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Memories of Graceful Molly Moo
Words can't describe the feelings we had from the moment we saw you. You have brought so much joy, happiness, and many laughs to our hearts. Life took you away, WAY to early, but daddy , mommy and Brianna, know you are with the angels guiding us through our pathes of life and one day we will see you again. Go show those other dogs how we play ball. We will sincerely miss you guiding us through the house, watching us leave and waiting for us to return home, and lying at the end of the bed every night. I'm sorry Molly there's nothing that could be done, but baby we tried as hard as we could. Take good care of us and we all love you soooooo very much that words can't express.
Daddy, Mommy, sissy(Brianna), Giblet and Spanky

It's been one year Molly since that sorrowful day. There's not a day that goes by daddy and I don't think of you. We got another yellow lab,this time we got a male, he's nine months old. I tell you girl he's not you. I tried getting pregnant and had a miscarriage. I know the baby is up in heaven playing with you right know. We still love you Molly, keep looking upon us. Mommy and Daddy

Molly, it's now been two years, boy does time fly. Nothing has changed much around here. Bama is still a wild child. I remember at this age you were calm and starting to protect a new baby, sure is different. We still miss you girl, there still isn't a day that goes bye that we don't think about you. We love you, Mommy and Daddy

Molly, it's hard to believe it's been three years. Things haven't changed much around here. Daddy and I still think about you all the time, even compare some of the things Bama does to how you used to do them, except playing ball. We had Spanky to the vet the other day and got the news we'll be having to make this hard decision soon for him. Make a bed for him next to you so you can continue taking care of him for us. I know you'll do that for us. We love you, go play and continue being our guardian angel. Love you, Mommy and Daddy

Good evening Molly, I'm sure your resting right now after playing tug and ball with Spanky. Guess you were shocked to see him. Unfortunately, we had to let him go last Oct. His cancer had spread, then he started seizuring and we couldn't get them stopped. I'm sure he's up there with you running around with no problems. Giblet's getting around a little slower these days and Bama, he's beginning to be not so bad. Daddy started a new job this year and I'm still working part-time with the animals along with my other job. Bri's going into the 2nd grade this year. We love you Molly and Spanky, continue looking down upon us and being our little angels. We love both of you, Mommy and Daddy

Good evening Molly(& Spanky), I can not believe it's been 5yrs for you (and 2yrs for Spanky) since we had to make the hardest decision of our life, man does time fly. This past year we were graced with your angel and brought home a chocolate lab puppy that was born 7/6/2010. Her name is Ali and she definately has your sweet personality. She reminds us of you, constantly having a toy in her mouth and wanting to play. Don't worry Spanky, she is giving Bama paybacks-the same grief he gave you when he was a puppy. Not to much else has changed, just everyone is another year older. Giblet is still getting around just a little slower. I hate to see the day she passes just as I did with yours but I know you two will have room for her when it happens. Bri is playing softball fulltime these days and going into the 3rd grade. We love you both, keeps watching over us. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Bri

Good evening Spanky and Molly, I hate to sadden you with the news that Daddy & I had to make a very hard decision. We had to let Giblet go to heaven this evening. It was time, she was inching to her 16th birthday (the end of this month-March 31) and her little body was soo tired. I'm sure you two have already invited her to play and shown her around Rainbow Bridge. Just remember don't steal her chew toy or she will light into the two of you. Please make her welcome. Mommy is going to be lost for a while with out her so ya'll have to take care of her for me. I Love You Giblet, Spanky and Molly. Love, Mommy and Daddy 3/6/12

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