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Memories of HanaLuie
I woke up this morning and knew it was time. By far the worse feeling ever, and the hardest decision to make. They say Euthanasia is the final most powerful expression of love a person can provide for a suffering fur baby, and guarantees the kindest most humane end for a beloved pets life, but it doesn't make the decision any easier. In fact, it was by far the hardest call I've had to make. It's the most heartbreaking and gut-wrenching experience because of the fear of doing it too soon or giving up without a good fight. The struggle with knowing when the time is right to say goodbye is real.

Our Vet suggested we make a list of five of Hana's favorite things: eating Bananas, running to the door to greet us, eating her treats, chasing Crows, taking walks, following me around, barking at the pool man, chasing UPS trucks, licking our toes. Obviously our list goes on and on, but today Hana no longer wanted to eat, greet, walk, bark, lick. Her quality of life declined rapidly in 2 weeks .. as a matter of fact she declined so fast its difficult to wrap my head around it.

I tried to keep from hyperventilating through my tears, as the vet stepped into the exam room. My beauty was such a good girl as they shaved her front leg, placing the needle in her vein. They walked us through every step, first by making her feel comfortable and safe, giving her medication to help her relax and feel no pain. I will never forget the look of love and trust she gave me as they gave her the injections. We all caressed her and kissed her, told her how much we love her, and then just like that, the life just went out of her .. and she was gone.

The second she entered our life, we couldn't imagine a day without her. If only our love could keep them alive, no dog would ever die. But we all know love is not enough. Sooner or later, we will have to say goodbye💔.

Today we said Goodbye to my Hana Shmeagle Beagle. I Love You my gorgeous sweet girl. I'm gonna miss those licks of love and those belly belly's.
.. always and forever .. ❌⭕️❌⭕️

HanaLuie Vuitton Valencia
11:50 am❣️
February 24, 2004 - July 5, 2019

One year ago today my beautiful Hana crossed over the rainbow bridge. I Think about her every single day. Miss her so much. Not a day goes by that we don't feel her presence. I will always cherish every moment we spent together. Love you my Hana Luie Shmeagle Beagle ❤️ Always and forever.

Can hardly believe it's been 4 years since we said our goodbyes. Miss you every day. Not a day goes by something doesn't remind me of you. You'll be forever in my heart Shmeagle.

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