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Memories of Haley
The first time I saw you I really didn't think much of you, as Mom had gotten you for her and Chip. When she handed you to me for the first time with all of your 1-1/2 pounds at eight weeks old I remarked "This is not a dog"! A real dog is like your big brother Jake the 140# Yellow Lab.
That first night was very rough for you because you didn't want to sleep in the kennel, and you cried all night and made yourself sick and weak. After nursing you back to health for a few days, and letting you spend the next night sleeping in our bed next to my pillow, somehow you got so you didn't pay as much attention to mom or Chip, but adopted me as your best buddy and never left my side again.

My fondest memories are of your pillow rides while making the bed, always laying on the back of the couch with your front half laying on my shoulder like a little parrot, your spinning around in circles so fast whenever I came home or when you wanted something like meat or cheese, (your favorites). Your quacking like a duck when ever you got excited about something, racing around the coffee table as fast as you could while tormenting Dude, waiting semi patiently every morning for your Tiny "T" treats, our times together in the recliner during "Doggie Time" when you and your brothers Jake and Dude would have your bones or pig ears, or how with just the mention of the word "BOAT" would have you racing to the door and down on the dock waiting for your nightly cruise around the lake.

I found the old video of you when you were only a few months old and you wanted to be a big girl and play with your big brother Jake. His feet were nearly bigger than you were, but that didn't stop you from trying to take away his rawhide bone. Eventually you both decided to share it, with him on one end, and you on the other. The last part of the tape is when you discovered another plaything, Jakes tail. As he laid down and wagged his tail, you would jump on it and wrestle it for hours.
Luckily, Jake loved you so much too that he let you get away with it and have your fun.

The undying love and devotion that you showed me during our short 6 1/2 years together will live on with me forever until we are once again together at the Rainbow Bridge, and never again be separated.

Everybody here really misses you very much, Mom, Jake, Dude, but especially me, your Daddy.
I wake up in the morning and look at your picture and tell you good morning, have a good day playing with all your other new friends, and that I love you and miss you, then every night I look at you again and tell you to sleep good and that I love and miss you also.

It would have been my wish that we could have lived long and grown old together, and then left this world together, but that was not to be. You became too sick too fast and at the end I couldn't allow you to suffer any more. The decision to let you go has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, and it may be forever before I can ease that pain and sorrow.

As you were drifting off to sleep for the final time in the vets office, through teary eyes I was reading the Rainbow Bridge poem on the wall. I held you and kissed you good bye "for now", but I knew that I would see my little girl again when my time here on earth is through, and we'll be together again someday.

I hope you understand what had to be done was so that you didn't hurt anymore, and I'll make everything up to you when we're together again at the Bridge. Watch for me.

I Love You Little Haley Girl.........Daddy

October 23rd, 2008-

Today is your 7 years old Birthday, I sure wish we could spend it together like we used to so you could get all of your favorite treats and be pampered like the Queen you are.
We all still miss you so very much and wish that you didn't have to go away, but I still talk to you everyday, and think about you all through the day. Just make sure that all your new friends there know that this is your special day and make sure they honor and pamper you for me.
I Love You, and Miss You, Happy Birthday!-----Daddy

December 25th, 2008

Today is Christmas day and though everyone was having a festive time, there is still sadness that you couldn't be here to enjoy it with us as you always have in the past. I still miss you and love you and talk to you everyday which I'm sure you know, since you're watching over us everyday.
I'm sure you've probably noticed some additions to the family also. It took quite a while after you left, but I finally decided It was time to have some more furry friends in the house.
You had been such a wonderful pet and buddy that I knew it would only be right to have another Maltese puppy.
We started searching around for another little female and both of us picked the same little pup so we agreed to get her. The only problem was that she had a brother and they were the only ones left from the litter and we felt so sorry for the little guy that we couldn't leave him behind so we got both of them (double trouble).
The little girl is Annie, and the onry little boy is Sammie, they were just over 10 weeks old when we got them, and now they will be 4 months old in 2 more days They are both very cute and sweet and they now rule the house like you did. They both love to play with Dude and Jake too.
Annie is very quiet and sweet like you and loves to be held. Sammie can be very sweet and loving most of the time but he gets in to everything constantly. To him the world is his playground. I think you would approve of our choices, and sometimes the things that they both do remind me so much of you that sometimes I think that you may have somehow directed us to them.

Little Sweety Girl, have a very Merry Christmas up there, and always remember just how much your daddy loves you and misses you so much.

