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Memories of Grimsey
On November 15, 2014 we drove to Anaheim to rescue Grimsey who was previously named Roscoe. We named him after an island in Iceland that we loved. When we first got Grimsey he was a bit rambunctious, didn't quite know his boundaries when it came to his toys but was a goofball from the beginning. Grimsey was the kind of dog you could walk down the street and people would stop and ask you about because he was so unique looking and as handsome as can be. He also looked a bit intimidating so sometimes people would cross the street and go to the other side. I often loved that because he always made us feel safe. He definitely had his quirks! Grimsey hated skateboards, the viscous vacuum, the trash truck, motorcycles were his arch nemesis, lawnmowers and unfortunately never met a mail man he liked. Although these idiosyncrasies could be frustrating at times those are some of the things we will miss most. One of his very first toys we got him was a basic rope. There is not much he loved more than that rope. If it was around he would grab it and bring it over to you to play and it didn't matter whether you wanted to or not he would drop it in your lap and make his signature grumble until you played tug-of-war with him. Once again this at times could be a little annoying but now we miss it. Grimsey was the best at making you feel safe. There was not a solicitor he couldn't scare off with his deep bark. Although he had a scary bark and an intimidating look we called him our big baby because that's exactly what he was. He was always so gentle with his little brother Yoda and new sister Gidget. Grimsey was the most goofy boy you would ever meet. There would be times he would be on the couch and just roll off. Or the time we couldn't find him in the house and he was outside in the rain sitting on a patio chair staring at the stars. He was always a good sport during Halloween wearing any costume we got him from a big pink pig🐷, Batman, skeleton, turkey and my personal favorite a cheesy tourist. He loved food and there is not much he wouldn't do for a tasty treat. He had the biggest head with a tongue that liked to hang out and big bun (also known as a cropped tail) that would shake fast when he was excited about something or his daddy was around. Our boy was unfortunately diagnosed with osteosarcoma and rapidly declined quickly. Although he was sick he was a fighter and fought until the end. He will be forever missed and left an indelible stamp on our hearts. We love you big Grizzy and know you're causing a ruckus in doggie heaven.

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