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Memories of Gundagard (Gundie)
12/31/2016. Dearest Gunda, after all this time, I still miss you so much, I still cry for you, You are my love and my life. Heike has grown into your Protégé, and she is my Heart and Soul. And look at me now! Diva is asleep here on the bed, a little black Dane that was from my making. Did you send her? My heart hurts for you so badly, and she so reminds me of you. She KNOWS things. she looks at me, baby, please send me a sign tonight. I`m alone this year, me the dogs, and the puppies. Did you make it that way? Did you send me Diva? I know you will let me know, I know you will come and sleep beside me tonight, like you do every year on your birthday. Baby girl, my Foo, Daddy loves you more than life. One day, we will see each other again. Love you my Foo, Happy Gunda`s day my dear sweet girl. XoXo, Daddy. 12/31/2013 Dearest Gunda, I know it`s been a long time, I`m sorry I haven`t visited you sooner. So many changes, and the pack has changed as well, Boomer is now with you all too, We lost him in 2011, Bone cancer, ripped my heart out, I know you are all giving him a hard time, be nice and don`t let Klaus bite his ears. Gunda, Heike has grown into your protage, she is my life. Thank you again for her, because without her, I wouldn`t have been able to go on. Baby girl, I miss you every single day, my love for you never goes away, please sleep beside me tonight, come and visit me. I love you baby girl, happy birthday. Love always, Daddy.
12/31/2010 Dearest Gunda, here we are again on your birthday. Hildi is here besides me, a totally different dog than you, but one of my loves. Klaus is now with you also, I lost him this year, as well you know. Thank you Gund, for sending me my little Heike, She is so much a part of you and the rest of the pack, I know she came from our love, I know you and Otis, Hanna, and Klaus approve, I know Klaus wouldn`t have left otherwise. But still, I miss you. I always miss you, I`ll never stop missing you. Gund, youd be 15 this year. I almost forgot, Hildi had her litter of pups! Bruni is stunning! With perfect ears. She may just be the Dane to live up to your legacy! Carlos sends his love, We all miss you my Foo-But I miss you most of all. Forever I`m in love with you Foo, forever. Love you, love Daddy
!12/31/2009-My Dearest Gund, It`s you`re birthday again, and i`m missing you so much, but I`m smiling-We had a gathering as we always do my Foo, and you must`ve sent the good vibes to Hildi, She`s been so good, with the other dogs here today, with being calm! Don`t think I still don`t think of you my Foo-I do every single day. Please keep sending the good vibes this way for Hildi to mature-She`s a little timid, but she`s doing okay. I love you my Foo-Happy birthday Sweet Girl. love you-Daddy
08/21/2009-What can I say my Foo-I still can`t beleive your gone. It`s our one year anniversary from when you left me. Not a day doesn`t change my remorse for losing you. I sit here in tears, it never stops My Girl, I`m looking at our pictures and remembering-Loving you. Hildi is finally coming into her own, She`s turning into a great protege for you, but, she`ll never BE you-Why did you have to go? WHY??? I know baby-you were tired, and it was your time to rest. So many changes these last few years, so many my Foo-But I still dream of you and I know you still sleep by my side. I love you my best girl, DADDY MISSES YOU SO FRIGGIN` MUCH. I have to go now baby, I`m shaking again. Love you my girl, Love you and miss you with all that I am. Love, forever and always, Daddy
12/31/2008-Happy Birthday my Foo-you would`ve been 13 today, I can`t tell you how much I am missing you-I woke up so sad, I looked at your picture beside my bed-and got the shakes-I miss you my Foo-You should be here with me-PT. blank. Hildi is getting so big-And I fear her ears may not stand, LOL, are you playing a trick on me Gund? You know you`ll always be my most beautiful, no matter who comes along in my life-So send out some good vibes for her ears to stand up-I`d really appreciate that-Well, when everyone comes tonight-we`re all going to say a few words and have a shot for you-I love you so much my baby girl, and I miss you even more-Happy Birthday my Love, send me a sign tonight that you`re okay and with Hanna and Otis,-I love you Gund-Miss you-Daddy
