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Memories of Haimish
Every second, of every minute of every hour of every day was another special memory painted of you and etched in my heart forever. I miss your wonderful chatter when I come home, and I so miss our early morning cuddles and tummy tickles. You gave me so much love and joy, and brought compassion and caring into my life like no other - I have truly been touch by an Angel, and we will be together again, and when that time comes it will be forever. I told you every day how much I love you, and I do love you, more than the world. Thank you my beautiful pumpkin, snowy white spider monkey. Please find my little PooD bear at Rainbow Bridge, and no fighting or biting his bum! xxxxxxx

12/1/2016 Haimish, I've received so many beautiful messages, and there are lots of new friends looking to play with you. Please let Mummy know you are safe, warm, comfortable, free from harm and danger and blessed with friends my angel cake. Good night and God bless my kitties, until tomorrow xxxxxxx

I called out to you last night Haimish, I so hope and pray for a sign that you felt the warmth of the candlelights, you've got your beautiful sparkle back and you've made friends with all the other fur angels. The beautiful stone winged kitty angel in Gods hands, sent for you from my dear friend Teresa is safely rested beside the hearth, I know how much you love being indoors with the Mummy, and how you dislike the wind and rain, and I couldn't bear the thought of the little angel being out there in the cold either. Your ashes are beside me and Poo D, where I've placed a lavender candle - I know how much you love your bed when it's been freshly washed in Bold lavender & chamomile I so love and miss you Haimish, I've cried most of the day today, so sad and lonely without you. Please visit me in my dreams tonight so we can have a cuddle and some mummy and son time. I love you, I love you Haimish, I love you more than the world xxxxxxx

I so love and miss you Haimish, I pray every day you've got your sparkle back, and you've found Dave Poo D bear, and you've made friends. I know you used to squabble, but I do also remember you missing him when he went to Rainbow Bridge. We will be together again, I promise you - and when we are, it'll be forever, we'll never be parted again. I love you with all my heart angel cake, please send me a sign and let me know you're happy and well. Please visit me in my dreams, and we can share a Mummy & son cuddle and tummy tickle. I love you, I love you Haimish, I love you more than the world xxxxxxx

I love and miss you and Dave Poo D Bear so much my angel cake, I think about you all the time, and I'm sure I hear you on the stairs. I pray every day that you're well, you found each other and you're blessed with friendship and you can still feel my love. You're in my heart forever little man, you and Poo D, and we will be together again when we'll cross The Bridge together, and never again be apart xxxxxxx

Merry Christmas my snowy white spider monkey, I love and miss you as much today as this time last year when you went to Rainbow Bridge, not a day goes by when I don't think about you and pray you are still here, though I know that's very selfish of me because now you are free from pain and suffering. You are my forever friend Haimish and we will be together again, when we'll cross the bridge together, and never be apart again. Please snuggle PooD, I know you weren't the best of pals, and I hope you've made good friends, and you're safe warm and happy. I love you, I love you Haimish, I love you more than the world. Until we are reunited my angel cake, please visit me in my dreams so we can go for our walks, share some Mummy and son times, magic moments and tummy tickles. Sweet dreams my beautiful angel, keep we'll be happy and please send me a sign to let me know you're well, God bless xxxxxxx 🐾🐈🐱💕xxxxxxx

Hello my beautiful angel, my pumpkin kitty, I love you now as I always have and always will my darling. Still a day hasn't gone by where I haven't thought of you. The pain of losing you is still so sharp, yet I know we'll be together again and it helps each day. Keep well my gorgeous Angel, hugs to you and Poo D. Please don't forget to visit me in my dreams, until we are reunited. God love and God bless you, the Mummy xxxxxxx

Hello my snowy white spider monkey, there isn't a day goes by without thinking of you and Poo D, so hope you're both happy and having fun togetherr, and share thoughts of me too. Gertie & Daisy are so sweet and such a big comfort, and they both sleep beside as you used to, helping me feel warm, safe and loved. I miss you and Poo D terribly, and wish you were here with us. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you my sunshine, keep safe, be well and happy, lots and lots of love and cuddles, Mummy xxxxxxx I love you more than the world

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