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Memories of Gracie
Oh my sweet sweet baby. I just sent you off to Rainbows Bridge and pray you understand. Your old legs just wouldn't allow you to get up and do all the things you are supposed to do. At the Bridge, Annie, Snickers, Ricky, Lucy, Buddy and papaw and grandma and grandpa and all the others will be there, so excited, to take you over so you can chase and play like old times.
Oh baby, I already miss you so much. I will miss you following me from room to room to be my guardian. You are now my guardian angel. I will miss coming home to unconditional love regardless of how long I had been gone. You were the sweetest & most patient dog on earth. Letting me and all those kids lay and hug on you without moving a muscle.
You are the most beautiful dog and I will miss that sweet sweet face and wagging tail. I will miss you wrestling with the love bunny. Maybe you can find one up there, but not in front of the puppies.
Oh my Gracie, I will miss everything about the life we shared. My heart is so broken right now but I know you will be there to greet me when it is my time to arrive. I can't imagine anyone loving something so much as much as I loved you. I know you know how much by all the things we did together and all the kisses and lovin you got. Momma Dot is also very sad. The memories and stories we have will get us through but we will never be over the loss of having you in our lives every day.
I love and miss you and you will always be my baby. Momma

Gracie, I'm sure Snickers was excited to see you (as excited as Snickers can get). Baby, It's been 5 days and I am missing you more and more each day you are gone. This house is not the same without you. I hate coming home and not hearing your bark and tail hitting the washer waiting for me to come through the door. I couldn't get through that door fast enough to get my kisses and you to get your butt scratched. You always brought me one of your babies to show off. You were so proud of your bones and toys. I miss laying on the floor for our "good night lovin" and seeing your beautiful face the first thing in the morning.
I miss our walks, you going on errands in your car, sharing the couch & bed and just watching you sleep. I miss you. You still had that puppy face and had the sweetest, most innocent look. Not sure how I am going to get through this sad sad time. Please find a sign to send me letting me know you are ok which how can you not be up there with all the others. Oh baby, I just wanted to send my love and kisses. Miss you sweetie. Momma

Hi Sweetie. Well your 2nd heavenly birthday is here. It does not seem like 2 years. I still expect to see you when I come through the door. I miss you today as much as I did the day you went to Rainbows Bridge. I hope you are having fun with all your new friends and watching over Snickers. A day doesn't go by without a thought of your sweet face and wishing you were here. Can't even think of getting another baby. My heart is still so broken. Well baby, keep playing hard and eating all the peanut butter your little heart desires. We love you and you will always be in our hearts. Love and miss you sweet girl. Momma

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