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Memories of Gretchen
My precious Gretchen.....it's been one month today that you left this earth and became a little angel. I have visited this site many times over the past weeks and read about all the other sweet little creatures who have also passed. My tears flowed, my heart was breaking and I couldn't stand the pain. Today, though, I feel compelled to add your name and memory here to insure your safe passage over the Rainbow Bridge so you can once again frolic, play and have your health restored.

You came into my life rather unexpectedly. I was buying cat food as I did every Friday afternoon. That store always had two or three rescue dogs who needed homes. Something told me to look over at the little pens, and there you were! I picked you up and there was an immediate connection. They encouraged me to take you home and assurred me if "things didn't work out" that I could bring you back at any time. Well, of course that didn't happen......I fell in love with you instantly. I like to think "we found each other".

Shortly after I adopted you, I gave you the nickname of Mouse....my Gretchen Mouse, 'cause you were so quiet. You didn't bark for weeks. That changed, though, when we encountered a very large dog while out walking. You really let him know who was boss!

You had some health problems over the years, but you always fought back and pulled through. However, I knew this last one was bad. We kept you going for over a year, and you were such a brave girl when mommie had to give you fluids under your skin. You did pretty well until the end, and eventhough my heart was breaking, I knew I had to finally let you go; you could not suffer any longer.

You were quite the little character over the years. How you loved your chicken; you could smell it a mile away! One time you even chased the chicken delivery man down the hall when I had you at work with me. Actually, we are going to eat chicken tonight in remembrance of you and in your honor.

When you were up on my bed I used to enjoy watching you do what I called your "housekeeping". You would make a little nest of the sheets, pillows and blankets with your paws. You would then circle around a few times and finally plop your little body down in the middle of it all.

I remember when you used to carry your own leash if I let it drop....very comical it was, with your little nose in the air and the leash in your mouth. Once, I went out the door with you, realized I had forgotten something, went back inside, thinking you had followed me back in. Upon leaving again, I couldn't find you anywhere. I was so scared.....until I looked out the door and there you were, sitting in front of the elevator, leash in mouth, as if to say "I can't wait for you; I'll just take myself for a walk."

You were a very good girl and so well-mannered.....always the lady! Everyone who knew you loved you. Your furry friends here, Mandy and Snickers, miss you too.

So many unforgetable memories....just not enough time with you. You were and ARE my heart, Gretchen. I hope and pray that your sweet spirit is at peace now and that you are crossing the bridge with some new furry friends, romping and playing in the light of the rainbow.

I love you, and your memory will be with me ALWAYS......my beautiful Lhasa Apso.


OCTOBER 20, 2010 - To my Gretchen: I've really been thinking a lot about you today, as it has been a week since I registered you here at Rainbow Bridge. I visit you every day here at the site but just feel like reminding you how much you are loved and missed. I still cry all time since you've been gone and sit here wondering if things will ever be right for me again without you. I must believe, though, that you have been made young and healthy once again, have crossed the bridge, and are now in the meadow playing with lots of new furbaby friends. I put your name in for the upcoming candle light ceremony. Please be my guardian angel sweet baby doggie.


OCTOBER 25, 2010 - My little Gretchen 'Mouse'......I attended my first candle light ceremony for you tonight. I hope you were looking down on me and could feel the love I have for you. Your loss has overwhelmed me. Loving you and taking care of you was my focus. Sustaining you, especially over the last 13 months with the fluids, special diets, etc. due to your kidney disease, was my purpose. Now, all is gone here for me. I have to believe I will be with you once again. AND.....a special thank-you must go out to Simone, who encouraged me to adopt you over thirteen years ago from the rescue area of her store. I took you back to see her maybe a year ago, but she was out of the store. I always planned to drop by there with you again but never did. That is one of the regrets I have.....that Simone, your foster mom, didn't see what a beauty you had become. I do, however, plan to show her some beautiful snapsnots I have of your birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, etc. ------ RIP SWEET GRETCHEN.


OCTOBER 31, 2010 - Happy Halloween, sweet girl. The memories of you, all the funny Halloween costumes you wore on this day in the past, have really gotten to me today. Last year I dressed you as a little pumpkin. Among some of your other costumes were a witch, a pirate and even a Harley Davidson rider. Today, I put a tiny pumpkin on top of the box containing your ashes and even a little plastic pumpkin wreath around it. Thank you for all the sweet memories, my baby doll. Mommie's heart is still bleeding for you....


NOVEMBER 4, 2010 - Gretchie, I just changed your season to winter. It will be getting cold soon. Looks like you will have snow on the ground at Rainbows Bridge. You've never seen snow, much less walked in it. Stay warm, my love, and let the other doggies show you how to play in the snow. I love you, my 'Mousegirlie'.


NOVEMBER 13, 2010 - It's been two months today that you left on your journey to Heaven, my little Gretchen. I still feel raw when I realize you are no longer here with me. I miss you so very much. It's evening right now so you were already gone from my arms by this time on that horrible day. I hope you are safe and in the arms of the angels. My heart literally still aches without you. I will love you forever, my puppy.


DECEMBER 25, 2010 - Merry Christmas to my little lovey dog. I have thought of you many times throughout this holiday season. This has been a very sad and bad day for me. I hope the angels brought you all the presents you wanted. You were always my bright star, little one. I love you.


FEBRUARY 14, 2011 - You are and always will be my very special valentine, little Gretchen. I carry you in my heart every day. Happy Valentine's Day, with LOTS OF LOVE to you, 'little lady'.....from mommie.

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