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Memories of Gizmo
Gizmo - Little Boy with the funny face and crooked smile - a love letter to my boy....

You came to us a few years ago, so reticent at first. Life had been unkind to you and your little kitty sister we called Stella, very little human contact, living outside, good weather and bad, looking for food and shelter - We decided to call you Gizmo - the name just fit your funny face and crooked smile - It took some time, and feeding, but eventually you realized that we weren't that bad, as far as humans go. Soon enough you were more interested in the love and attention than the food (although you thought that was pretty great too).

We invited you and your little sister in one cold and icy night (your other friend, who we called Missy, already had moved into the house many moons before that - so she knew you and welcomed you into the fold ) but once the weather got nice, you wanted outside again. Of course, we had to let you out - that's what you knew and your little "feral" soul longed for the freedom of the great outdoors - you were quite vocal about it too! But...now we were Your people, we belonged to you, part of your family, you were so happy to see us each and every day, rolling on the ground and waiting for your tummy to be rubbed - food always secondary.

Eventually, once the weather was bad again, you and Stella came inside - it was warm and toasty, with lots of soft places to sleep, food to eat, fresh water to drink and loving all throughout the day (not just in the morning or at night) - yes, you thought we weren't too bad after all, as far as humans go. That was when you decided we were worthy - you didn't need to go back outside when you had all the wonderful things that come with living inside.

When we moved to our new house, it came with a big and beautiful screened in porch just for our 3 kitty children - what a paradise - the joys of being outside, watching the birds and the squirrels, but having a warm and safe place to lay your head, inside and out. In and out, in and out all day long to the screened in porch - kitty paradise!

You passed so suddenly this morning - I haven't stopped crying since you left us - I love you so much and I know you love and adore me. The way you looked so deeply into my eyes when I was petting you said it all. The way you would jump on my chest and lay your head up against my neck like a baby, the way you placed your paw so softly in my cheek, purring so loud that I could feel it to the depths of my soul. I was your people - what an honor to have been your human mommy...it was not long enough, time passed too quickly with you, my sweet boy, too quickly, so sad, but I know that someday, I will see you again, I know that you are with our other animal children at the Rainbow Bridge, sharing stories and joining our family there, having a great time in the beautiful meadows and wide open spaces.

My sweet, sweet little boy - I will see you again, someday, someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for the time you shared with us - it was our joy and honor to have known and loved you - sweet little boy, we thank you for loving us in return.

All my love,

Mama Su

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