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Memories of Ghenghis
As a puppy, we called him Trouble, as he got older, we called him Sunshine. He was twice the size of your "normal" Shih-Tzu, but that's only because he was no normal Shih-Tzu. With his mane of long blonde and white ringlets, he bounded up and down the stairs knocking everyone over, he turned corners with military precision and threw a barking temper tantrum when it was dinnertime. With a side-ways stance and his indignant little yap, he got anything that his little heart desired. He had the eyes of an angel, huge almond, brown eyes that could either look right through you, or with one short glance tell you that he understood you. He was a best friend, someone you could spill your guts to for hours and he'd just stare at you like you were crazy then all of a sudden his face would change and say, "I understand". Many times, we wished we could know what he was thinking, probably everything. He knew everything. Ghenghis was also a buffer between his brothers, Gizmo and Ninja, two very territorial Alpha dogs. If they were to begin to fight, Ghenghis would put himself in between them. He was also the protector of his little sister, Kasi-Su. When she was scared, and would start pacing around, he would let her walk all over him. He was also a trooper, through a horrible illness, that no veterinarian thought he could survive, he let us poke and prod, and make him better. Through it all he was our little wise man. When the vet said that our time with Ghenghis would be shortened be his illness, our trooper lived happily and healthily for six years, twice as long as the vet expected. When you gave him a baby carrot, you made his day, it was an event. First he would bound into the kitchen jump up on Mommy, gouging her legs with his claws. When she gave him his prize, he bounded back out of the kitchen, curls everywhere. He'd find his spot on the rug, and with his little butt in the air, he'd dive into that carrot....with his two teeth. He sanctioned his love, only giving it to you, when you needed it most. He'd usually let you hold him for about ten seconds before you'd get his paw in the middle of your chest, pushing you away, almost saying "Time's up!". But if you needed some love, he knew it, and you got an extra hug out of him, but never a kiss, those he saved for Mommy. If you were rubbing his tummy, and stopped, you would promptly get a claw down the side of your face, saying "More!". No single story could do our "Trouble" any justice, although if you know the Bradleys, you've heard plenty. No poem or words can heal our pain. Every time we see his picture, we will remember the good times, we will remember the determined little guy who braved everything, except the beach, the little boy who waited impatiently for his daily walk with Ninja and Daddy out to the mailbox. We take comfort in knowing that where he is in a safer, and better place. We know that he is up there at Rainbow's Bridge waiting patiently with Maggie and Gizmo #1 and that someday when we meet again, we will be greeted by that little guy we call Trouble, and we will welcomed by his love and all those curls.

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