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Memories of Gretel
My sweet baby girl...I miss you so very much. I am so very grateful that you lived a long and happy life...that you were such a healthy and strong little girl.

After Dixie died, I wanted another crested little girl...one from that specific PetSmart where I found Dixie, and Nutmeg before her...my two crested little girls...I wanted another one, and waited for months. I had liked the name Maizy for my next guinea pig...I had that name stuck in my head for all those months. My next little girl was going to be a crested named Maizy...and then you came into my life, and those notions went out the window...and I'm so very blessed that they did!

When I drove to PetSmart straight from work on September 6, 2016, it was hot and it was rush hour...and there are two PetSmarts that are closer, but I didn't care...I was on a mission...a mission to find Maizy, my next crested little girl, like Dixie and Nutmeg who came before. I had inquired ahead of time and found out that they had eight new arrivals. I thought my chances of finding what I was looking for were better than average...and I was right...way better than average...once I realized that I really hadn't been aware of what I was in search of...what was meant to be...that what I'd find was so much more than I could've hoped for or asked for.

I hurried into the store, and one of the employees removed the igloo hideaways so I could see everyone. At first, all I did was look at the top of everyone's heads to see if there were any crested in the group. Not a one! I was so disappointed. I had waited for months, drove all that way, and I still didn't find my Maizy...that crested little girl I had my mind set on. The nice employee chatted with me for a few minutes. I told her how I had lost Dixie in May, and was looking for another crested. I showed her Dixie's picture on my cell phone...and as fate would have it, that's when I looked at the group of guinea pigs, and noticed you...noticed that your face was almost exactly like Dixie's...same color and pattern. I mentioned it, and was asked if I wanted to hold you. I declined...because if I held you, you were coming home with me...I wasn't going to put you back. I talked with that nice employee some more...and I started thinking...I thought of how I was going to kick myself if I drove all the way home without you. I said I'd hold you, and then just asked for the paperwork and a box to take you home in...because at that moment, you weren't going back...you had found your forever home.

I fastened the seatbelt around your transport box and headed home. We weren't on the road for 5 or 10 minutes, when I named you Gretel. I have no idea why your name popped into my head just then...it wasn't a name I gave much (if any) thought to before...but that didn't matter...you were Gretel, and that was that! Maybe it was because I followed a trail of breadcrumbs, in a sense, to find you. I waited and went for a crested named Maizy, and I found an adorable little American named Gretel. You didn't make a sound during that entire ride home. I remember not wanting you to overheat, because it was so hot outside that day, but not wanting you to get a draft from the air conditioning, and trying to balance it out. During that ride home, I asked you to promise me that you'd live to be at least 5 or 6 years old, because after what I had gone through with Dixie, I couldn't handle that again...not so soon. And you did it baby girl! You made it to almost 6 years old! You were strong and healthy...I couldn't ask for more. I have no regrets as far as that goes...I'm just missing you so much...you were such a big part of my life...my baby girl...my little beauty queen...my sweetie pie. Since I was blessed to spend over 5 years with you, I have so many memories that I will be adding here. Thank you for all of the joy you filled my heart with and brought to my life. It was an honor and a privilege. Go on to the Rainbow Bridge my beautiful Gretel.

Hi my beautiful girl. I have been missing you so much. My grief doesn't come from regrets...you lived a wonderful life. My grief is because I miss you so much. You were such a big part of my life, that I feel a bit empty now. I keep looking at your pictures & videos of you...they make me cry because I miss you, but they also make me smile. I have so many wonderful memories of our time together. I am so grateful for the time we shared & truly blessed.

I hope you like this memorial I created for you. It's filled with things I think you'd love & that remind me of you...a carrot, green beans, a soft pink pillow to rest on, & a teddy bear (because you loved your teddy bear treats so much). I included a potted jasmine, because the pink pot reminds me of your pink igloo...and it's beautiful, just like you. And I included the Forget-me-nots, because I couldn't ever forget you. You mean so much to me my baby girl.

We brought you home from Pet Heaven yesterday. I know you're having fun playing at the Rainbow Bridge with your friends Hazel, Iris & Luna...eating all of the hay, alfalfa cubes, fruits, veggies, O's & cookie bears you want. And you've met all of our other guinea pigs, including Dixie & Nutmeg. Dixie's connection to you is very special, even though you didn't share time on Earth...in a way, she led me to you.

I found out recently that your name means "pearl". I don't know why I never looked into that before, because if I had, you can be sure I would've called you "my little pearl". But I call you that now... you're my little pearl in heaven. It's perfect, because you'll always be a treasure...a true gem.

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