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Memories of Gretchen
Once upon a time, a little black fur ball came into our lives, ready to love us and be loved back, never asking for anything, except maybe to roll over and have her little tummy rubbed. As she grew she would listen intently to what I was saying to her, cocking her little head to one side, grasping every word she could learn. She knew all her toys names, loved most of them, but her favorite was probably her little squeak pig, running in to bring to me every time she thought I was sitting down just for her. Holidays or birthdays were always special to her, because she loved opening up her gifts, boy did she love opening packages - even if they weren't hers. She'd be right there watching me wrap gifts for Christmas, and she knew that it wouldn't be long before she'd have something to open for herself. She was such a smart little girl, but her Mom and Dad are just a little biased when it came to anything we saw her do. Gretchen became my little shadow, and was always aware of where I was, and if she couldn't find me, she'd sit at the window until I'd come home. As the years passed, and she became very old, her steps became slower and slower, but it didn't keep her from trying to do things, even though she really didn't want to. She loved playing ball, and she would still try to retrieve that ol thing even if it was pretty blurry - she still was trying to please us, not wanting to let us down. Her love for us was beyond knowing, and our love for her was the same. Towards the last few months of her precious life, my eyes became hers, and if I could have given them to her along with my ears, I would have in a heartbeat. She gave us everything in her 18+ years, and never seemed to want anything but our love and attention. She would wait for hours by the window hoping to see us drive in, and then everything would be okay. Gretchen will always be there, waiting for us to come home and love her, and with every breath I have, she will always have that love that she gave to us. Thank you little Gretchen for your love and all the joy you brought us - you will always be in our hearts. Mommy and Daddy will love you forever. MARCH 11 - Little Gretchen, it has been a whole year since you've been gone from us. I miss you still so much - it was hard to get over this day. I'll always remember what it was like to have to take you to the Vet's a year ago. I know it was for the best for you, but not for Mommy. I still long to hold you again, my precious Gretchen. You have a new home now, little girl. Do you like being by the Lake? Mommy thought you would like to have a new surrounding. I know you come home to visit us sometimes because the other night I felt you close by so much - I looked down at the floor and could feel you looking back up at me with your little smile. Come home anytime to see us, little one. Love you. June 7 - Hello little Gretchen. Mommy still thinks of you everyday, and I know you hear me talking to you. It doesn't seem to get much easier to accept that you're gone from us. Little Duchess does help keep the loneliness I have for you better than it was, but it still is not the same without you at home. I wish you could be there to romp around with your little sister, and perhaps you are there playing ball with her - I pray that you are. You'll never know just how much you were loved, little girl. Mommy will be back again soon to see you. In the meantime, play ball, and have your Milk Bone. Love you. October 24 - Happy Birthday Gretchen. You would have been 20 years old and Mommie remembers so well bringing you home to your new family. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you're little spirit is still with us. We love you little girl. MARCH 15, 2001 - Hello little Gretchen, spring is almost here, and it's been two years now since you've gone on to the Bridge. Mommy still cries for you, especially on that fateful date of March 11. There isn't a day go by that I don't think of you - Please stay close by. We all love you little girl. APRIL 9TH - Happy Easter Gretchen. Mommy and Daddy will be thinking of you as we always do. I had a dream the other night, and you were there clear as day - you must have come to Mommy in her dreams. It made me miss you all the more the next day. So many wonderful memories I have of you. I know you must hear me talking to you - I know Duchess must wonder "Who in the world is Gretchen"? She hears your name enough times. She's a wonderful little dog, Gretch, but I wish you could be with us totally, not just in spirit, to play with us. I love you both so much. Mommy will be back again soon. Love you. OCT 26 2001 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETCH - Mommy still thinks of you so much - you're still missed and loved by your family. I wish you were home to open up your gift. Be good, little girl! OCT 29, 2002. Well here it is, another year gone by Gretchen; You would have been 22. My sweet little girl, Mommy and Daddy think of you often. I know you hear us talking about you, and when I say goodby each morning to you and Duchess, I know you must be wagging that little tail. Happy Birthday little girl. Do you remember Buster? I went over to play ball with him a couple days ago, and he's slowing down. One of these days he'll be right beside you at Rainbows Bridge, and then you both can romp around together. Bye for now, sweetie. MARCH 11, 2003 Gretchen, how time flies since mommy had to take you to your final resting place. Doesn't seem like 4 years ago, and every anniversary makes me so sad to remember that day. I know you're still with us little one and that you've become Duchess' and Buster's little guardian angel dog. Buster may get adopted soon, so you really have to watch over him for mommy, cause I'll never get to see him again. I love you little girl. APRIL - Hi little girl - mommy wants you to know Buster is still at PoochHeaven; the people decided not to adopt him, so he's going to be with us for Easter. We'll have a lot of little doggies around Sunday, so please be there too. I love you little girl. JULY '03 - Don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep