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Memories of Gingersnap
Ginger, my sweet little sparkle, I still ache with missing you. I think of you every day. You are my furry soulmate. You went through so much to come to us for such a short time. Were you an angel sent briefly just to remind me how much I could love? I will never forget loving you from the moment I first heard about you and being grateful that we could give you the special home you needed. When you crawled into my sleeve for your first trip to our home, you melted my heart and I knew you were meant for me. You were so patient waiting for your freedom in our home and so loving to all of us while you waited that you seemed older and wiser than your years. But when you cleared, you made up for lost time and embraced your new freedom and life with such joy you made my heart soar every day. I can still see you hiding in the snap peas ready to pounce on me in the garden. You were so proud when you captured moths, you would come prancing into the house with the moth in your mouth, your head held high, brown dust all over your muzzle. You made us laugh. I miss our nightly routine when I would follow you from shed roof to shed roof in the backyard where you stayed just out of my reach until you were ready to be helped down to come inside. You loved your little wax paper balls so much, I found them everywhere, inside and out, in the months after your passing. You were the only cat grumpy old Osho ever got along with. He would run through the house, jump up on the bed, and peer over his shoulder waiting for you and your bell to follow him. He was never happier than the short time he had you for a playmate. He missed you so much but he has joined you now along with Bubba, Madeline, Slim, and Baby. Wilson who lived under our next house when we moved in. Gingersnap, your death left such a huge hole in my heart that all the cats in the world couldn't fill it but we keep trying. You inspired us to foster many furbabies and we ended up adopting way more than is sane. But what a joyous reunion we'll all have when we meet again. In the meantime, I love and miss you all more than words can express; the tears in my heart will never dry for you. 2010: Cleo has joined you now but she lived a long, long time and was ready to cross the Bridge. I miss you all so much. 2012: This year we had to send Millie and Cocoa to meet you. 2014: Esme, Nari, Felix, Thomas, and Peter have joined you now. This year was a constant heartbreak. 2015: We only had 3 years with Viggo and Dude before they left to meet you at the Bridge. Viggo was our feline Jimmy Cagney and Dude was our handsome gentle giant who communed daily with Buddha. 2018: Joey and Stacey went to the Bridge. It never gets any easier. 2019: So far, just Sage has joined you at the Bridge. She had a tough time of it so please be extra attentive to her. Such sweet cats, all of you, take good care of each other. Thank you all for choosing us as your humans. There are no words for how much we love and miss you all.

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