12/13/2008-Dearest Gunda-it`s taken me quite some time to come and visit you again, I miss you still EVERY DAMN DAY-I wonder how Mom and Hanna and Otis are-I miss all of you so much-tell Hanna and Otis I didn`t forget their B days-I`ve been so sad-I couldn`t visit them and say hello-Tell Mommy that too-I miss you all with everything that I am-Hildi was a god send-Thank you for sending her to me Gund, She`s very naughty, and she`s growing up so pretty Gund, but her ears are still flopping-It drives me to distraction. But, she`s also trouble-she pesters Klaus-who I fear is now starting to feel is age-Boomer is getting all tired out though from her-she terrorizes him-I bet you are happy about that-Anyway-Me and Pappi are missing you-It`s so close to Christmas-and I wish you and your sister and brother were here with me-I bought my first X mas ornaments the other day-little holly picture frames-and I put a pic of you and Hanna in one-Me and Otis in another, Hildi, Boomer, and Klaus in another, and of course, You and me my beautiful Foo-I`m finally happy Gund-as far as the holidays go-You know?-Except empty without you here to share it with me-Well-I`m goimg to go for now Baby Girl-I`m shaking again, Crying my heart out for you-I miss you baby girl-I promiss-i`ll write you on your B day-It`ll never be New Year`s for me ever again-I will always remember it as Gunda`s Day-Love you my Gundie Foo-Love, Daddy
08/21/2008-What can I say about you my girl,my best girl I`m so lost-So very very lost-I knew the last few days-you were ready-and I had to face facts-Some say, twelve is old for a great dane, That you forfilled your destiny-Still-I wanted you with me always-and in a sense-you always will be-But I`m so empty right now-so lost without you-I hate this world-I hate that nothing more could`ve been done for you-I hate not having you here by my side-as you should be-I hate looking around the house-seeing your bed empty-I hate coming into this home-because without you-It`s a place-not a home anymore-Losing Hanna and Otis over the last year and a 1/2 was horrible-but me without you my Gundie Foo-I don`t know what to think-We talked a few nights ago-well-I talked you listened-as you always do-We talked of you as a pup, you accompanying me every Fri night at the Pub-how every one loved you and gave you cheese and fries-How proud you made me!-Remember when the man with the autistic daughter asked to buy you from me?-He said he needed a well trained dog for his little girl-He offered me such a ludichrist amount of money-and you just looked at me-and I smiled at you and told him you were My little girl and there`s just not enough money in the world to take you from me-You just put your head on my lap and i laughed-I wish I could laugh again, but-I know it will be such a long long time-BECAUSE i`LL BE MISSING YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL THE END-Untill we meet again-Do you remember how you saved me from that dog attack in NYC?-You`re my Hero-and if not for you-well-I could`ve been really hurt-but not with you by my side-you protected me-as you always did-We were a team-we always will be in my mind and heart-Oh Gunda-one more day with you-I wish I had-but it was your time to rest-and I held you close-what a beautiful day it was today-we sat outside the vets office-in the sun with a breeze-remembering-I sat on the ground with you on your green Blanket-and you were Okay-Me and my girl-two soul mates-not a word said-enjoying each others company for the last time-The doctor saw you and said it was time-I never fought so hard with my head and my heart-but for you Gunda Girl-I let go-for the time being-until we`re together again-I guess you really did know i`d be okay-and you must`ve sent Hildigard to watch over me-She really seems like she`ll be a handful-she`s beautiful Gund-but never as beautiful as you-no one is or ever will be-Gundie-I`m now going to say goodbye-for the moment-i`m wracked with tears-and I`m shaking so bad-my heart hurts-but I know I can say I did right by my best friend-by my soul mate-I love you my Gundagard-I love you and will visit you and let you know how klaus and Boomer and Hildi is doing-I will never ever forget you my love-Daddy`s Princess-love you Girl-Love Daddy
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