May 1, 2009
Hi there my Little Haley Girl
It's hard to believe that at about 5:15pm today you will have been gone from us for one year.
When I went to sleep last night and told you good night as I always do, I remembered that the last night you spent with me and were so sick, that you layed against my chest instead of against my back or on the pillow as usual. It was if you knew it was our last night together and you wanted to be against my heart where you will always stay.
Mom sent me a nice note today concerning you and I will insert it here...
"They say everything happens for a reason. Haley's departure was sad and untimely, but because of it we have Annie and Sammy. They are double the trouble and JOY. I'm sure Haley would approve! She is the reason Annie and Sammy have such a good home. (I can see Haley perched on the back of the sofa supervising everything that goes on with the twin babies if she were here.)"

I've said before that I think you had something to do with Mom and I both picking out the same little girl maltese Annie out of all the ones we had searched for and getting Sammy too was just a bonus. They are both very loving pups like you were, and every day they do things that remind me of you. As Annie has gotten a little older (8 months) I can see alot more resemblance to your facial features and personality.
As much as it killed me to have you leave us, I knew that you would never have to suffer again and when you got to the Rainbow Bridge you would be perfectly healed and healthy and happy ruling all your new friends there.
You will always be in my heart and on my mind, and I will continue to have a little talk with you every day. Continue to watch over all of us my little angel, and I'll see you again someday.
And although I know that you're always here in sprit,we all wish you could be here tonight in the flesh. So, from your Daddy and Mom, your buddies Jake and Dude, and from your siblings Sammy and Annie, We love you and miss you so much. Be good my little angel girl.......your Daddy.

October 23, 2009
Yes, today is your 8th birthday and even though you're not here in person, it will be celebrated for you by your family, all of us.
I'm sure you've already let all your new friends there know that it's your birthday and that they are to treat you like the "Queen for the day" that you are, and they better bring you lots of treats. I'll bet they have Tiny T's there too, so you'll be happy. In honor of your big day, Jake, Dude, Sammie and Annie are all gonna get some Tiny T's in your honor and memory this evening.
Things are a little different now cause we sold our house at the lake that you lived at and we're staying in Ben's basement while we find a new house. We should be finding something soon I hope.
Me, mom and the four other dogs are getting a little crampted here.
Dude and Jake went to the vet and Dude had a bump taken off under his leg and Jake had that big cyst removed from his neck and his ear infection cleared up, he really feels so much better now.
I'm gonna let you go on and party now so have fun, and we all love you and miss you so much and wish you were here with us. Be good little angel and I'll see you later. Happy Birthday little one....Love, your Daddy and your family.

December 25th, 2009
Merry Christmas Little Angel!!
Today is Christmas and it's almost over but I wanted to check in with you and wish you a very special day and that Daddy is thinking about you.
Today we had the get together for Mom's people, but because of all the deep snow we got last night not everyone could make it. All of the Rivera bunch will be coming over tomorrow.
We moved into a new house that we're renting for now and may think about buying it if they come down in price. You'd really like it, really big with lots of area to run, and two gated decks to play outside. Jake, Dude, Sammie and Annie really like it and I'm sure you would too.
There really hasn't been anything else new going on so your not missing much, except being with us.
Dad still thinks about you and talks to you everyday, and I wish you could still be here with us.
Have a great day every day and I'll see you again someday at the Bridge, so watch for me and watch over me until then my sweet angel. Daddy loves you and misses you, goodnite Haley Girl.

May 1, 2010
Hi little Haley Girl! I can't believe it's been two years ago today that you left us and went to live at Rainbows Bridge. I'm sure everything is going good there with you ruling the kingdom like you always did when you were here. More changes since I last wrote here, we adopted another pup, a Yorkie that was originally named Dora which we quickly changed to Layla. She gets along real well with Dude, Annie and Sammie. Your buddy Jake got real sick and started to loose alot of weight and couldn't keep food down. I thought there for a while that he may be coming to see you soon, but Dr. Becker really worked with him and now he is feeling better and had his 11th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Jake also got his tail caught in the door and had to have it cut short to a bob tail...so much for your old play toy. We just bought a new house back at the lake, it's just down the street from our old house there. It's alot bigger and needs alot of work before we're ready to move in. That's about all the new news going on.
I still miss you not being here with me and wish you still were, but I still talk to you every night before I go to sleep, and your memories and footprints are forever in my heart.
I love you and miss you so much little angel Haley and I will see and be with you again when we meet at the Bridge.

July 4th 2010
Happy 4th of July baby girl, I hope you have a good day even though you don't like fireworks, I'm sure that up there you get to see all the pretty displays without the terrible noise that scares all of you.
Hopefully by now you have seen a familiar face there. Your big brother Jake wanted to come live with you. He never did get much better from when he first got sick and Friday morning he was so weak and tired that he looked at me and said that it was time to go see his sister again.
Just like you we miss him so much now and are sad, but we know that he is now healed again and youthful and will love to be with you and your other friends there. He was such a great buddy and companion to all of us. Take care of him and stay together and I'll come see both of my angels again someday. We all love and miss you both so much. Be good you two.