writing you Gretchen - we'll probably be running out of room to type very soon. Mommy just wants to let you know I still think of you every day. I know you must know that, because I feel you around at home still after all these years. Still need you to watch over Duchess and Buster each day for me. They need a good little guardian angle like yourself. Kisses and hugs, Gretch! OCT 27, 2003 - Well little Gretchen, another birthday wish for you. Mommy thinks of you each and every day, and we love you. Doesn't seem like it's been almost 5 years since you left us for Rainbows Bridge. You're still in my heart and I still feel you at home, so I know you're with us in spirit. Happy Birthday little 23 year old girl. Dec. 2003 - MERRY CHRISTMAS, GRETCHEN. Buster will be coming down for Christmas so Mommy will have the house full of doggies. I know you'll be there to watch them open up their gifts. Love you my little girl. MARCH 11, 2004 - Well little Gretchen, another year come and gone and 5 years ago I lost you. Where did the time go. I feel so sad every March 11th, but I know you're close by. You can see Buster and Duchess keeping me happy every day. I just wish you would be there to romp around chasing the ball and Frizbee like Buster does. Duchess is not much for doing that, so you and Buster would probably be running over each other trying to get to the ball first. You know this time last year when I talked to you, little Buster was up at Poochheaven, and I thought I'd never see him again, and look, Mommy has been able to adopt him. He'll always have a home where he's happy. You Be happy little girl. Mommy loves you so much. DEC 1 '04 - Merry Christmas Gretch - your favorite time of year. Mommy will have to get a present to put in your stocking for you. There is a new little friend for you named Sunny who just passed on to Rainbows Bridge last week. Please play with him and make him feel wanted. I know his mommy, Myrna, misses him so. I love you my little girl! - DEC 2005 - Merry Christmas once again my little Gretchen for 2005. I hope you were with us on Christmas Eve watching Duchess and Buster try to open their presents. Buster just can't do it anymore because of his eyes, and Duchess didn't feel good, so they really didn't care about presents this year. I saw a little doggie that looked so much like you on Christmas Eve day. She was all black and had that little happy face like you. She sure did like to be scratched on her back quarters. I could have stayed and played with her for an hour. It made me a little sad and made me miss you all the more that day. You're my number one little girl still, but Duchess is sure right behind you. Mommy will come back again to see you, but I know in my heart you're at home with us every day and night. I love you. MARCH 6 '06 - Little Gretchen, Buster must be frolicking with you now - Mommy had to let him go last week. I miss him almost as much as I missed you when I lost you. Please watch over him for me, and take him to all your other little friends that you play with now, so he can run and run and run to his hearts delight. Mommy is so sad right now, so you be sure to tell Buster how much I miss and love him. It's almost 7 years now that I lost you - how time flies. I know you still come home to see me and you'll need to bring Buster with you the next time, okay? Mommy will have his ashes right next to yours very soon. I love you, little girl. - JUNE 21 '06 - Hello my little Gretchen - Mommy's been thinking of you and Buster a lot lately - I hope you're both playing together and coming to visit Mommy, Daddy and Duchess. Summer's here and I try to get Duchess out to play in the back yard, but she's not like you and Buster running around the backyard playing Frizbee and Ball. It takes her awhile to get motivated. Be a good little girl - I love you. NOV 17, 2006 - Hello my little girl - Mommy hasn't been to see you since the spring, and now it's so close to the holidays. You and Buster are in my thoughts every day and you know that I'll always be around for you. I still think you come home to see mommy once in awhile. I just hope Buster comes with you. I don't feel him as much as I do you - maybe because you were with me for so many years longer. Christmas is getting close, so I'll have to get yours and Buster's Christmas socks up. Mommy loves you - I'll be back very soon. Happy Thanksgiving my precious Gretchen. DEC 8, 2006 - Hello my little girl - mommy loves you and I hope you'll be with us for Christmas. I just visited Buster and told him I put up stockings for the two of you. Mommy will put something in there so you won't feel forgotten. How could I ever forget you tho. You're always in my thoughts and heart. Little Duchess is so much more like you as she gets older - so loving. She just doesn't like to play like you and Buster did. I love her just the same, tho. Are you being a good little girl and playing with Buster? I hope you are together for Christmas and come to see mommy and daddy. I still talk to you and Buster every morning and night. I think you know that, tho. Be good sweet girl and Mommy will be back soon. I love you very much. MARCH 9, 2007 - Hello my little girl - Mommy came to visit you once again since it's almost 8 years ago that you left us. It hardly seems possible - I wish I could take all these years back just to have you with us again, but then we wouldn't have our precious little Duchess, and she's such a joy now - she's as lovable as you were to me, so in a way I think your spirit is with us in her. She's not the playful doggy you were - you loved to run and play with your frizbee or stick, but we love her anyway. Mommy hopes you're playing with Buster and keeping him company - I know you both are having a good time running around the hills. But I also feel your presence with me more than Buster - I think he's just having too much fun. I love you little Gretchen - Mommy always will. I'll be back again soon to talk to you. In the meantime, I see your loving little happy face every morning and night when I hug your little cedar box. Bye for now my little girl. - AUG 17, 2007 - Hello my little Gretch. Mommy hasn't been to see you in