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Memories of Gimli
Gimli, we miss you so much. It is so hard coming home and not having you squeak in happiness to see us and have your "happy ears." The neighborhood squirrels and cats are in the back yard waiting for you to chase them and bark at them. Tucker the American bulldog next door and Brianna the husky behind us miss having a crazy little miniature schnauzer bark at them. I know you are no longer feeling pain. I am thankful that we had an extra year with you after having your lymphoma successfully treated for a year. We love you, "Das P." We have more pictures of you on the Internet for people to see - they can go to http://home.earthlink.net/~dbhlmh and click on Gimli Gallery.---------6/9/01 - it's been two weeks since you left us. I keep expecting you to jump up on the bed. It's hard coming home from work and not hearing you "squeak" behind the door to the garage. The house is so empty without you. It's been 8 years today since Puffy died. I wonder if you are trying to get at her in heaven. Today is a beautiful Saturday; I know you would be out in the back yard rolling in the grass. I'm thankful that the Saturday we took you in to Southpaws for the last time was rainy and miserable. We miss you so much.----------6/14/01 - We picked up your ashes from Hayfield tonight. I keep rubbing the box that you are in every time I go by it - I guess my subconscious is expecting you to pop out like a genie. We miss you so much, sweetheart. I know sweetheart is not a word that most people would use to describe you! But once you got to know someone, you were a sweetheart.--------6/26/01 - I can't believe it's been a month now since you passed on. We miss you so much. I wake up sometimes expecting you to be at the foot of the bed or trying to sleep on our pillows. Davy misses sniffing you and making you growl at him. You were such a silly dog. You were so smart - it's so weird not spelling everything any more. We could never say "walk" or "ride" or "Milkbones" without you going crazy. We would just say "where's the kittycat?" or "get the puss" and you would immediately go to the door or window and start barking. I miss coming home when Davy has the front door open and seeing you peer out of the glass outside door down at the driveway. We love you very much.----------7/26/01 - It's now been two months since you left us. We miss you so much. The cats in the neighborhood keep hanging out in the yard - I know how much you would enjoy chasing them. It's still so strange not having you here. I don't think I'll ever fully get used to it. I miss having you grab ice cubes whenever I accidently have an ice cube fall on the kitchen floor from the freezer door. I miss you, sweetie.-------------8/26/01 - I can't believe it's been three months now since you left us. Some days I still don't think it is real. Buckwheat (Gregg and Dawn's cat) joined you on 8/5/01 - please be nice to her (I know you liked to chase cats!). We miss you so much. I miss giving you carrots and we still have a half-full box of Milkbones.------------9/26/01 - It's been four months now since you left us. It still doesn't seem real sometimes. We adopted a puppy from the Alexandria animal shelter - she is a black poodle/terrier mix that we named Raven. She was 8 weeks old when we got her (9/5/01). I know you would not like her! Sometimes, I almost call her Gimli. We miss you so much, even with Raven. She helps fill a void, but she will never replace you, just as no dog could ever replace her. All of you doggies are so special.-------10/26/01 - It's now been five months since you left us. Seems like yesterday. We are having another Halloween party tonight - you were so cute last year as Dracula (Dogula). Your birthday is also a week from today. I will miss celebrating your birthday with you. You would have been 10 years old. When you were younger, I thought you would make it to 12 or 13 at least. Lymphoma took that hope away in 5/00; I knew you would have been lucky to make it to 10. I'm glad to have had you for the short 9 1/2 years we did.---------11/2/01 - Happy Birthday, Gimli. Today you would have been 10 years old. I miss you so much. I have called Raven "Gimli" a couple of times. She does things just like you did - roll in the grass, eat carrots, etc. Although she hasn't gotten to the point of inhaling carrots like you did! You inhaled your food! I hope you have a good birthday up in heaven. We miss you, Chippy Chop.-----------11/26/01 - It's now been six months since you left us. I still sometimes call Raven "Gimli." She now enjoys Milkbones just like you did. She begs for carrots just like you did. She gets crazy when she is wet just like you did. But she will never replace you, just as you could never replace her. We miss you so much. We just celebrated one of your favorite holidays - Thanksgiving! You, just like all other doggies, loved leftover turkey! Hope you had lots of turkey up in heaven.