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Memories of Gemini May Keema
My first Siberian, Gemini May Keema. After I lost the dog I grew up with (Kemo) I was not sure I wanted another as I had been so attached to the first. My partner at the time decided he was going to get one so I insisted that I pick it out since I knew I would be taking care of it. I knew I'd always wanted a Siberian Husky, researched the breed, researched breeders and we decided on one and went to see her puppies. Well I fell in love immediately with a little girl with one brown eye and one half brown/half blue eye. We bought her but left her there until she was over 2 months as we had a holiday planned. Well my sweet baby was adorable, head strong, saucy, and a hellion from day one but her personality was awesome. We were riding home from the cottage when the driver lost control of his 79 Corvette, spun around and went over the side of the road where we were caught by the post and wire fence that stopped you from going into the creek down about 20 ft. We took out a number of poles and the wire holding the polls together ripped off the roof of the car and hung me but my biggest stroke of luck came in the form of my dog being fine expect for a sore leg and the fact she did not run away but stayed near the accident site with me (I have no memory of the accident or that summer). She got into the tow truck drivers vehicle without a problem (she was very shy of men) and waited for my uncle to come and pick her up at a garage (she must have been in shock). She was brought to visit me in the hospital when I got out of ICU a several weeks later but was afraid of me as I had a Halo vest on for my broken neck and the head injuries had left me very child like in my actions. She was passed from one to another person while I stayed with my parents who took care of me for three months. She didn't mind. She saved me numerous times over the last 7 years since that accident as depression ruled my life for quite a large amount of that time and they had a hard time getting it under control, when ever I was suicidal the one thing that kept me alive was my precious Gemini, who would take care of her? who would understand all the diseases this dog was ridden with from day one (breeder disappeared). Only me so I stayed. She was there for me when both my Grandmothers passed away in the same week a year after my accident and when my Dad passed away a month later. She put up with my temper tantrums (yes I even hit my poor baby when I was left at home to recuperate from my head injury all alone, and with strangely no control of my emotions). She'd always comes to me when I cried and sits at my feet patiently waiting for my touch and my comfort to tell her I'm okay. Anyway she battled Colitis, Gastro Enteritis, Epilepsy since I got her and in her later years developed diabetes and cushings disease as well as a neurological disorder. She's was almost totally bald except, near the end, except for her head and legs so I made shirts and sweaters for her so she wouldn't get frost bite or sunburn. I've spent about $40,000 to keep her alive and HAPPY but I would have sold my house and everything I own for her as she has always given me unconditional love 24/7. With all the proper attention she lived a long and wonderful life and was enjoying her new country home where she roamed free (hip displaced a few winters ago, can't operate because of diabetes) and was the lord and master of the house over the other three dogs. She often went to my Moms as my Mom loved her dearly and she tolerated my Moms cats and never chased them. She had been through so much more with me but this is getting like a book so I'll just tell you she was my best friend and I love her very much and she leaves a hole in my heart that will never be filled. Marilyn

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