awhile, so I needed to give you the new seasons and a big hug and kiss from me. It's been so hot this summer - you're so lucky to be where it's always cool and nice. We'll be going up to the mountains in a couple weeks where you always stayed with us. Mommy should take you and Buster with us so you won't be lonesome without us around. Mommy needs to go see Buster now, so you be good. You know your Mommy thinks of you every morning and every night. I know you can hear me. I love you sweetie pie. DEC 10, 2007 - Hello my little girl - Mommy finally got here to see you for Christmas - your favorite time of year. Mommy isn't working anymore, so I have a harder time getting on yours and Buster's site to talk to you, but I talk to you all the time here at home. I have your sock up on the wall along with Buster's and Duchess's - wish you were here to open up your presents. I really do think your little spirit is in Duchess now - she's so much like you - so loving and wants to be around mommy all the time - another shadow to watch over me. Your sister Cindy will be here to see us in a couple days for an early Christmas - she lives far away from us now and we miss her just like we miss you. You be a good little girl and play with Buster. Come and see mommy for Christmas, tho - and give me a big kiss. I love you so much. MAR 10, 2008 - Hello my little Gretchen. Mommy came to visit you today because it will be 9 years tomorrow that I lost you to Rainbows Bridge. I won't be home but I'll be thinking of you as I do each and every day. Are you having a good time playing with Buster and all your other little friends there at the bridge? My little happy face - I miss you still after all these years. Wish Duchess seemed to be as happy as you showed you were. She's such a serious little dog, but you know that, don't you. I love her like I loved you and I never thought that would be possible. She doesn't like to play like you and Buster - she's more of a little lap dog, but sometimes she gets in her moods and runs for her squeak toy - usually when Mommy's doing house work. You be my good little girl sweetie pie and Mommy will come back again to visit you soon. You be sure and come to see me some time soon. I feel your presence much more than I do Buster's, but he's just such a hyper little guy that I think he just enjoys playing and running with all his playmates. Here's a big hug and kiss for you. XXXXX NOV 14, 2008 - Hi my little girl - Mommy hasn't been here to visit you in awhile. I'm so sorry I haven't but you know that I say good night to you and Buster every night before Daddy and I go to bed. Almost Christmas, Gretch and you'll have your stocking hung just like always. Mommy and Daddy are going up to the Big Bear Cabins for Thanksgiving, so you'll be in our thoughts as always. You used to love going up there didn't you. I hope you're playing with all the little doggies and especially Buster. You both need each other. Hard to believe that you've been gone almost 10 years and Duchess will be that old come next Feb. I hate to see her age - I remember so well how hard it was losing you, and I just can't bear to go thru it again with Duchess.You're my sweet little girl and I'll always love you so much. Mommy will be back back at Christmas to visit. Love you. DEC 10, 2008 - Sweet little Gretchen, Christmas will soon be here - you always loved this time of year, just so you could tear into those gifts. Well, Mommy still has your stocking hanging up once again this year, yours and Buster's along side Duchess's. I hope you'll be there with us when we open up our gifts and watch little Duchess try to get into her's. She's just not as good as opening presents like you were. She likes the food instead of the toys, so this time I may just give her a couple Milk Bones. Mommy loves you my little happy face. I'll be thinking of you and you know I always give you a kiss and hug every night. XXXX MAR 11, 2009 - My little Gretchen, has it really been 10 years since you left us? You've always been in my heart and I know you know how much your Mommy still loves you to this day. I remember still the heartache I felt when I had to take you to the Vet's. The feeling is like no other and I pray it will be a very long time that I have to feel this way again. Little Duchess is now 10 years old and I just hope she'll have as many good years left that you had. You're still my precious girl and Duchess knows that I talk to you every night. She knows your name very well. I hope you're happy and playful with Buster. It was three years ago last week that I had to say goodbye to him and it's still hard to think about it. All you little fur babies just can't have the years to stay with your parents and it's sad. Time just goes by way too fast, but Mommy and Daddy will pick you and Buster up some day when we pass the Bridge. I love you my little Gretchen. XXXX and Hugs. OCT 10, 2009 - Hello my little girl. Mommy hasn't been to visit you in awhile, but you're always in my thoughts. Mommy had a boo-boo on her knee and has been laid up for awhile. Have you been good and playing with Buster? Mommy saw some videos of you and Buster the other night - you both were opening up your Christmas presents, but you were so much more good at it than Buster. He just wasn't sure what to do - he kept watching you. You'll be having a birthday soon and Mommy will be back to wish you a Happy Birthday. Wish you were here to open your presents like you always used to do. Duchess just doesn't like to play with toys like you and Buster, so I don't get her gifts as much as you got. You be your sweet little self and Mommy will be back to visit in a couple weeks. I love you very much. DEC 18, 2009 - Merry Christmas Little Gretchen - Mommy hasn't forgotten you - I meant to get in to your site earlier, but we've been busy and just got back from seeing your big sister, Cindy. Remember her? She had Buster and Gizmo. NoW Buster is with you and I hope you both are staying with each other and enjoying your romping around. I know Buster is, but you're so much like little Duchess, your other little sister, you probably won't go around other dogs. You need to spend time with your