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Memories of Gunner
7/8 Old friend it has been two weeks now. The pain of your loss is still there. I roll over in the bed still expecting to find you and hear you snore. Will has one major requirement. When they take me to Arlington his mission is to either put you urn in the casket with me or spread your ashes over my grave. And maybe a big shot of Woodford!
7/12 Still hurting but had some great laughs with Shelly and Vickie at the kennel this morning. I know I cannot bring you back but the memories will live forever. Knowing you will be with me at Arlington is helping. We can go quail hunting again and you will no doubt get pissed when I miss.
7/15 It has been three weeks now and the pain is still there. I pray that you are playing in the meadows and have met many new friends. Still struggling. See you in my dreams. Miss you terribly Gunner.
7/21 G Man. It is now a month. Life without you is still difficult. Miss you so much. I pray you are enjoying you new world. Cannot wait to join you.
7/22 Gunner I believe God is lifting some sorrow from my heart. Thank you for praying for me. Luv you much.
7/27 Another day without you. Love you my friend!
8/4 Finally made back to church today. I pray for peace of mind for us both and happiness for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are doing great playing with all you new friends. I have asked God to give me peace with losing you. Bless you my friend.
8/18 Hope this message finds you well and you are not playing too much. Get you rest. Had a beautiful picture of you blown up and it is over the mantel. Really miss you my friend.
8/20 Had a big pork chop and cut the bone out for you. I just knew you were in my bed watching ESPN when I whistled for. I then realized you would not be coming down. You would have loved it. Damned bud I miss you!
8/25 Nine weeks now. Hope you are settling in. Thought about you on my way back from Bristol, TN. Then I realized you would not be at the kennel for me to pick up. Another lonely night. Love and miss you Gunner.
9/2 Ten weeks now. Really missing you today. May get your big picture and go for a ride.
9/17 Three months now. Still miss you terribly. I am thinking about getting another puppy but In need you to show me a sign that you are ok with this.
9/18 Just read something that made me think of the life you shared with me: Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal
10/7 Gunner Boy! I have had Jack for a week now. Has not and will not fill the void left by you. Just wanted to let you know you are still terribly missed. Enjoy this great fall weather. Talk with you soon.
11/7 Still adjusting to life without you. Spent 5 days in the hospital in OCT. Thought about you the whole time. General Jack is now 17 weeks. He has some of your mannerisms. Miss you terrible. Love you always Gunner.
11/25 It is almost thanks giving. Will miss you guarding the stove with the bird cooking. Jack is growing fast. I miss you so much. Every day Jack does something to remind me of you.
11/28 Well Gunner it is thanks giving day and the first one in 13 years you are not here to watch the turkey bake. Not having turkey this year in your honor. Jack does not know what he is missing. Getting ready to watch the Packers and eat your favorite cheese curds. I love you with all my heart. Take care my friend.
12/17 Old friend I pray you are doing well. It has been three weeks since I have talked with you. This is going to be my first Christmas without you since 2001. It hurts and I really miss you. Take care old friend.
01/16/14 Dad here. Made it thru Christmas. Sorely miss you. Young Jack is growing fast but he will never replace you. I trust you winter is going well and you are staying warm. We will be together again some day.
03/07/14 Looks like spring is close. Going to miss riding around with you hanging your head out the window. Shelly really misses you and does everyone at the kennel. Take care old friend.
05/23/14 Spring is leaving us. You really would not like all the thunder and rain we have been getting. Jack is growing fast. Had to kick him out of the bed and to his crate. He chews everything. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. Miss you terribly. Love you always Gunner.
06/23/14 Well old friend it has been a year since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. I trust life is good and you are resting well. Still miss the hell out of you. It is nice to have Jack around but he does not even come close to filling the void left in my heart by the loss of you. Your friend Shelly is doing well and does and excellent job of caring for Jack. Thinking of you always!
09/06/14 Looks like fall is upon us. Miss watching football with you. Jack is fun but he will never be you. Jack got snippy with the Vet yesterday. Reminded me of you. You are sorely missed Gunner. I have been really depressed and lonely lately. Thinking about coming to you at the Rainbow Bridge. Just thinking. Love you Gunner.
12/15/14 Hello old Friend. Been a few month but I still think of you daily. Another Christmas without you. Merry Christmas Gunner!
12/21/15 It has been a while old friend. I look at your picture every day and still miss you dearly. Merry Christmas Gunner.
It has been three years now and the loss of you still hurts. Miss you more than ever.
10/28/16 Really thinking of you a lot lately. Wish you were here to play with Jack. Love you!
4/11/17 Really thinking of you today. Wish you were here to chase squirrels with Jack.
6/13/17 We are fast approaching four years since you left me. Not a day goes by that I do not think about you. We will meet again. Love!

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