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Memories of Hailey
Sixteen and half years of love, laughter, and a whole lot of attitude have ended. We will always love you Miss Hailey Jo. You deserved to leave this world on a good day and not your very, very worst.

Miss Hailey Jo was born sometime between January and February of 2007. It is unclear, but best estimated, that she arrived on this planet in Kayenta, Arizona to a mother who had a lot of Lab or a little Chow or just a whole lot of mutt ancestry. One day in April or May of 2007, she found herself going to an emergency room and sitting outside the ambulance bay. She had decided this was the best course of action to get some attention until finally an ambulance actually needed to pull in.

One of the nurses called her boyfriend and told him to come get this dog before she got run over, and they'd figure out what to do with her later. The dog decided she was staying with the nurse. The lady was clearly a pushover and needed someone to love.

Her original name had been Harley Quinn because her face was entirely brown and she had a black harlequin mask around her eyes. She would never acknowledge that name. When she was accidentally called Hailey, she decided that worked for her and decided to come to that name.

She had many adventures including long walks in the woods, telling everyone off with her very bitchy barks and whines, and keeping all the small dogs in line as the alpha. She walked the perimeter of many yards ensuring the security of her family.

Over the years, she would live in Arizona and multiple places in Washington state. She is preceded in death by her younger brother, Captain Helo (Air Group Galactica), and Mama Dog (Patreon Saint of Unwed Dog Moms), her step-dog brother, Kuma, and her step-cat brother, Musashi. She is survived by her human family: mom, Katie, dad, Tim, brother, Nick, and sister, Victoria. Her surviving fur family includes Pippen (who she furiously hated until 2019), Trenta Louise (who she adopted as her baby), Graycee the Gray (who she considered as her special grand puppy), and Lucy Furr (they had a mutually respectful relationship of avoiding one another). Dog logic, am I right?

Just like those that have left before her, she will not be forgotten and will always be loved. May she find Helo and Mama Dog in the northern Arizona desert where they can run and chase Prairie Dogs to their hearts content. 🐾🌈💕😭

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