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Memories of Gurken
He would sit in the window and watch me drive away. He loved to chase a straw tied to a shoe lace, catch it and prance around the house with head and tail held high. Many times he'd be at the door waiting for me when I got home. He had hissed less than 5 times until he met Guinevere and then we lost count.

We have a new kitten that you sent to me. He's a part Maine Coon like you. He reminds me so much of you in many many ways. Remember the toy that you chewed most of the feathers off of, well Lancey begs to play with it all of the time. I think that Joe really misses you too. You would have been able to get your drivers license on Nov. 18th. I have a pix of you, Lancey and me taken on that day. I tell you "good bye" and "good nite" everyday. You are sorely missed my dear sweet Gurken.

We adopted another little grey male Maine Coon kitten 3 weeks ago, his name is Gandalf. You'd love him to death. We also have his sister, Viviane, until she is big enough to go live with Brad. It'll be a year, a week from tomorrow that we put you to sleep. I still miss you sooooo much. It's like I'll wake up some day and find you here. Lancey is laying on the table next to me right now. Lancey still begs to play with your feather toy everyday. I remember running around the dining room table with you trying to catch the straw attached to a shoelace. I tell you good bye everytime I leave. I miss you and I always will. You have a special place in my heart. I took a pix of Lancey next to the file cabinet last nite. That reminded me so much of where you would sleep so often.

Thank heavens for lunch with Anna Marie and then shopping for a coat to wear over my sling. I have a sorta pix with Lancey, Gandy, your pix and me that was taken yesterday. i miss you so much. It doesn't seem like it's been a year.

All Souls Day
It would've been your 17th birthday in a couple of weeks. You weren't suppose to die that soon. I thought that you'd be with me for much longer. I really do miss you and say "good Nite" to you every nite. Joe looked for you to come back for a long time. He seems so lonely and misses you lots. He doesn't really get along with Lancey or Gandy. You are and always will be my sweet sweet boy. Lancey and Gandy both love your feathers on a stick. Daddy put new ones on. Love you lots!!!

Happy Happy 17th birthday, my darling precious adorable baby boy. Oh how I do miss you. I didn't think that you were ever old and didn't realize that you could go so quickly. Last year was one of the worst years of my life. I wish that you were here to share my days with all of us. You'd love Lancey and Gandy. Gandy is a little holy terror. They are both Maine Coon's like you. You were my beautiful good baby. Your feathers are still in use. Happy Birthday again.

It's almost been 2 years since I said "Good-Bye" to you forever. I still say good-bye to you along with Joe, Lancey, and Gandy when I go anywhere and good-nite before bead. Every so often someone will see your picture in my wallet and tell me what a beautiful kitty you were. We were such a sweetheart, so loving and kind. You cared for the other cats that we had and you took such good care of Merlin & Joe when they were babies. I'm so happy that I was able to spend 15 years and 4 months with you. I will always love you, my precious, precious boy!

Gurken, I just read your prayer. I know that you are safe, but that doesn't help how much I still miss you. Joe sits by the back door and looks up at the window, I wonder if he's waiting for you to come back. He's done that ever since we took you out of the house for the last time. you will always be my precious Gurken baby kitty!

Gurken, I can't believe that it's been 2 years since I last held you. You looked so confused when I put you on our bed (cuz you couldn't see.) I didn't want to let you go, but I knew that it was best for you. I have a darling little Maine Coon, whom I'm sure you'd love. I still good bye and good nite to you every nite. You are always in my thoughts. I can't wait to see you again someday. Mommie became a member of St. Peter Lutheran church last November. Love you babe.

11-19-2012 Happy Belated 18th Birthday. I wished you a Happy Birthday yesterday just before I went to church, but didn't have a chance to write to you. I miss you everyday. It doesn't seem like it's been more than 2 years since I saw you precious face and those 4 white feet. You were such a good good kitty even tho you wouldn't sit on my lap. My two Maine Coons bring me great joy, but not as much as you. I love you, Gurken. My precious precious baby boy.