other little friends and not be by yourself. I love you little girl so much and hope you and Buster will come home for Christmas. Mommy has your stockings up for you both, and I'll put a little Milk Bone in there for you. Please come home to Mommy this year. I miss you. Duchess is so much like you I can't believe it. Guess I brought you both up to be dependent on Mommy and didn't mean to do that. You both didn't want to be around other animals much. Mommy will be watching for you this Christmas. Maybe Santa will bring you and Buster both home to see Duchess, Daddy and me this year. I love you little girl. MAR 11, 2010 - Well, Little Gretchen, it's your 11th year today that you left us so sad. Where has the time gone. At least the weather is good today, not stormy like it was the day I had to take you on to your new home. Little Duchess is doing fine, but she's 11 years old now and I worry about her sometimes - I know she is getting cataracts and more stiffness in her little hind leg just like you did. I sure don't want to see her age. Have you been a good little girl and playing with little Buster? Mommy still says goodnight to both of you every night and give you both hugs. I feel your closeness and Daddy thinks part of your little spirit is within Duchess. She has the same little brown loving eyes that you had. You stay happy Gretch, okay? Mommy loves you so much and knows you'll always be safe and happy at Rainbows Bridge. Hugs and Kisses to you sweet girl. I'll be back to visit again soon. NOV 10 - Little Gretchen, Mommy forgot your birthday for the first time in 11 years. I'm so sorry sweetie- guess Mommy's brain is getting a little sluggish at her old age of 68. I always still say goodnight to you and Buster and I know you know that, but I don't feel good about not wishing you a Happy Birthday. Pretty soon it will be Christmas, and Mommy and Daddy will definitely have yours and Buster's stocking up on the mantle as always. My sweet little Gretchen, Mommy loves you and always will. I'll be back for Christmas. Mommy DEC 24, 2010 - Hello my little girl! Mommy wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you'll be a happy girl with Buster on Christmas. We'll be thinking of you. I have your Christmas sock up on the mantel along with Buster's. I wish you could be with us on this special time of year. I love you so much, little Gretchen. Your sister, Cindy, is out here to celebrate Christmas with us, and I know she'll be going to see little Buster and Gizmo. You be a good girl - Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Kisses forever!!!!!! FEB 23, 2011 - Mommy's back to visit you, little girl. I hope you and Buster are playing with each other and running thru the meadows. It'll be 12 years next month that we lost you and I still miss you. I guess I never will get over missing you. You're my sweet little girl. Duchess has gotten very used to my saying goodnight to yours and little Buster's cedar box. She lays on the chair and stretches whenever I get ready to go to bed and say goodnight to you. I think she knows by now there was another sweet precious doggy in our lives. Mommy will be back to visit you again next month. I love you sweet Gretchen. MAR 10, 2011 - Well little girl, Mommy came back to visit on your fateful 12 years later. Today is a very sad day once again for your Mommy, thinking of you always and what was the inevitable 12 years ago. At least today is a very beautiful sunny day, so I believe your love is shining down on Mommy and Daddy - no crying today. I can't begin to tell you how much I still miss you and wish you were with us, not just in spirit. You and Duchess are quite a bit alike - very shy and just wanting to be near me at all times. I have two little shadows - one black and one white. I hope you're having so much fun up there in Rainbows Bridge with Buster and all the other little animals. Buster and you must have a guardian angel to throw the frizbees and sticks for you. You never seemed to tire of running after that frizbee and your ball. Daddy and I were talking just the other day while we were out for our walks with Duchess - we saw a huge stick and remember you ran up to one once and tried to carry that thing right back to the car. What a silly little girl! Didn't seem to bother you with the size. That's one thing Duchess doesn't have in common - she's not a playful little dog like you were, especially since she's gotten older. She just wants to sit by me or on my lap. Well, Gretch, Mommy has to go for now, but I'll be back. Thinking of you today and always my little one. XXXX00000 NOV 1, 2011 - Hello my little Gretchen. Mommy just realized I forgot your birthday last week. I'm so sorry - guess you think I've just forgotten you altogether, but I haven't. Mommy still kisses your little picture every night and wishes you a good sleep with little Buster. Time is getting closer to the holidays and I still wish you around to help us enjoy them. Little Duchess is getting older too and she doesn't like to play much anymore. She never really wants to play with her toys like you did, but she's a darling just the same. Mommy and Daddy love you still so much and talk about all the little things you used to do even after all these years. It brings back so many, many wonderful "memories" of you, which is why I play this song, even tho I cry everytime I hear it. You be a good little girl and play with Buster. I'll be back in a few weeks to talk again. XXXXXOOOOO DEC 1, 2011 - My sweet little Gretchen - Mommy misses you so much this time of the year. You loved opening up your presents so much. This year Mommy and Daddy will be in Ariz with Cindy, so we won't be around to love you and give you a hug, but Mommy will think of you while we're gone. I hope you and Buster and Gizmo will stay close to one another and enjoy the season. I'll check in before we leave to give you another loving message. Duchess is slowing down more now. She'll be 13 in February and her little legs are giving her problems just like they did you. I hate to see her getting older. It makes very sad. Well, little girl, be good and Mommy will be back. I love you so much. FEB 11, 2012 - Well, my sweet