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Memories of Goldstein
Goldstein was adopted by Katy when he was about 2 years old and passed away at the age of 16 on May 10, 2022. They had 14 wonderful years together. Katy met Goldstein in the parking lot of a mall in Arlington, WA and decided to take him home that same day. They had an immediate and undeniable bond. Goldstein sat on Katy's lap the entire car ride home. Their first night together, she carried him in her arms while she participated in the "One Night Homeless Count," walking around Seattle for hours in the middle of night. He was so happy to be held all night long. Goldstein would sit in your arms like a monkey (how he got this nickname) - with both arms around your neck. <3.

Goldstein's true love was Kilala (RIP), a tiny chihuahua who was the baby of Jen, Katy's old roommate. Goldstein also had cousins: Stout (RIP) and Shuggy (RIP), babies of David (Katy's brother) and Sara (sister in law) and Judah and Ezra (nephews), as well as Jake, who belonged to Katy's parents, John and Anna. Goldstein also had an adopted sister, Coconut (RIP), a blind toy poodle. May their souls find each other in the doggy afterlife. <3

Goldstein had many roommates. Some of note are Tom (his dog dad of 5 years), Jen (mom of Kilala), Brad (Dad of Kilala), Julia, Dani, and Hinda. Katy's parents took care of Goldstein while she lived overseas and Katy's brother and sister in law (and nephews) took care of Goldstein a lot while she was away at work or on trips. Goldstein had a special bond with all of these people.

Anyone who met Goldstein knows he was special. He was intelligent, spirited, inquisitive, quirky, weird, and funny. He was known to throw his kibble in the air and chase after it, pretending he was "hunting" his dinner. He was also known for walking backwards on slippery floors, killing vermin twice his size (other times just attempting to), escaping fenced yards, and standing up to giant dogs or people who he thought were threatening his humans or doggo family. He was so loyal and loved his people.

Goldstein loved treats almost as much as chasing vermin. He also loved fruit and you might have caught him picking berries from bushes outside. He loved to snuggle in bed or on the couch while watching movies, always needing to be close to his humans. He loved his perches that he could watch the world from. He loved when you sung to him :) and playing his favorite game of "catch my hand," which to this day, his humans still don't really understand what that game was about.

Goldstein spent his last years with Katy in her apartment in Ballard, Seattle. During the last 2 years of his life, Katy worked from home after Covid hit so they got to spend almost every day together. Katy cherishes these days and is grateful for the time they got to spend together.

Goldstein passed peacefully in Katy's arms in the apartment they shared together after his battle with dementia over the past year. He was not in any pain. He and Katy shared burgers, pizza, and a rotisserie chicken during his last days.

His passing has created a large void in Katy's world. He is missed greatly and will be remembered always.

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