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Memories of HamHam
Rest in Peace HamHam, 11.20.21-9.17.23 you're in a heaven now and in a better place running the wheel and climbing 🐹❤️🌈 you were a sweet girl that gave me a lot of joy and happiness moving to a new city in a new place and move to 2 different apartments. You were full of life and a explorer. You were always very active, strong and hardworking so it pains me to see you grow old and weak and sorry I neglected you at your weakest these past 3 weeks. When I first got you, I called you spider pig because you love to climb a lot. You love to climb and escaped many times, you were smart and energetic. You love to run on the wheel for hours, stretch and drink water. After few months of trying to tame you, I got to see your sweet and soft side. You love to be pet and lay on the bed which calmed your anxiety. You also love the piano version of Slow Hands and you would smile and calm down and I got to play it to you again during your last day. You became strong and learn to build strength and escape from your cage and walked all around the house. At your heaviest, you were 200grams, you love to eat eggs, peanut butter and sunflower seeds. You are my sunflower and the color yellow reminds me of you. 🌻 I know you are resting in peace in heaven now with no more pain and you know you were being loved till the very end. I will miss and love HamHam forever. 🐹❤️

She died from shock at the emergency vet due to shock from the needle.


Ode to HamHam
When I first met Hamham, she was climbing the walls of PetSmart
I never knew she would end up being the love of my heart ❤️

Spider Pig, a nickname for the heights she sore,
For her love of climbing, running, and more.

Escaping enclosures, a game she would play,
Smart and energetic in every way.

Her little paws running, her eyes gleaming bright,
Stretching, drinking and running throughout the night.

Her spirit was vibrant, she always aimed high,
A sparkle of curiousity in her little eye.

Her weight, two hundred grams at her peak,
Eating her favorites, her joy at its peak.

Eggs, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds so sweet,
Her favorites to nibble, her preferred treat.

Now she rests in peace, no pain does she feel,
Her spirit is free, her happiness real.

Her final moments, though marred by pain,
She knew she was loved, her life not in vain.

She's dancing in heaven, her spirit so free,
HamHam, my love, forever you'll be. 🐹❤️

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