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July 31, 2018

We revised this page for Cece, who was greta's bff. She passed today and is no doubt running in the fields of heaven with little Greta. Daddy and I love you so much Cece. We will miss you every day and so happy we were able to send you off without pain. Go play baby. We will see you soon. - Mom and Dad

Daddy and I were out of town working when we got the call that you had passed. You got sick so quickly and we didn't know. The person watching you didn't do what they should have done. You could have been saved. Words cannot express the pain I have felt in the last week since you left us. I cry everyday. I miss you so much. When I first picked you up 4 years ago I just knew that you were a gift from God. I knew that he had allowed me to have you and we have since shared the most special bond. I always thought you would be with me forever. Now you are gone and I am so heart broken. I am so sorry I wasn't there with you when you got sick. I am so sorry that I couldn't comfort you. You must have felt so alone and abandoned. I am forever sorry my girl.

I will never stop thinking about you. I will keep seeing you chasing that ball in the backyard. You loved the little tennis balls. And I loved throwing them for you. I will always see you playing tug of war with the socks. We lost a lot of socks to you. I just couldn't tell you no. All of the other pups learned to sit. With you, I couldn't make you do anything. I just wanted to give everything without condition.

I miss you so much. I hope and pray everyday that you are with God. That his angels are playing with you and delighting in your sweetness the way I always did. What a special being you are. Please Greta, be there to greet me when I leave this earth. That is my one wish. I love you so much. And daddy loves you so much. We miss you terribly.



Hi my lovely Greta. It has been a week since you left this earth. I couldn't sleep tonight. I knew that it was on this night a week ago that you passed. I came downstairs and lit a candle for you. I miss you so much. I keep telling you over and over that I am so sorry that I wasn't here for you when you got sick. I hope, I pray, that you know that. I pray you know how much I love you. What a gift you have been to me and how much joy you brought me. When you left to go to the angels, you took a piece of me with you, and I think things will never quite be the same here. There was a joy, a comfort, that only you could give. I love you so much sweet Greta and I miss you terribly. I hope right now you have sunshine on your sweet face and all the little tennis balls you can handle. Goodnight my baby. - Mommy


Hi sweet Greta. I can't believe it has been two weeks since you went to heaven. It feels like so long.... I look at your pictures everyday and I miss seeing your sweet face. I have been praying nightly that I will see you again. I want so much to see you. You were, are, my most special companion. And I don't think there will ever be one like you again. I hope you are having fun, playing ball, and getting lots of love. I know you are very much a part of me and I am sending my love to you every single day. I love you baby girl. - Mommy


3 weeks since you passed. Feels like forever. I miss you everyday. I hope that where you are is peaceful, joyful, and full of everything you love. Bonnie, cece and Bailey miss you. I can tell that they know you are gone and they are all sadder these days. They love you too...so much. I pray daily that I will see you again. I love you sweet girl. -mommy


Happy Birthday my lovely Greta. What a special day...when you were born. I miss you so, so much.



It's already been 5 weeks since you left. Some days are okay, but then there are times when I just cry. I light a candle for you every night. I still have your picture on my phone so I see you're cute face everyday and I still have you little tag on a chain around my neck, by my heart. I missed you so much the other night. I couldn't stop crying. I was laying in bed with Cece and Bailey. I called their names and they just laid there. They wouldn't come. When I called your name you always came and laid by me. You never hesitated. No matter how asleep you were you got up the first time you heard your name and came. What a sweet little girl you were. Thank you for always laying with me. It was one of my favorite things. I love you and miss you terribly.


Hi Greta. Tonight has been a very hard night. You not being here hit me like a ton of bricks.....again. I can't believe it has been almost 2 months. It feels like you have been gone forever. There is not a single day that passes that I don't think about you. I suspect there never will be. In my whole life I have never been close to anyone....or anything. I don't have family. And you know how David and I fight. Faith is a teenager and just doesn't need me much anymore. You were always my little buddy, the one creature in my whole life that just loved me without demands or conditions. Every time I felt sad I would just go upstairs with you and play catch or something. You always made me feel better. And I always knew how much you loved me. I think I have been pretty depressed since you passed. Nothing has really been right. I just miss you so incredibly much. I hope wherever you are you can sense my love....that you know I cry for you. That you were so very special to me. I love you Greta.



Couldn't sleep tonight. I thought of you and just started crying. Divorce, loss......so much loss......but losing you was the hardest. I miss you so much. I pray I see you when I die. I just want to say I am sorry I wasn't there more for you. I just want to throw the ball for you again....

Maybe God took you away because I didn't appreciate you more. I'm so sorry. You taught me what it felt like to really love. I do love you my little Greta. So much. I just hope you know that now. I miss you everyday. Every. Single. Day. I hope...so badly....that you are in heaven, playing, and waiting for me. I miss you baby girl. Thank you for always being there for me.



Hi My little Greta. This one is just as hard to write as the first one. I can't believe it has been a year today. I still think about you all the time. I still miss you all the time. I wonder, often, if I will see you when I die. If you will be there. I pray I do. I hope I do. I couldn't imagine not. David says I will. I hope he is right. We still have everyone else......cece, bonnie, bailey, chum. Never the same though. No one even comes close to you. You were so special.

I still wonder why God took you. Still can't make much sense of it and yes...I still think it was my fault. I wasn't paying attention. Too caught up in ...me....my stuff. Maybe that was God just saying....enough. I don't know. Nothing anyone could ever say would make me feel any better...any less guilty. This one stays as long I live i'm afraid. I will try though to keep my thoughts on the fun we had.......and the times I was there, and playing with you.

I love you so very much. If you are up there.....and you can send a message.....tell God I want you to greet me when I go. That's how I want it. I was never really close to anyone else......love you baby. I miss you more than I could ever put into words. Dad misses you too. -Mommy

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