3-21-2013 It'll be 3 years tomorrow that you left us. I can't believe that you've been gone that long. It doesn't semm like it. I still say "good nite & good bye" to you everyday. I think that Joe just looks for you to come home some days. I will always miss you, my dear sweet Gurken baby kitty.

10-14-2013 It seems like only yesterday that I held you for the last time and gave you the last kiss. I realized that I had a picture of you and Joe on the perch taken on your last day at home. You looked so scared being on the perch and not being able to see. I have to put that picture in your book. Gandy will play kinda like you did. You loved that feather on a stick. You really hated to sit in my lap, but would sit next to me often. You were may sweet sweet boy. I wonder who your litter mates were and if any of them are still alive? Bye for now, my precious kitty!!!!

10-15-13 I miss you so much. My life has been really hard lately. Please look down on me and give me your blessing!

11-18-2013 Happy Happy 19th birthday, Gurken. You would have been 19 years old today. I never realized that you were having problems in late 2009 and I'm so sorry. I didn't think that 15 was very old. You were my sweet sweet boy and you brought me lots of joy and love. You would play with the feather on a stick and never tire of it. I can't believe that you've been gone for over 3 years. You'll always be my Gurken baby kitty! Love you and miss you lots!

3-22-2014 It's been 4 years since I saw your sweet sweet little face and was able to hold you for the last time. Lots has happened in the past 4 years. Your mommie is now sick with MDS and not responding to the treatment as is hoped. I think that Joe still misses you a great deal, as he sits at the back door and looks up as if he were waiting for you to come home. I miss you always and will never forget you. It takes Lancey and Gandy to do all of the things that you did. Gandy does sit on my lap and so does Lancey once in awhile. Bye for now, my sweet sweet sweet Gurken!

3-22-2015 I can't believe that I haven't written anything since last year. It's 5 years today and it seems like only yesterday. Mommy has been dealing with the MDS and not always feeling well. I missed your birthday last year too. I had been in the hospital just before my birthday and Brad and Mayme had a party for me. It was sooooo much fun, with so many friends. This MDS makes me tried and causes me to catch illnesses I might not otherwise catch. I love you and miss you still. It was so hard to say "good-bye" to you forever. I may be with you sooner than I had thought. I'll have your ashes in my casket. You'll be with me always! I love you baby Gurk.

3-30-2015 I'm so glad that I remembered the 22nd, cuz I was really really sick. I finally feel halfway decent. I even forgot to tell you "goodnight" one night. Gandy will get in my lap. No one follows me around like you did tho. I miss that sweet smile and lazy way about you. You were my doll and always will be. I miss you Gurken. My Gurken baby kitty.

1-28-2016 Mommie has a back problem. I wish you were here to keep her company. So many things have happened since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you and love you very much. THe 3 kitties are greaat, but no one tops you. My Gurken baby kitty.

3-22-2016 Mommie just got home from the hospital with yet another stress fracture in the same place as the other one. Mommie misses you more than ever. You were my sweet sweet boy. You will be in my thoughts always. I wanted to make sure that I came to your Bridge today. I know that you are playing with all the other kitties. I'll meet you again when I cross over. Remember that I will always love you.

11-18-2016 Happy Birthday, Gurken. You would have been 22 years old today. I miss you everyday. You were my love and such a good kitty. I'm so sorry that I didn't catch the fact that you had renal failure. RIP my precious little buddy! Mommie loves you very much.

I've been thinking about you alot lately. Thank you for helping me locate Lancelot. You were my good kitty. I just finished a book "THe Rainbow Bridge." She'll have alot of kitties waiting for her! It'll be fun seeing you again. You are my Gurken Baby Kitty! Love you lots!!!!

It's been 7 long years and I'm still missing you. You were the joy of my life and such a beautiful boy. Always so loving and kind. I'm so sorry that I didn't realize that you were following me around because you were having trouble seeing. I know that you are in a better place, but I still miss you. RIP my baby Gurken!

GUrken, I think about you often and miss y0u always. It's really hot today and mommie has to play a concert at BiCentennial Park tonight. Lancey is a Maine Coon with his fur about the same length as yours. I hope that you are enjoying romping and playing with the other kitties. Do you ever see Boots? Be my sweet boy always.

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