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Memories of Gretchen Anne Jones
In memory of my little girl Gretchen Anne. You gave me many years of such cherished memories. To my little mouser, carrot eater, cuddler and best friend, rest in peace my love until Papa joins you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, we will always be connected...

8/31/11: It's been over three months since your passing and I still miss you deeply. I feel your presence daily, and dream of our togetherness someday. You definitely are a beautiful soul and I love you very much. Remember that Papa will always be here for you little girl...

12/11/11: Well, your 14th birthday has come and gone (12/9), and I still miss you very much. Just between the two of us, you've put me a such a journey. I hope I make you proud... I love you with all my heart and we will always be connected. I love you Gretchie!

5/21/12: I sit here writing this on the anniversary of your passing with my heart still as heavy as ever, wishing I was holding you in my arms. You are more precious to me than you'll ever know, as you continue to unfold such a wonderful journey for me to follow. How can I ever repay my debt to you, as you are the most beautiful soul I've ever known. I have shared such precious memories with you, one's that I will always keep close to my heart. As you remind me time and again, "We will always be connected Papa..." I truly believe this and look forward to us being together someday. Until then, play in the meadow my love until Papa is able to join you on the Rainbow Bridge... All my love, Papa

12/9/12: Happy Birthday my love! You would have been 15 years-old today. Even though you're no longer in the physical world, you still bless me daily with your presence from the other plane. The journey you have put me on is such a blessing, and I will continue to grow (with your help) in the pursuit of helping animals. Until we meet in the other realm, keep playing in that meadow you so whole-heartily enjoy... I love you so much sweetie and my love for you will always fill my heart with such wonderful memories.

5/21/13: Well, it's been 2 years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and my heart still aches for the love we shared. However, like in life, you continue to teach me about love and compassion from another plane. Not many would understand (or believe) the path you've put me on, or the mechanism behind it. I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to transition down this path. We will always be connected (in some way), and I look forward to us being together again <wink>. I love you sweetie! All my love, Papa

7/1/13: I write this special note, as things are about to radically change very soon. With what has been presented to me through many venues, you are on your way back to me! You have honored your promise to Heinrich and now you are working to honor your promise to Mama and me. I am so, so blessed to have met you, and continue to be allowed to hold you in my life. If I can take one thing that you've taught me, it's that God exists and is magnificent beyond measure. You too, are an angelic gift from God... I've learned and experienced so much while in your presence. I will never be able to repay the true love and devotion that you have given me through the years. Currently, I wait so all alone as your transformation takes shape... I will be here my love, as you find your way back to me. My first words to you will be... "Welcome home Heidi... You are truly the love of my life." All my love, Papa

8/28/13: Welcome home Heidi... I will cherish you as I did Gretchen. God is pure love! Love, Papa

5/21/21: I will never forget you. Love, Papa

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