little girl, Valentine's almost here. You're my Valentine forever and ever. Mommy and Daddy love you and we still talk about you and the little things you used to do. Duchess's birthday is coming up on Valentine's Day so I bought her a little bed to sleep on next to the chair. She's having problems with her legs now and sometimes it's hard for her to get around so I want her to be comfortable on the floor when she doesn't want to get up on the chair. You had the same problems and I guess as we all get older it's harder on the old legs. You be a good little girl and play with Buster. Mommy will be back again, but I never forget you. XXXXX0000000 MAR 11, 2012 - Gretch, it's hard to believe that 13 years ago today I lost you to Rainbows Bridge. Mommy still misses you and I wish you were here with Daddy, Duchess and me. Time keeps moving on, but my love for you has never changed. Little Duchess has had some bad spine issues this past week, because she fell off the bed, and Mommy was so worried something was going to happen to her too, and here it is March - lost you and Buster both on this Month, and just couldn't stand to think I would lose Duchess too. But she is getting better now, so God answered my prayers and I know a little guardian angel has been watching over her. I'll bet it was you. You are my sweet little happy face and you know that Mommy always says good night to you. You're still around. I love you little girl. Mommy will see you again someday - in the meantime play with little Buster and all your other little friends. XXXXX00000000 NOV 26, 2012 - Hello my little girl. It's been a while since Mommy's been here but only because we've been so busy selling our home and moving to another State. I think of you every day and still it hurts when I know you can't be with me in person. We've moved to Ariz and have a nice home here in Prescott. I don't know if you would like it or not - no grass, just rocks. Little Duchess has a hard time trotting out to go potty so we'll have to have a small area of grass put in soon. She's not doing too well so you and Buster may have to start thinking about making room for her too. I pray we'll have her as long as we had you, but she has some issues that seems to drag her down. Poor little legs are giving her problems. Guess it's the arthritis. I hope you are watching us here trying to cope with a new place. I don't want you to get lost. Mommy will be back to talk to you before Christmas, okay? I love you little girl. Kisses and hugs!!!! DEC 23, 2012 - Hello my little girl. Mommy said she'd be back to wish you a Merry Christmas. It's been very cold here in Ariz. When I pick your little box up at night to give you kisses, yours and Busters both are cold. I know you're not used to that, so snuggle up close to Buster and Gizmo. Duchess seems to be doing okay but her eyes are getting very foggy and she sleeps a lot. I'm so afraid she'll not be with us too many more Christmas's. It makes your Mommy so sad to think about it, because I know how I was when you left us.But right now we're loving her as much as we loved you, and I know that makes her happy. I wish you were here to see our new home, but you probably wouldn't like walking on the rocks all the time. No grassy areas here. Well, Mommy's going to make some little doggie biscuits for some other little dogs, so you be a good little girl, Gretch, and have a wonderful Christmas with Buster and Gizmo. I love you little girl. Mommy will be back to visit again soon. XXXXXXXOOOOOO OCT 30, 2013 - Happy Birthday little Gretchen. Mommy just happened to remember as I was coming to talk to you and I'm a couple days late. You must have following me around, saying "Hey Mommy, you missed my birthday - come and see me". How are you my sweet little girl? Gosh, I'm slipping - it's been almost a year since I've come to see you and Buster, but I still say Goodnight to you both every night. I'll always do that. Little Duchess has had bouts of not feeling good lately, so I hope she doesn't pass over to Rainbows Bridge too soon. I would miss her just as bad as I missed you when you left us. Mommy and Daddy are doing good - we go out to lunch every day and take Duchess with us - she loves to nibble on chicken or turkey. Fall time is here and it's getting chilly again. You had so much thick fur that it probably wouldn't bother you. Are you running around with Buster? There's plenty of room at Rainbows Bridge to do that, so be happy little girl. Enjoy frolicking with all your other little friends, too. Mommy will be back very soon. I love you very, very much. So does your Daddy. DEC 9, 2013 - MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE GRETCHEN - Mommy and Daddy have a stocking set up for you - and you can come to sniff it with the little milk bone in it. Wish you were here to eat it, too. I'll probably just have to give it to Duchess, but at least you'll know there's something there for you. Miss you so much, especially during the holidays. Little Duchess is doing pretty good lately, just hope it continues. I'd like to have her around a few more years like you were with us for so long. Are you and Buster and Gizmo keeping warm and close beside each other? It's been very cold, but I know up there at Rainbows Bridge, it's always beautiful and warm. I'll be back again to see you very soon little girl. Mommy and Daddy love you. Hugs and Kiss all over your face. MARCH 11, 2014 - Hello little girl - this is hard to fathom that it's been 15 years today that Mommy had to have you taken from us. I still miss your little happy face, but I know you're in a wonderful place with lots of little friends to keep you company, Buster for one. Little Duchess isn't doing to well, and I pray I don't have to let her go to be with you and Buster for at least another year or two. We just have to take one day at a time. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and I have a bunch of hugs and kisses to give you. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO. They are probably wet, cause I'm crying for you right now. I know you must know that I still say goodnight to you and Buster every night. Have your little pictures and ashes next to me at all times. Be a good little girl, Gretch - Mommy will be back to see you again soon. Love you. NOVEMBER 7, 2014 - My sweet little girl, I forgot your birthday - I'm so sorry. Have never done that before, but I've been concerned about Duchess for awhile, and it just slipped my mine. Doesn't make it any better, tho - I kiss you and say goodnight every night you and Buster, and you'd think I would have remembered October 25 - Mommy is just so sorry. I hope you're doing fine - you and Buster and Gizmo. I don't know how much longer our little Duchess will be with us, but I'm hoping for some good times left for her. She's 15 now and has so much discomfort with her little hind legs, so Daddy and I have to help her get around sometimes. She does pretty good some times, but it's hard when she's been laying around and then tries to get up to walk. I love you so much little Gretchen and I went thru some pictures we had of you just the other day, when you were just a puppy - what a sweet little thing you were. You give little Buster and Gizmo a lick for me, okay? I'll be back very soon, and certainly won't forget Christmas for you. Mommy will see up in Heaven one of these days, along with Buster, Gizmo, and Duchess, when it's her time. Hugs and kisses and many, many loves to you. Mommy DECEMBER 22, 2014 - Hello little Gretchen. I told you I'd be back at Christmas time. You already know by now that little Duchess is no longer with us, but with you and Buster and Gizmo. Please take care of her for us and make sure she's a happy little girl. She's probably running all over the place now that her little legs are well again. Mommy and Daddy miss her so very much and wish she was still with us to enjoy Christmas with us. We'll pick up her ashes this morning and will feel better having her back home with us. I hope you all will be with each other and keep each other warm for the winter. It's been cold here in the mornings, but no snow yet. I love you little girl and pray we'll all be together again. Would love to have you come home and visit us soon, and bring little Duchess and Buster with you. There is such a void in our lives. Love you, precious. XXXX00000 - Mommy and Daddy. MARCH 11,2015 - Hi my little girl. Today is the 16th anniversary of our losing you and it still brings back such sad memories of that day. Mommy loves you and still misses you, but you know that. I still kiss your little picture and say goodnight to you Buster everynight. I hope you've been a happy little girl and running around with all your little friends, including, now, little Duchess. I miss her terribly - it's only been a couple months and I remember how long it took me to get over the lose of you. Three years - Mommy just loves her little furbabies so much it's hard to get over. We have a new little member to our family. Her name is Harlee and she's a little Chihuhua/Terrier mix around 2 years old. She's so sweet and loveable, but she has quite the mind of her own. I'm trying to train her better, but it's going to take awhile. You take care of little Duchess for me and give her and Buster a big lick for me. I love you very much little Gretchen and will see you again soon. Hugs and big kisses to you, sweetie. OCTOBER 30, 2015 - Oh, little Gretchen, I missed your birthday, didn't I? I was thinking we always celebrated your birthday right around Halloween. Mommy's sorry. I've been so despondent over Duchess's death this year, and it doesn't seem to get any better. I hope you're taking good care of her, you and little Buster. She was always so shy. Little Harlee girl is a handful for us, but we love her anyway. She almost got lost yesterday - she ran off from me and in a flick of an eye, she was gone. I called and called and was worried I wouldn't find her again. But she ran back to us, and I gave her a good pat on the little butt. We just have to keep her on a leash at all times. Well, sweetie, Mommy's going to sign off for just a little while. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it, and I'll come back to see you. But, you can come home anytime to see Mommy and Daddy. I still hug your little box and say goodnight every night. I love you very much, Gretchen. XXXXXXXOOOOOOO DECEMBER 25, 2015 - Merry Christmas little Gretchen. I hope you're having a wonderful day with Duchess, Buster, Gizmo and Pepe. Along with all your other little furry friends. Mommy misses you, and I was telling Duchess how it's not the same at Christmas without watching you and her and Buster tearing into your presents. Harlee doesn't really know what to think of the wrapped presents, so she just ran into the other room with it in her mouth. I had to help her take the paper off. But she does love her new little toys. I'm hoping she'll learn soon to unwrap her toys without our help. Cindy and William came over for a while yesterday and we'll be going over to their place for Christmas Dinner. Wish you were all with me. What a wonderful and joyous Christmas that would have been. Hope your little spirits are with Mommy and Daddy today and everyday. I love you my little girl. I'll be back again soon. HUGS and KISSES all the time. MARCH 11, 2016 - Hello little Gretchen. It's so hard to believe it's been 17 years now that you've left your Mommy and Daddy. But you're still around - I say good morning and good night to you every day. I know you're in a very happy place, but Mommy wishes you'd never left us with discomfort and pain. You know, we lost Buster a week before your anniversary ten years ago. And now, little Duchess is with you both. I hope you're watching over her and playing with her. I miss her terribly. Daddy and Mommy have another little one now to love - her name is Harlee, if I haven't already told you that. She's very sweet and loveable. She doesn't seem to understand tho, why I keep talking to the three little boxes. Think she gets a little jealous sometimes. Well, my precious little Gretch - Mommy will be back again so in the meantime, you, Buster and Duchess keep each other close by and happy. I love you. XXXXX00000 NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - Hello my little girl. Mommy meant to come and see you a couple