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Memories of Gwen
I'll always remember the version of the song "follow me" I sang to you. But. Had I let you lead the night walks instead of day you'd still be here. I'll always remember how after dinner it was time to "rest and digest". We'd argue over who did what. Usually I did the resting while you did the digesting. I'll always remember how you brought the kisses and I brought the hugs before nite nite beauty sleep time. However. Your hugs were always so much better than mine. I miss them terribly. I'll always remember our nightly routine. All i had to say was "mamas room" and off you'd go to be nested into your blankie for a good nights sleep. I'll always remember our nightly intention to "sleep the old away". I wanted so badly extend the time that we had with each other here on earth Miss Gwen. I hate that our time was cut short. I'll always remember our walks to the farmers market every other day and how I'd get you oatmeal cookie bites, whipping cream or a honey stick. Sometimes all three. To be honest I think i'll continue to buy them for quite sometime in your memory. I'll always remember giving you frito toe bean kissies. I'd even go so far as to dip them in imaginary cinnamon sugar and pretend to eat them up. You were always so tolerant of my antics. Speaking of tolerant. I'll always remember how you let me "scoop you" up into my arms and then "flop" you back on your side when I noted the first sign of avoidance. I'll always remember "tending to your belly" for pats, scratches and rubs. I don't know which one was your preference. Probably all three. I'll always remember that you loved the sun just as much as i did. In the mornings, you would always find the teeniest tiniest sliver of it on the ground and claim it as your own. Your black coat would soak it all up and leave me no crumbs. I'll always remember the interactions you had with Judy the june bug through my closed balcony door. Judy would almost taunt you knowing dang well that i wouldn't allow you to eat her. I'll always remember how you would assist me in putting laundry away. You would hop up on my bed then plop yourself down on the freshly warm blankies. I'll always remember your chosen spot on the couch. Opposite end as me. Perched up on top of all the pillows as though you were a cat not a dog. I'll always remember your love for tracking. You had this almost supernatural ability to pick up scent trails of animals and humans (Tim. Park) alike. You had alerted me to a cat that had just been attacked by a dog and a bunny with a visible leg injury. It was as though you expected me to try and help them. Which I did, but, I don't know if they survived. Perhaps you're romping around with them right now. I'll always remember how joyful you were to roll in the cooling grass. Dang, it must've felt so good on a hot summers day. I'll always remember the paintings you made by licking peanut butter off of Saran Wrap. Which reminds me, I need to get them protected and hung up on my wall. I'll always remember you barking at the "hall people" outside my door. I miss that terribly. It's eerily quiet here without you Miss Gwen. I'll always remember racing you down the stairwell. You would always beat me. Even if you were kind enough to give me a head start. I'll always remember how you'd get the scraps off my sandwiches. Tonight I hesitatingly threw them away. I'll always remember comforting you during "booming" thunderstorms. A weighted blankie and pats of reassurance seemed to help calm you down. I'll always remember smothering your body with with zerberts and raspberries. Your tummy and little paws were targeted most often. Although, no area was off limits. I'll always remember your spot on the floor in the middle of the room underneath the ceiling fan. I caught myself looking for you there the other day only to find an empty space.
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