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01.01.2011... HAPPY NEW YEAR... xoxo

12.25.2010... MERRY CHRISTMAS... xoxo

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01.01.2010... HAPPY NEW YEAR... xoxo

12.24.2009... MERRY CHRISTMAS beautiful babies. You are with the ANGELS now & I know they will make sure that all of the stockings are full of your favorite treats. YOU ARE LOVED TO THE MOON & BACK!!! xoxo

11.24.2009... HAPPY THANKSGIVING... xoxo

This is a story about 21 beautiful Great Danes that never had the chance to be a part of a loving family. I will start with the GOOD about these babies & then I will tell you their story.

GREAT DANES... they are powerful yet never clumsy. Their form makes them the target of admiration. They have a robust build. They have been called the "APOLLO" of all breeds, with good reason.

The Danes origins dates back to 3,000 BC, where drawings were found on Egyptian monuments. Throughout history, this massive dog was bred for battle & the hunt. Today, it is found to be strange since the Dane is considered one of the GENTLEST breeds.

The Dane is known today, NOT for its battle skills, but for its temperament. Its large head & powerful frame could deceive anyone into believing this dog to be a modern monster. This is NOT true, however. The Great Dane is a gentle giant, a protective, but never aggressive animal. Recognized for their loyalty & calm natures, this is a breed ideal for families. The Dane is devoted to his/her "clan" & takes well to training. Also, he/she is a patient fellow, perfect for children. However, standing between 28 to 34 inches & weighing between 100 to 200 lbs., the Dane is still intimidating to ward off problems. If he/she senses danger toward the family, they become protective. These beautiful souls are loyal to their owners.

The Dane... watchful over other dogs...hide their faces if they think they have hurt your feelings... pups at heart until the age of 2...only want to make you HAPPY... they think they are LAP dogs... their faces show expressions...LOVE to sleep with their mommie & daddy in the middle of their backs... they think they should be babied... treated like part of the family... LOVE attention... do NOT believe they are dogs... LOVE to be funny... LOVE to make you laugh... VERY sympathetic when YOU are sad... they understand feelings... they are lazy on warm days... want their blankies on cold days. MOST OF ALL... THEY DON'T BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE KEPT IN CRATES!!!

Now... for the sad story of 21 beautiful Great Danes.

This story took place in SMETHPORT, PA. How ANYONE with authority could have allowed this to happen is beyond me.

"It was the WORST scene I've ever seen"... these words came out of the mouth of McKean County SPCA humane officer Tony Danias. He was talking to Judge John Yoder at the sentencing hearing for CHERYL MAGNOTTA. I will put her sentencing AFTER this horrible story.

SPCA officer Danias described how he had responded to the call at Magnotta's former house in July when as agent for a local real estate company found dog remains at the residence. Bradford Township Police & code enforcement also assisted in the search of the home. The remains of 21... yes, 21 Great Danes were found on the property.

Referring to the SIX charges of animal cruelty that Magnotta had plead guilty to in the death of the 21 dogs, Danias said, "I ask that it be for the LAST 6 dogs that died. The FIRST 15 that died thought someone was going to come out & feed them. By the end...I don't know if the dogs have power of reason." To that I say.... WHAT???

Growing emotional, Danias said the LAST ones alive PROBABLY knew their fate. To that I say... YOU THINK????

Judge Yoder asked Danias if he had been in contact in the past with Magnotta for a previous cruelty case. SPCA Danias explained, that in 2003, he went to Magnottas home for a report of a sick dog. Magnotta told him that she didn't have the money to have the animal treated by a vet. Danias took the dog to a vet... this poor baby had gangrene & had to be sent to the bridge.

According to Danias, he filed charges on that incident. Judge Yoder said it was his understanding that under dog laws, Magnotta COULD have lost her kennel license then. To that I say... WHY DIDN'T SHE LOSE IT???

Danias said it is under the Dept. of Agriculture. "The way I understand it from them, she no longer has a kennel license."