October 23, 2010
Happy Birthday baby girl Haley, 9 years ago today you were born. I wish you were here right now so we could celebrate your birthday together. You'll have to make sure that Jake and Bo and all your other new friends make sure you have the wonderful day that you deserve.
We're pretty much settled into the new house and you would love running and playing in the back yard as Sammie, Annie, Dude and Layla do. With this nice weather they would perfer to stay out all day. We made another addition to the family a few days ago, mom saw a little Yorkie that had been in a puppy mill as a breeder dog and had been rescued. He had a pretty awful life so far being kenneled all the time. We renamed him Charlie and he is very scared and timid right now, but with time he will get used to his new home and puppy friends and will become just like every other puppy in the family. You, Jake and Bo all need to look down on all of us and keep us safe, healthy and happy.
Have a wonderful birthday baby girl and tell Bo and Jake that I'm thinking of them everday too.
I love all of you and miss you all so much. Play together and stay together all my babies, and I'll see you all again someday.

May 1st, 2011
Hello there my sweet little baby Haley Girl, It's been 3 years ago today since you left us here and went to live at Rainbows Bridge. Sometimes it seems like so long ago that you left, and other times it doesn't seem that long at all. That's probably because I think of you and Jake and Bo everyday and I see your pictures and have our nightly talks every night before I go to sleep.
I hope you and Bo helped celebrate Jakes 12 birthday in style a few weeks ago. I wish we could have all been together for it. There hasn't been much new going on since I last wrote on here to you, just working everyday and coming home to be with the other pups in the evenings.
Everybody got to go see Karen today to get a bath and get groomed, they were all getting pretty dirty and stinky from playing in the backyard, and five sets of paws can make a real mess on the floors too. Now everybody smells good and is clipped down cooler for summer like you used to be.
Charlie did a little better at the groomer today too, but he still doesn't want the clippers around his head, so his face isn't clipped like it should be but it's alot better. Somebody before we rescued had really mistreated and scared him.
I miss you all so very much and wish you could all still be here again young, healthy and healed.
All of you babies stay together and play together, and I'll see all of you again someday at the Bridge. Tell Jake and Bo hi for me and let them know too that I Love You All so very much.
Good night baby girl.

October 23, 2011
Ten years ago today the sweetest little best buddy was born in to this world. I hope that Jake, Bo and all of your other friends had a great day celebrating your birthday with you.
When we all got up this morning, the first thing that I told the other pups was that today was your birthday, and we all will be thinking about you today.
I hope you and Jake and Bo are all doing good and are having fun together every day. Sam, Annie, Layla, Charlie and Dude are all doing real good and are all good company. I normally have four of them all trying to get in my lap at the same time. Sammy is like you were, he has to be touching me in some way, either laying in my lap or laying against my leg with his leg and paw proped up on me. Tonight for treat time, all the pups will have your favorite treat "Tiny T's" in your honor for their snack, anythey will all know that because of you...we have them.
Have a Happy Birthday my sweety girl, and always remember daddy loves you and misses you.

May 1, 2012
Hi there my little baby girl, It's been four years now since you had to leave us to go to Rainbow Bridge so you could feel good and be healed again. It's hard to believe that iy's been that long, but I've missed you every day that you've gone. There hasn't been much going on here lately, just hot weather everyday. All the other pups are doing fine and Charlie is doing alot better. We thought he was having eye problems and going blind, but he has an ulcer in one eye that should clear up and I think he has alergies that had affected the other one. Everybody misses you so much, and I love you and think of you everday. Have a good 4th Anniversary there and give my love to Jake and Bo also. By little buddy, I'll see you again someday!

October 23, 2012
Happy 11th Birthday my sweet little angel girl, it's hard to believe that you came into this world 11 years ago. I sure wish that you were still here with us to celebrate your special day. Hopefully by now you and Jake have found that one of your best buddies has arrived there to see you guys, Little "Dude" Boy. Dude was getting very sick like you and Jake did, and before he started to feel any pain or discomfort, he requested that we let him go to be with his brother and sister where he could be healed and run and play with you all forever. I'm sure by now he and Jake are wrestling and chasing each other just like before, and you and he are snuggling up together taking your naps together.
We lost Grandpa Raymond, mom's dad a few weeks ago, and as much as he loved every dog he came in contact with, I'm sure he will pass by there looking for you guys too.
Everone elso here is doing fine, Sammy and Annie are holding up their end at being the loving Malteses, Layla is still crazy and annoying, but very loving too, and Charlie has been with us now 2 years as of Sunday the 21st and he has really turned into a very sweet and loving guy too. He follows me everwhere I go just like you did.
Give Jake, Dude and Bo big kisses for me and tell them that I love and miss them too. Have a great Birthday and make sure everyone pampers you today and always. I will see all of you again someday, and be with you all again. I Love You Baby Girl.

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