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Memories of Greenly
My sweet Greenly, my heart is broken. You brought so much joy and happiness to all of us, and you were taken too soon. I did everything I could to save you but it wasn't enough. Seeing you suffering at the end ripped my heart to pieces but you are in a better place now. I saw you getting weaker 2 days before Christmas and I was so afraid you would leave me before I could celebrate with you and give you your presents from Santa. All I wanted was to spend one last Christmas with you, and you held on and made that possible. I know you heard me and for that I will be forever grateful. We will never forget you. You will live on in our hearts until the day we can be together again. I hope you have more millet than you know what to do with! Fly high with the angels, baby. I love you and miss you more than you'll ever know.

It's been one month today my precious baby Greenly. I can't believe it. It hurts just as much as the day you went to the Bridge. I miss you so much. I think about you constantly and still cry every day. Some people think you're just a little bird. But you were so much more than that. You brought me more joy and happiness than I ever thought possible. You were and always will be my little buddy. I wish I could have had more time with you. You were taken too soon and didn't deserve to suffer. You're not in pain anymore. I keep telling myself that, and that makes me happy to know you can chirp, fly and be the happy, energetic little bird you always were. I know we'll be together again someday. But for now you live on in my heart and in my dreams. I love you my sweet Greenly Bird!


Happy Valentine's Day my sweet baby boy. 💗 I love you more than you can imagine. I hope you are at peace now. It's been a while since I had a sign from you. Please send one so I know you're ok.


Hi baby...I'm so sorry I didn't write on the date of your 2 month passing. It's not as if I didn't think about you that day. I think of you every day, and my heart hurts just as much as the day you left. I knew losing you would be hard but the pain I feel without you is unbearable. I miss your face and sweet happy little chirp. You were the best little buddy anyone could have asked for. Thank you for the signs. I know its you. Please keep bringing them. They bring me so much comfort because I know you're with me. I hope you're having a good time at the bridge playing and flying in the warm sun that you always loved, but please don't forget about your mommy and how much I miss you. I love you my sweet baby, forever and always.


My precious baby, you left me for the Bridge 3 months ago today. My heart hurts just as much as the day you left. Nothing is the same. I wish I could say its gotten easier but it hasn't. You were the sweetest little bird and my little buddy. Its amazing how such a tiny creature can have such an impact on someone's life. You brought so much joy, happiness and lots of laughs with your little antics that made you you!! I will never forget you. I'm so glad I have so many pictures and videos of you, even though I can't bring myself to really watch them because I just start to cry and miss you even more. You were a beautiful baby bird and I wish I had more time with you. I know you suffered at the end, but I know you are happy and healthy now and that is what I keep remembering. I love you my sweet baby boy, forever and always.
Mommy ❤️


My sweet Greenly, I can't believe it's been 4 months since you left me. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or miss you. You brought so much happiness to my life, and my precious memories of you will live in my heart forever. You are and always be my little buddy, and now you're my guardian angel too. Thank you for the sign today. I know you're still with me. Fly high my little Greenly bird. I love you always.
Mommy 💚


My precious baby, you left me 5 months ago today and my heart still hurts more than you can imagine. I miss you with every ounce of me. I hope you're having fun playing at the bridge, but please don't forget about mommy and how much I love you. You were my joy and happiness, and you live on in my heart now. Thank you for being my guardian angel. 💚

Lend Me A Bird

"I will lend to you for a while, a bird", God said. For you to love him while
he lives and to mourn for him when he is dead.

Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe for two or three. But will you,
till I call him back, take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden you and should his stay be brief,
You'll always have his memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise that he will stay, since all from earth return,
But there are lessons taught below I want this bird to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true.
And from the folks that crowd life's land, I have chosen you.

Now will you give him all your love; nor think the labor vain;
Nor hate me when I come to take my lovely bird again?

I fancied that I heard them say, "Dear Lord, thy will be done,
for all the joys this bird will bring, the risk of grief we'll run."

Will you shelter him with tenderness?
Will you love him while you may?
And for the happiness you'll know forever grateful stay?

But should I call him back much sooner than you've planned;
Please brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand.

If, by your love, you've managed, my wishes to achieve,
In memory of him you've loved; be thankful; do not grieve.

Cherish every moment of your feathered charge.
He filled your home with songs of joy the time he was alive.
Let not his passing take from you those memories to enjoy.

"I will lend to you, a Bird", God said, and teach you all you have to do.
And when I call him back to heaven, you will know he loved you too.

(Author Unknown)

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