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Memories of Gizmo
I still remember the first day I took you home. You were about 2 pounds, a tiny little ball of brown and white fur. I sat you down in the yard and you wagged your little tail. You knew you were home. After all these years you remained my loyal friend, always by my side. No matter what happened you were always there to comfort me. We had so many good times together, so many memories. The hardest decision I had to make in my life was to let you go, to save you from the pain and discomfort. I chose to take the pain upon myself so you could be free. Sheila, Dusty, Hans and I all love and miss you. One day I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then play and have fun.

Love, Dad

5/19/17 Gizmo, it has been a month since you left for the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you terribly. It comforts me to know you are in a better place without the pain and able to run and play again like you used to when you were younger. I am sure you have made a lot of new friends. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams to let me know everything is good. I look forward to seeing you again. Love, Dad

5/30/17 Miss you, wish you were here xoxo

6/19/17 Gizzy, you have been gone for two months now. It is said time heals, but I miss you no less. I still wish you were here laying down beside me. You were always there by my side. I light a candle every Monday night now in your honor. Keep a look out for it tonight. Also Dusty is not eating well, I think it is because he misses you. Please visit him in his dreams and tell him it is okay. Thanks. Love and miss you, Dad

6/28/17 Gizmo your friend Dusty has joined you at the bridge today. Please look out for him and take care of him. Tell him Sheila & I love him and we will be reunited with you both one day. You guys have fun like you used to. Love Mom & Dad xoxo

7/3/17 Love you guys. Look out for your candle's tonight. Miss you both. Mom & Dad

7/6/17 We adopted a little kitten named Luna from the SPCA today. Hans seemed lonely with you guys not here anymore. You would like her, she is a sweetie. Miss & love you both. Dad xoxo

7/19 Gizmo you were the best dog ever. Miss you so much. We had a bond that can never be replaced. Love Dad xoxo Please tell Dusty that we miss him too and Mom feels the same. Love you both.

8/19/17 Sheila & I miss you and Dusty so much, things just aren't the same around the house without you guys. Every day we think of the both of you, mostly about the great memories and good times we shared. We try and not be sad but it is still difficult. We love you both. Take care Old Roy and look after Dusty for us. Dad xoxo

9/11/17 Miss you guys. Glad you didn't have to experience hurricane Irma with us. We made out okay with the storm. Love you xoxo

9/19/17 Today marks 5 months of your passing. I am happy you are no longer in pain, but I do miss you terribly still. Everyday mom & I think of you and Dusty. There is no replacing 'The Boys' and you two will always be in our hearts. Love you both, Mom & Dad xoxo

10/19/17 For over eighteen years you were my best friend. You have been gone now for 6 months and I will never forget the good times we shared. I appreciate you visiting me in my dreams and feel like your spirit is still in the house looking after Sheila & I. Luv you Old Roy till the end of time.

11/19/17 Miss you buddy. Thanksgiving won't be the same without you staring me down for some nummies. I think of you every day and always have a picture of you and Dusty close by. Love Dad

12/01/17 Miss you guys. Tell Dusty Happy Birthday for us. Love Mom&Dad

12/19/17 Merry Christmas Gizzy. I remember all the good times we had at Christmas, like you eating all the ornaments off the tree lol and all the glitter all over your face. You and Dusty were such good boys. Love you guys.

1/19/18 Its been 9 months without you being here. Miss you terribly my friend. We will be reunited one day. Keep visiting me in my dreams. Love Dad

2/10/18 Happy Birthday my dear friend. Today you would have been 19. I somehow always have off from work on your birthday. Today I sit an remember all the good times we have had. Love you, Dad

2/19/18 It has been ten months since you left this world for the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and love you. I am reminded of you each and every day by things I see around the house and yard. Your photo on my desktop and phone reminds me of you every day. Love Dad

3/19/18 Still can't believe you are gone. Miss you so much. Hope you are at peace my friend. Things will never be the same without you. Until we are reunited, Love you, Dad

4/19/18 One year ago today you have left for the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you wish you were here. I think back today on all the good times we shared and how you were my best friend, with me through the good times and the bad. Always loyal, always by my side. You are in my thoughts every day and in my dreams quite often. I enjoy when you come to see me in my dreams. Love you always, Dad

5/8/18 We got a little ShihTzu puppy named Chewie, we think you would like him. He is totally differn't than you and Dusty (Color, personality). Wish you guys could meet him. Love, Dad

5/19/18 Miss you little buddy, more than ever. Love you. Dad

6/19/18 I miss you buddy. We had a bond from day one that can never be replaced. Even with you not here the bond still remains. You are in my thoughts every day. Love you, Dad

6/28/18 One year ago today Dusty joined you at the Rainbow Bridge. Miss you both. Love Mom & Dad xoxo

7/19/18 Love you Gizzy. Miss you so much. Visit in my dreams when you can. Dad

8/19/18 Miss you and Dusty. We see bits and pieces of both of you in Chewie. Its almost as if you guys are saying hi through him. Love you guys, visit in our dreams when you can. Mom & Dad

9/19/18 Every day Sheila & I think and talk of all the good times we had with you and Dusty. Miss you guys, you are forever in our hearts. Love, Dad

10/19/18 Miss you Gizzy, come visit in my dreams when you can. It's been awhile. Tell Dusty hi too. Love you both. Look for your candle light every Monday.

11/19/18 Miss you Gizzy, won't be the same without you here for Thanksgiving. Look for your candle light every Monday. Visit in my dreams when you can. Love you, Dad

12/19/18 Wish you were here with Sheila and I this holiday season. Miss you and Dusty so much. You always had so much fun eating the pupcorns off your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas you two. Love you, Mom & Dad

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