirit and hope you and Blue are keeping close to one another. Mommie loves you and misses you so much TBone June bug boy!!

We will miss your sweetness zen man. You are the shining light from above, along with Blue, for your little sister Willie. Watch out for her and please no invitation for her to play with you boys anytime soon. Hanky, you are the light in our life. The darkness of you absence and life without you will hurt forever as we will never stop missing you till we meet again on the other side of the rainbow.

2/11/18: Another year withou you and we cry again. No other dog could ever replace you Hank. We always miss you and your beautiful ways. Please find your way back in the pups we have . We miss your spirt Zen Man. 💔

2/19/19 Hanky boy please take care of your sister Willie. Dad and I miss you Blue and Willie. We pray you three have found each other and keep close as you always did here with Dad and I. We love the memories of your sweetness and your silly ways. We are forever grateful for your love and life. Please stay close in spirit to us and stick close with your brother Blue and sister Willie.
Ah Hanky honey . Today I was so sad missing you, Blue and your sister Willie. I pray you are all together and keeping watch over dad and I. Our lives are so different without you . We love you and occasionally, I call our new pup Hank because he is similar but different. Please send him your best because he needs a little help. Please send me your sweetness. We miss you beyond what words could ever explain. Give your brother and sister Hanky kisses because I know they miss us too. ❣️❤️
3/2/2020 How could time pass so slowly. We miss you every minute of every day Hanky. We could really use your calmness and funny character these days. We pray and that you, Blue, and Wille guard each other and know that we love you still way over the rainbow. Another year without you is just plain sad. Our new kids are so different. I kinda think a part of you is nestled in one of the kids. Bring to that one little guy your calmness and your sweetness, he really needs it. We will forever have a hole in our hearts that belongs only to you.
3/1/2021. Our baby boy. We miss you so. Another year we are so sad remembering how much we lost when we lost you. Our new pups just don't seem to understand us the way you did. We will always cherish you and your time on this earth with us will always be too short. I miss your spirit and your protective self. Send us a sign of your sweetness. Please wait for grandma on the bridge. She will be joining you soon. Love her and protect her. Hanky I'll never get over your loss.
3/01/2022 Hanky, my sweet, sweet boy. We miss you and wish you were here with us still. We pray that you are united with Blue and Willie and that you are never alone or lonely. Grandma left us this year and we hope that just maybe heaven and the rainbow bridge are connected so that she can see your beautiful face to calm her down. Please know that when my days here on earth are over, Ill be looking for your sweet face to greet me and warm my heart. Ill never not miss you, sweetheart. You were a perfect boy and Ill love you til eternity.

12/4/2021 Hanky mommy is melancholy missing you tonight sweetheart. I decorated your picture for Christmas and wish I could hold your beautiful face. Grandma is close by you. Please go and find her. She may be scared or need you near her. My sweet boy your sweetness will forever be missed. I hope you don't miss me as much as I do you. I want you to be free from pain and there for me when I reach you someday. I look at your picture and see your soul still in your beautiful eyes. Hanky, T Bone boy, I love you and miss you this evening. Be a good boy till we find our way together again.
Hanky, sweet Hanky. There was always a smile on my face when I'd see you. You always smiled back and I miss that. I know you've made friends over the rainbow but will never leave Blue or Willie's side. Send me sweet Hanky kisses to bring me happiness. I love and miss you my zen boy❣️

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