days ago to wish you a Happy Birthday, and just kept forgetting. I never forget you, but I forget to get on your site to talk to you. I love you sweetie, and say goodnight everynight to you, Buster and Duchess. It's so hard to believe I've lost three little dogs. I don't even want to think about losing Harlee too soon. Have you been a good little girl and play with Buster and Duchess? I hope Duchess isn't too lonesome for me - you need to take good care of her. I love you so much Gretchen and will be back to see you at Christmas. I remember so well when you brought you home as an 8 week old puppy Christmas Eve. You were supposed to be Cindy's dog, but guess who you turned to love more - my little Shadow. Again, Happy Birthday sweetie. DECEMBER 25, 2016 - Merry Christmas my sweet little Gretchen. I hope you are having a wonderful day with all your little friends, and Duchess and Buster. Mommy and Daddy spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone, because we had a lot of snow and Cindy and William got stuck up at their house. Harlee opened up a present, but she isn't as good at it as you, Buster and Duchess. She tried to get some of the paper off, and when she saw the toy, she just took off with it and most of the wrapping paper, too. She'll learn thru the years I hope, how to tear into gifts. I love you my little girl. You be good and Mommy and Daddy will see you some day in Heaven. I say goodnight and good morning to you, Buster and Duchess all the time. I hope you know that. I'll back to see you again soon. XXXOOO MARCH 11,2017- Where has the time gone my precious Gretchen. Seems like only last week you were just a precious puppy we brought home for Christmas. It's been 18 years now since you left us only to go to a wonderful place where you can run, sniff, and play with all the other little animals. Mommy and Daddy love you sweetheart. Watch over Duchess and Buster for us! I love you all. Be a good little girl, and Mommy and Daddy will see you one day in Heaven. XXXX0000 DECEMBER 7, 2017 - Hi little Gretch. Mommy is here to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I have your stocking hanging up right beside Duchess and Buster. Wish you were here to get your milk bone from the stocking. You just loved opening up presents and we remember those times so well. I hope you're happy playing with all the little animals - be especially close by Duchess. She always was a timid little dog. I hope both you and Buster stick together with her. Doesn't look like we're going to get any snow this year. It's been a very dry and warm fall, and so far still no rain. Nothing like last year. Well little girl, Mommy's going to sign off for now. We love you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas up in Heaven with Buster and Duchess. I'll be thinking of you. Bye for now. XXX000 MARCH 11, 2018 - Hi little Gretchen. Mommy came back to see you because it's been 19 years since you left us, and I can still remember the day. It was so very sad. I know you're in such a better place and can play with all the little animals, and Buster and Duchess. I hope you're watching over Duchess for me. She was always so shy. It's raining today, and it makes so much more of a sad day for Mommy. I hope you know how much your loved and missed. I tell you and Buster goodnight and goodmorning every day. Hope you hear Mommy. I'll be back again soon. Be a good little girl and be happy. I love you so much. OOOXXX SEPT. 22, 2018 - Hello my little girl. Mommy hasn't been to see you in a while so I thought I'd better come and update your home before you think I've forgotten you. I hope you've been happy little Gretchen and playing with Duchess and Buster. Time keeps getting away from Mommy - Daddy hasn't been doing too well this past year, and I've been worried about him. Wish you could come home and see us once in awhile. I wish you good night and good morning each day - hope you hear me okay. I love you little Gretchen. Harlee is a good little dog - she just doesn't care for other dogs. I can't remember how you were with other dogs, but I think you were okay with them. Remember when Daddy and I used to take you for walks. Didn't even have you on a leash, you would just stay right by us at all times, even if there was another dog walking. You were soooo good. Mommy will be back to see you around Christmas time. In the meantime, you be a happy girl and stay close to Duchess and Buster. I love you very much. XXXX DEC. 11, 2018 - Well, little Gretch, it's this time of year that Mommy gets so sad because I can't have you, Duchess or Buster with us at Christmas. I hope and pray that you're doing very well and keeping happy along side of Duchess and Buster. I wish you could be with us to help open presents, you sure did love to tear into those gifts. Mommy has a milk bone for you in your Stocking, but I don't think you ever eat it because it's always there the next day after Christmas. It's been so cold at night so I have yours and Buster's little box cuddled up with Duchess in my robe, so I hope you keep warm with it around you. Mommy loves and misses you, Gretchen - Daddy does too, we talk about the times when we used to go on vacations and you'd love to chase the stick and jump in the water at the lakes. So many good memories of you, sweetie. We love and miss you, and you come home for Christmas, if you can, okay? We love you. XXX0000. MAR 11, 2019 - Hello my little Gretchen Dog. Mommy came to say how much you're loved still after 20 years. So hard to believe you've been gone this long. I still remember that sad day when I had to take you to the Vets. It was just your time, but Mommy cried and cried for days for you to come back to us. Took me three years to get over the loss, but Duchess gave me that happiness again. You know I still talk to you and say good morning and good night every day. I hope you're happy and running around with all your friends. Especially with Buster and Duchess. I tell Buster every night to be sure and take care of you and Duchess, and to give Gizmo a lick for me. I'm sure he's doing just that. Wish you could be back with us, sweetheart, even if it's just for a day. I love you very