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Memories of Gwendolyn
I'm a better person for having known you my dear Gwendolyn. I will cherish the memories of our camping trips, our mountain climbing trip to Grandfather Mountain and the Mile-High Swinging Bridge with Grandma. And our hike of Mt. Mitchell. We had many good times camping with Larry, Uncle Jeff and Kahuna and with Grandma Jan, Roger and China Doll. I think of you everyday I take Madison for a walk. She doesn't like to walk as much as you did. She misses you too. The house just isn't the same without you. God bless you my little Angel-face. Lots of love and schnauzer kisses, until we meet again. xoxo your mom.

8/31/06-Madison and I miss you every day. Madison is really needing you to tell her everything is ok. You were the one she looked up to her entire life. I picked up your ashes Tuesday. They came in a nice little tin box with flowers on it. I miss you so much. I actually feel my heart thunk real hard in my chest sometimes. I can't do it quite yet, but I'm going to assemble a photo album of the pictures of you. I sure wish I were in more those pictures :) I love you Hootenanny. Good night.

9/10/06: Hello my Gwendolita...I tried to log on for the Candlelighting Ceremony, but I was unable to for some reason. I have scanned a bunch of photos of you. I have some good pictures to send to everyone. You are so beautiful. Some are so penetrating, I think I can reach out and touch you again. Madison is enjoying walks a bit more now. We think of you everytime. You loved your walks. Madison and I miss you bunches....Love, your mom.

9/13/06 - Hello my dearest Gwendolyn. I had an interesting dream the other morning. You were there, receiving pets from many unknown hands. The feeling that came over me, from the people petting you, was that they so needed you, to pet and to show them the way home. You looked over to me for a glance, and I felt that you were letting me know, that they needed you so much; that you loved me deeply, but that they were in dire need of you. You were happy and smiling, just as I often remember you. I miss you Gwendolyn. Tears stream down my face as I try to type this. I love you and miss you and so does Madison. She is being bad and tearing up my rugs. Tell her to stop OK? Until next time, xoxox Mom. p.s. Look how many wonderful people have signed your guestbook. It truly is a testament to how friendly and socialable you are....everyone loves you Gwendolita.

9/28/06 - Hello my Gwendolyn! Madison and I miss you everyday. I look for you in my dreams. Grandma has a new girl, her name is Molly. Mom says she looks a lot like you, and thinks she will be smart, like you too. You were the smartest one...and my Number 1. Madison and I went camping a couple weekends ago. It was the first trip without you. Uncle Jeff and Hershey went too. We all missed you sweetheart. Much love and hugs my little one...until we are reunited...xoxo.

10/24/06: Hi my Hootenanny! It's been nearly 2 months since you left us and crossed Rainbows Bridge. It's hard to believe...I miss you every day. Madison is doing much better. I changed her food and she is not bloated and itchy any more. We will be going on our Thanksgiving camping trip to PA. We will miss you this year. Mom and Rog will be coming. They will be bringing me a little friend; a standard schnauzer puppy. I hope that she will be a good companion for Madison and me. Sweet dreams Gwendolita, I love you.

11/14/06 - Hello my sweet. Madison and I are doing well. We are going to meet Mom and Rog in Hershey this year on our annual camping trip. Mom is bringing a new buddy with her. He is a handsome standard schnauzer. It sure does feel right. Mom had a daydream about a male schnauzer named Sgt. Pepper and Unlce Jeff had a dream about a Pepper also. I looked for rescues but was unable to find one. This just seemed to work out. Madison and I think of you and miss you everyday. You are my special one and only. Love, your mom.
2/17/07: Hello my sweet Gwendolyn, it's been a few months since I've visited your residency. You know I visit you often in my heart and dreams. Christmas was not the same without you. You loved to open your presents and you let me help you with it. Even if you and Madison got a similar gift, you always knew which one was yours once you opened it...such a smart girl. The new member of the family is here; his name is Cayenne. Grandma Jan came up with the name. Madison isn't too sure about him, he is bigger than her now and he kicks like a mule. Madison would love to have you visit in her dreams...she misses you so much.
I miss you, everyday. You will always be my number one. I love you, mom.
8/22/07: Hello Angel-Face. I can hardly believe it's been almost a year since you crossed Rainbows bridge. I miss you and think of you everyday. It never ceases to amaze me how much you touched my heart. Until we meet again, lots of love, your mom.
9/2/09: hello Angel-Face. I miss you and cherish my dreams where we meet again. Madison is doing well. Cayenne is turning into a sweet schnauzer. I love you.
5/15/2010: Hello Gwendolita. I think of you often my sweet. I cherished our time together. I look forward to the time we can be reunited again. Madison is still doing well. She is nearly deaf and can't always see treats that are dropped near her, but her nose is still working well! I still have the statue I bought when you passed. I often reflect on our time together when I gaze at St. Francis. Much love my precious. Love, Mom.
10/11/2010: Hello dear Gwennie G, Our kitty friend, Gazoo, had to cross Rainbow bridge this past Saturday. Dave is very sad and lonely. Please look out for Gazoo - take care of him. I love and you miss you!

8/27/2015: Dear Hootenanny, although the years pass, my love, affection and appreciation for you do not. I miss you very much. And I miss Madison too. Cayenne and I adopted a rescue named Freddie. He needed a forever home and I'm glad that our home was suitable for him and us. I miss you and can still feel your heart connection. I know you are out there keeping other people happy and understanding what love means. All my best Angel-face. xoxox.
8/29/2016: Still missing you sweetie. I hope you and Madi-poo are playing in heaven. Until we all meet again XOXO...
8/26/2019: You are still in my thoughts so often...Madison too. Cayenne is getting on in years; he'll be 12 next month. I have a rescue mini Schnauzer named Freddie Mercury. He's a good boy, simple but loving. Kismet went over the Rainbow Bridge in May 2019. He was a very good kitty. Next is the hardest news, but I'm sure you know it. Uncle Jeff passed away June 20, 2019 and then my mom on June 26, 2019. I've been so devastated. Still, thoughts of you come to me and I love and miss you. Please visit my mom and Unlce Jeff, Madison, Kisment and Kahuna, Hershey, Hazel, Mitzie and China Doll. We will have a big pack when we all get together again. I miss you all so terribly. I love you more than you will know. xoxo....Mom, your BFF Heide and Daughter.

8/18/2020: Dear GwennieG, Madison and other loves, on the 12th of August, I hope you all met Cayenne, as he crossed over Rainbow bridge on that morning. I miss him so much. I miss all of you! It's been a tough year with all the loses. Little Miss Molly crossed over too. Roger misses her. I hope Mom was there to greet Miss Molly.
Cayenne was the most faithful companion. I miss his wet beard and panting on me. He was so dedicated to me. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful soul in my life. Until we see each other again my heart aches for us to be together. Freddie is really missing Ky too. I feel confident that Uncle Jeff was there to receive Ky-pie-puddin-in-pie. Much love, Heide, Freddie and Sophie.

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