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Memories of Grady
I got him as a kitten and was able to watch him grow, he was rowdy as I came home from work one day I seen that he had ran up the curtains in the living room which came off the wall and had to be put back up on the curtain rod. He didn't like to be held and didn't sleep with me he would get up there with me but wouldn't stay there long and would get off the bed. He did let you know when he was hungry though. He was very vocal when it came to eating. He was also very picky at what he would eat there was just no pleasing him when it came time to eat I switched his cat food a lot just to get him to eat. He did do the head butt thing a lot and also didn't like being held, although he would at times lay in my arms for a little then would move to some place else to sleep. His most favorite toy was a foil ball when you throw he would fetch it and bring it back to me just to throw again over and over. He was a good cat. Just recently I noticed he was having some problems in his health with his nose running a lot and his eyes watering a lot. Finally I made up my mind to make an appointment at the vet to get him checked out toughest thing I had to do but he wasn't getting any better, not that I wanted too but he needed it bad. The vet went over the options as to what he needed as far as getting treated for his illness and it would be a lot involved in his care to get better and would be expensive but also how long it would take to get back to where he was before he got sick. It was a hard decision to have him put to sleep as he wouldn't have to suffer any more. I made the decision at the vet the very same day even though it took me a while to make that decision. As for me I think he is in a better place where there is no more pain and suffering on his part, if I had waited until tomorrow to make the choice to have him put to sleep it would have been even harder. I couldn't stand to watch him suffer any more. He has crossed the rainbow bridge and running and playing with the other cats who have also crossed the rainbow bridge. RIP GRADY
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