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It's been a month now since you crossed over and words cannot express how much you're missed. I think about you many times every hour, and I'm glad that is the case. It keeps you close to my heart and my thoughts, where you have been since day one with you, where you have always belonged, and will you will always remain until we are together again.

I'm not the only one who misses you dearly. Grandma Gita misses giving you lots of food and spa treatments. She has left food for you at times and still talks to you. Grandma Bobbie misses having you sit next to her, and giving you chew sticks and holding you in her chair in the kitchen. Grandpa Larry misses singing to you, giving you pizza, and tucking you into bed. He misses kootchkying you and so do I! Emily also said last night how much she misses coming home to you.

We talk about you a ton and we think about you even more. You brought/bring so much life and joy and warmth and amazing memories to all of us...it's just not the same here without you. It never will be. You were one of us...a true Greenwald and the best companion I could ever dream of. Fate brought us together...I'm sure of that. I know I was supposed to be your daddy and I have so much to be thankful for when it comes to you.

I am so very proud of you baby. You fought so hard to stay with us for so long. You were such a trooper for all of the years you were sick, and just as amazing a companion when you were healthy and it was just the two of us out west. I really couldn't be prouder of anyone or anything. I mean that. You fought through so many obstacles and so many setbacks, simply because you loved us and your life so very much and wanted to keep it going as much as we did. It was obvious to us...and we kept you here as long as possible. Your spirit is one of a kind and one all of us adore.

I want to thank you so very much for spending your last few minutes with me in OUR home. You waited for me to get home from the pharmacy...I know from the bottom of your heart that you waited for me with everything you had, and nothing will ever mean more.

If I would have missed it while picking up your meds, that would have forever crushed me...but as always, you came through for me in the biggest of ways, even when it was the most difficult for you. I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate way for us to say goodbye for now. You let me cradle you as you made the journey. Thank you so very much for letting me have that with you, Goobs. It was so sacred to me. To hold you one last time.

That's honestly what I miss most of all. Holding you and smothering you in kisses. I know I did it a million times in your life, but another million wouldn't even be enough :)I miss taking care of you and giving you my love on a daily basis...this is the best way I can still offer something.

SORRY for giving you a bath on that last day!!! I knew you were soon to make the journey and I just wanted you to smell and feel clean for it..to go out feeling pretty :) I know how much you hated your baths, but I also know you will forgive me! You went out like the little princess you always were....pretty, clean and beautiful. And hey...it was a good tradeoff. You got a peanut butter jar AND a cream cheese tub that day. All the treats you could imagine!

I hope you're happy and completely comfortable now, Goobs. I hope you have been united with old friends and made new friends. Go hang out with Grandpa Al and all his dogs...they would love to see you. If you have, please say hello!

In the meantime, I hope you miss us and think of us the same way we miss and think of you. I hope you were happy with the life and love we gave you. I hope you're looking over us and proud to be part of this family.

Know that we will be reunited again...for you are and always will be my doggy soulmate. :) I whispered this in your ears many times over the years....but realize it now more than ever. I'm not going anywhere..I'm never leaving you. I'm 100% certain of that and it gives me something incredible to look forward to for the rest of this life....to be back with my girl again one day. Makes me smile rather wide just to think about.

You're the very best, Gooba...one of a kind, and no one will ever replace my sweet little Puppers.
Daddy loves you VERY VERY much...always and forever. Come find me when the time is right, my baby. Until then....you go have fun, and run and play and most of all eat as much as you want!!! :)

I love you so much!



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