------12/27/01 - We really missed you at Christmas this year. I loved watching you open your presents. Raven has learned how to do the same thing. We put your stocking right next to your box holding your ashes. We miss you so much.---------2/14/02 - Happy Valentine's Day, Gimster! We adopted a mini. schnauzer, Max, on 1/27/02. He looks so much like you. He is a little different in personality, though. I don't think I have called him Gimli though. He will never replace you. We saw "Lord of the Rings" on 1/1/02 and I was a little sad because you didn't make it until the movie came out, given that one of the characters is the one you share a name with! Now everyone will hopefully know where we got your name and how much your name fit you!------5/26/02 - I can't believe it's been a year now since you left us. This weekend's weather has been nice, so this year's Memorial Day weekend has been better in more ways than one. You would be rolling in the grass right now! Pete (Dave's step-granddad) died on 5/10/02; I hope you both are having fun up there. You liked Pete right away when you saw him, which is unlike most people in that you had to warm up to them. Max and Tucker chase each other up and down the fence, just like you and Tucker did. Cheyenne (the German Shepherd next door) joined you sometime after Christmas, so I know Tucker misses her. Be nice to Cheyenne! We miss you so much.-------11/2/02 - Happy 11th birthday, Gimster. We miss you so much. My grandmother joined you on 8/12/02 - I hope she can give you a birthday hug. Max and Raven certainly keep us busy, but I still miss you so much.-----5/26/03 - It's been two years now since you left us. This morning was very rainy and cool, just like the morning we let you go. We still miss you so much, Gimster.-----11/2/03 - Happy 12th b-day, Gimster. We are moving out of the old house into a house we bought, so it is sad to leave the last house you were in. We have you moved to the new house and set up, however. We still miss you so much.------5/26/04 - It's hard to believe that it's now been 3 years since you left us. I know that you would be eating the 17-year cicadas that are all over our yard, just like Max (and Raven somewhat) is doing. We miss you so much.-----11/2/04 - Happy 13th birthday, Gimli. I found your Dogula costume when looking for Max's and Raven's Halloween stuff. You were so cute! We miss you terribly.-----5/26/05 - Hard to believe it's been four years since you left us. I was looking at your pictures yesterday and miss you terribly. You were so cute in your pictures!-----11/2/05 - Happy 14th birthday, Gimster. We had a Halloween party this past weekend, and I remember your Dogula costume. We miss you.------5/27/06 - Hard to believe it was 5 years yesterday (I tried to get on yesterday but couldn't) since you left us. You would be enjoying the warm weather and the walks! Simba joined you in 12/05 - you be nice to him! We miss you.------11/2/06 - Happy 15th birthday, Gim! Hard to believe you would have been 15 today! We miss you and I say hi to you in your box often.-------5/26/07 - It's now been 6 years since you left us. It's a Saturday again, just like that day, but it's warm and sunny today, unlike that day. I still rub your box from time to time. We miss you.-------11/2/07 - You would have been 16 today! Happy birthday! We love you and miss you so much.-----5/26/08 - It's now been 7 years since you left us. It's very warm and sunny today - you would be enjoying the warmth! We miss you so much.----11/2/08 - Happy 17th birthday, Gim! Poor Max, he is now 8 and I'm constantly checking his lymph nodes since he's now the same age you were when you developed lymphoma. We miss you so much!!-------5/26/09 - I can't believe it's now been 8 years since you left us. Max will be 9 in a few days (5/31) and the poor guy keeps being checked by me. Raven gets the same concern since she'll be 8 in July. It's just not fair that dogs don't live longer. I never mentioned it before, but we had a human addition to the family on 4/11/03. Sarah, who is now six, asks so many questions about you and doesn't quite understand how you are in a box (which is on the mantel). We miss you.------11/2/09 - Happy birthday, Gimli! You would have been 18 today. I think about you all the time, and we miss you.------5/26/10 - It's been 9 years today since you left us. Max had a bout of pancreatitis in January and spent the night at SouthPaws. Even though Max was basically fine and SouthPaws is in a new location, it still brought back so many sad memories, and I slept with Max' hedgehog close by me that night when he was there. I hate to think of losing him and Raven, just like we have already lost you. We miss you so much.----11/2/10 - Happy birthday, Gimli! You would have been 19 today! Max and Raven are still doing fine; Max is doing better on better food. We miss you!