much and I'll be back again soon. DEC. 4, 2019 - My precious little Gretchen - almost Christmas, but I wanted to come a little early and say I love you. I'll be back before Christmas, tho. It's an old dreary day today, and I miss all three of my doggies. Take care of Duchess for me, and the angles are taking care of all my furbabies. XXXOOO XXX0000 MARCH 11,2020 - Hello little Gretchen. Here it is one more year that you've been gone from your Mommy and Daddy. We still talk about you and miss our happy times thruout your 18 plus years. I still say good night to you, Duchess and Buster every night and ask that the angles watch over you. You were such a precious girl and I know you've come to meet a lot of little 4 legged friends to play with. Just be sure to take care of Duchess for me, okay? Mommy will be back again. I love you so much. XXXX00000 DEC. 28, 2020 - Little Gretchen, I'm sorry I didn't come to see you for Christmas. Mommy just forgot because of so much going on, but I at least want to wish you a Happy New Year. I hung up your stocking along with Duchess's and Busters, and of course, little Harlee. She doesn't open up gifts as good as all the rest of you did, but she tries. She just loses interest after a bit, and doesn't even want to play with her toys. I hope you, Duchess and Buster are keeping each other happy and safe. 2020 was a very bad year with the viruses going around. Of course, you could care less because it doesn't affect our little animals, thank goodness. I love you my precious little Gretchen. I'll be back again, I promise. Take care of yourselves. XXX000 MARCH 11, 2021 - My little girl Mommy and Daddy still think of you and talk about all the things you used to do to make us laugh. Been 22 years now that you've left our hearts in a turmoil, but you'll always be close to us. Such a precious little shadow you were. You couldn't stay out of my sight and Duchess was the same. Guess Mommy just had that touch that you both needed to be close to me. I hope you're so very happy little girl, playing with Duchess and Buster Boy. Come and see Mommy and Daddy any time you want to. Our love is here for you. XXX000. See you again soon, sweet girl. MARCH 3, 2022 - Hello little girl - Mommy forgot to come and see you at Christmas - I'm so sorry, but I'm here now to tell you I love you very much. Also, Daddy left me just this last year, and I'm so lonesome without him. I hope he took you and Duchess up to Heaven with him when he left. That way, you'll all be together once again. Mommy will join you down the road, but right now, I have to take care of Harlee - I don't want to make her sad by leaving too. She misses her Daddy. I hope you're happy and running around with Buster and Duchess. I'll be back to see you again. Be a good little girl. OOOXXDX MARCH 11 2022 - My precious Gretchen, where has the time gone to. It's been 23 years since you left us for Rainbows Bridge and I still think of you so often. I say good morning and good night to you, Buster and Duchess every day. I love you my little shadow. I hope and pray that I'll see you again when I leave this earth for Heaven. Mommy will always love you. I hope you have seen your Daddy. He's up there in Heaven now, and maybe he has all three of you with him. I'll be back again to talk with you. In the meantime, you be a happy little girl with your sister and cousin. XXX000 DEC 5, 2022 - Little Gretchen, Mommy hasn't been very good this year at keeping in touch with you, Duchess and Buster, but I still think of you every day, and every night I kiss your little box and say good night to you. I was just watching some home movies from way back the other night, and it showed you opening presents for Christmas and your birthday. You were such a precious thing and Mommy's little shadow. I miss all my little dogs, all three of you. At least I have Harlee to keep me cozy and happy. I miss Daddy, and hope you, Duchess and Buster are all up there in Heaven with him. Christmas just isn't quite the same anymore. Harlee doesn't open presents as good you all did, and she doesn't play with them like you did, but she does try. Mommy wants to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and wish you were home to open up more presents like you used to. I love you my little girl. XXX000. I'll love you forever. f MARCH 11, 2023 - My dear little Gretchen - it's so hard to believe you've been gone from us for 24 years now. I'll never forget the day I had to take you to the Vet's and there I had to leave you. Altho, I left your little body, I still have the memories and fun we used to have. And, I have your ashes that I say good morning and good night to each day. I hope you're with Daddy and Duchess and Buster. I know you're a happy little girl with all the animals around you. Your Mommy's precious little girl and I'll always love you. XXXX0000 DECEMBER 14, 2023 - Hello little Gretchen - Mommy had to come back to wish you a very Merry Christmas before it's here and gone. It's been a busy year - Mommy fell and fractured her wrist in October, so I've been laid up a little. Couldn't write and couldn't drive for over a month. I'm better now, but still have to go to Therapy. I hope you're a very happy little girl up at the Bridge, with Duchess and Buster. Wish you were all home with Harlee and me. I miss my little doggies. I hope, too, that you're with Daddy, along with Duchess. I tell all three of you every morning and night that I love you. I hope you hear Mommy's voice. I'll see you in the spring, sweetie. I love you very much. XXX000 MARCH 11, 2024 - Time has passed so quickly since you left your home and Mommy and Daddy, 25 years ago and yet, I still miss my precious little Gretchen. You were always my little black shadow. I love you so much, and know that you're with all your little friends, and that includes Duchess and Buster. Mommy hopes to see you again when I leave this earth and pick you, Duchess and Buster up to go see Daddy. Little Harlee is such another precious little dog that watches me just like you did. Another little shadow whom I love dearly too. I'll be back to talk to you soon. XXX0000

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