District Attorney John Pavlock addressed Judge Yoder, describing how she created the situation she was in by NOT choosing to ASK FOR HELP when she could no longer care for the animals. "Why, when she turned other dogs over, did she go on & have kennels? Was if for profit? The dogs EXPECTED someone who loved them to come back & FEED them. Why didn't she do ANYTHING to care for these animals? Sure it would have been embarassing to go say 'look, I can't take care of these animals.' BUT it's better than leaving. She came back at one point to the house to get HER personal things."
"She could have called the humane officer, but she DIDN'T do that. These dogs suffered HORRIFICALLY because of that."

Judge Yoder explained the factors that he considered when fashioning the sentence, which included that Magnotta had mental health, physical & financial problems which may have impaired her judgement at the time of the crimes. To that I say... BULL!!!

Yes, he said, the victims in the case were NOT just the "poor animals who suffered & died," but were also "NAMELESS, FACELESS" people who would have GLADLY stepped up to adopt an animal to prevent such a thing from happening.

He said he had received DOZENS of e-mails & faxes from animal lovers. Some suggest imprisonment in kennels & starvation. He adds that this wasn't in the scope of the law. To that I say...IT SHOULD BE!!!

Judge Yoder said, "I've owned dogs all my life. From the fiercest hunting dogs to the toy poodle I now own. I am NOT ashamed to admit each time one has passed away, I have cried like a baby." However, Yoder added, he could NOT decide this case on popularity, but must follow the law.

Referring to Magnotta's previous requesst to be released from jail to care for her elderly mother, Yoder said her ability to do so must be questioned. He ordered a mental health evaluation & for Magnotta to follow through with any recommended treatment.

Now for her sentencing... she was sentenced to 6 to 23 1/2 months... YES, MONTHS with CREDIT for 198 days of time served & was IMMEDIATELY PAROLED. She was also ordered to serve ONE YEAR of additional PROBATION for the SIX COUNTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY.

That's the end of their story.

These poor babies NEVER had the chance to know a loving family. They NEVER had the chance to have fun. They NEVER had a warm blankie. They NEVER had a human child to play with. They NEVER had a full belly. They NEVER had a warm bed to sleep in. They NEVER had ANYTHING.

They WERE starved to death. They WERE ignored. They WERE left to die... ALONE. How sad is that? And this person was paroled?? WHY? She should STILL be sitting in jail. I don't understand. And I probably NEVER will.

It's only fitting that these beautiful souls have a FOREVER home at the bridge, where they can run & play with all of the Angels. They can have ALL the food they want. They get to feel the warmth of loving arms at the bridge. AND they will have SO MANY people from here that will shower them with love, even if it's only in their guestbook.

At some point in time, these babies will have names. I need to think about it for a few days. They have to be special names for such special babies.

So for now, sweet babies, have fun... play hard... sleep well.


02.05.08... here are their names. I asked for help with this because I wanted them to have special, loving names. So I thank the people in the petloss chat room & to the people who signed the guestbook...you helped with these names.

APOLLO... TEDDY... CHANCE... ZEUS... ATHENA... BELVEDERE... ZARA... ...BUTTER...TITUS... PRINCESS... THOR... ACE... SPIRIT... KOSIMA... KANE... SHADOW... SHEBA... RAINBOW... HAILEY... SUNSHINE... WINGS... ABBEY(this is for the first one who had to be put to sleep in 2003)

So sweet babies... you now have names so that when it is our time to join our beloved fur Angels, we will take you with us when we cross over the bridge. Now, go find my rottie group, Lady Wendy, Jan's Nikki, Karley, Little Mac, Puck, Coco, Tobey, Mercy & so many others... and have a good time.


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY you beautiful danes... you'll have to beat Nikki to the cupcakes... xoxo

04.03.2009... hello you beautiful giants. You are missed by so many. xoxo

04.12.2009... Happy Easter big dogs. You are going to have so much fun at the party. Don't step on the little doggies or the eggs. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!.. xoxoxo

10.14.2009... Happy Fall big dogs. I am sorry that I haven't been here to visit lately. I will not let that happen again. Stay with my gang until I can join all of you at the bridge. Then I will let you know just how love is to feel. You are LOVED TO THE MOON & BACK!!!... xoxo

Please also visit Dakota, KARLEY, MERCY, REGINA, SHEPP, SNOW PUPPIES and Trail of Tears.

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