----5/26/11 - It's now been 10 years today since you left us, Gimli. Max and Raven have a new furry sibling, Lucy, who is about 7 months old. We miss you so much still. We love you so so so so much!------11/2/11 - Happy 20th birthday, Gimli! Hard to believe that you would be 20 today. You've now been gone longer than we had you, so sad. :*( Max is still running around, but we've had to deal with food allergies in him, but he now seems better. Raven and Lucy are still doing well too. We miss you.-----5/27/12 - Yesterday was 11 years since we lost you. Max is still going strong and so are Raven and Lucy. We added another dog, Bella, who is about Lucy's size and age, and she's doing well. Can't believe that you've been gone so long, I still miss you so much. Yesterday was a Saturday just like the day that we lost you, but yesterday was warm and sunny, not like the day we lost you. Miss you!-----11/2/12 - Happy 21st birthday, Gimli! We took Max to the vet tonight to get his corneal ulcer checked (fortunately it's healing) and another schnauzer was there too! The owner said that her previous schnauzer looked just like Max, and we told her that Max looks a lot like you did. Miss you!!----5/26/13 - It's now been 12 years since we lost you. I had to take Max to SouthPaws on Christmas Eve because he had hurt his leg, and fortunately he was okay, but it's never fun to have to visit SouthPaws and I always remember having to take you there. Poor Max has a heart murmur like you did and was hypothyroid, but fortunately both are being taken care of with medication. Can't believe that he'll be 13 this Thursday! Today was very sunny, much different than that day we had to say goodbye to you. Max, Raven, Lucy and Bella are still doing well. We miss you!!-----11/2/14 - Happy birthday, Gimli! You would have been 23 today! Too bad that dogs don't live into the 20s except for a very rare few. I was sad the week before because my friend lost his almost 16 year old schnauzer and then I was on the Following Atticus Facebook page and Tom Ryan had to have Will (a 17 year old schnauzer) put to sleep. The story of Will, however, is a wonderful story! He came from the same rescue that Max did. Will's and Kyra's passings did bring back sad memories of you, however. Max is now 14 and Raven is 13 and they are still doing well. Of course I worry about them, especially Max!-------5/26/15----It's been 14 years now since you left us, Gim. Max will be 15 in five days and is really slowing down, so I have been sad. However, his appetite has still been great, he can still see and hear and he paws at me when it's time for his peanut butter and meds, so he's still enjoying life. We miss you so much.--------5/26/16 - You've been gone 15 years now, Gimli. Max wandered off on 7/25/15 and hasn't been found, and I've been devastated since then. I have a feeling that he's with you now, so be nice to him! I miss you and Max so much.----------11/25/16 - Happy belated birthday, Gimli, you would have been 25 on 11/2/16. We still haven't found Max and now I assume he's with you. I can only imagine seeing the two of you together, you both looked so similar. I miss you two so much. Raven is now 15 and is still doing well. I don't let her out of my sight outside.-------5/26/19 - You have been gone 18 years now, Gimli. Sadly Raven joined you on 2/7/19 at the age of 17 and a half. On 9/12/17, she was diagnosed with a small intestine tumor and a bladder tumor, but she beat the odds and lived another year and a half after that. She passed away peacefully on my lap, on her own, at home on my bed. We never found Max, so I assume he and Raven are together again. Lucy and Bella are still doing well and are chasing chipmunks right now. Miss you, Gim!---------5/26/20 - It's been 19 years now since you have left us. Lucy and Bella are still doing well, even with Lucy's TPLO surgery last September. I miss you!-----------11/2/20 - Happy 29th birthday, Gimli! Bella is dealing with heart issues just like you had, but she seems okay on her meds so far. Lucy is good, just dealing with some female incontinence. Miss you so much!--------5/26/21 - Can't believe that it's been 20 years today that we lost you. Bella joined you on 12/10/20, her heart gave out on her here at home. Sadly a week ago Cream, one of our guinea pigs, joined you too, she was 8 1/2, which is a long run for a piggie. We just picked up her ashes last night. So now I just have Lucy and Sugar (another guinea pig). Miss you so much.------11/2/21 - Gim, you would have turned 30 today! It's such a shame that dogs don't live longer. Happy birthday! Lucy and Sugar are still doing well. Miss you. ----You have been gone for 21 years now, Gim. Lucy, Sugar and I moved to West Virginia in March, and you are set up on a bookcase in my bedroom on a shelf with Raven and Bella. Miss you so much. Love, LiLi

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