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Memories of Gizmo
I will remember & miss butgiving him his walks, his baths,brushing him,tummy rubs,playing ball,him loving on Lady, talking her by himself around the block,just always taking care of her,taking the center of the bed along w his his snoring when he would sleep w me but slept w Lady most of the time, there is so much I will remember and miss of my boy,especially his morning 😘. Gizmo when I c ur pictures, while I smile I'm crying at the same time. All i ask God the day u take me to take all of us, Lady(Palm), SuZ(GSh) and Cloudy(my cat)at RB where I won't b disabled and I can pick Gizmo up kiss,hug them and stay together until eternity. And i rescued all my pets
Gizmo, its Christmas 2day almost over ( thank God ) & u weren't here w us😢😢😢& will never b again. Mijo ( my son) we didn't do what we always did for the last 10 years. No pics of u in your Santa suit or Lady in her matching dress, Su Z w a string of Christmas lights, no Christmas day walks( we didn't do anything, All I did was😢😢😢😘of u 😢😢😢😢😢😢. Mijo this was the wurst Christmas(only u no I've had very bad ones) but not having u here is wurst. Lady misses u a lot 2, she sleeps w your Santa Suit& your leather jacket (it has your scent). I sleep w your box of ashes (that I kiss Every nite), until I get a nice urn w your paw prints that I have,your bangs,and the hair from the tip of your tale and other things of yours I have. I will b making u a memorial somewhere around here, I promise, u no mama is slow. Gizmo now that I know there is no limit on how many vitits I give u & and that makes me happy mijo and I know your spirit is here, I c u, when I look back your not there no more, hear your snoring, Snorting and feel u pulling on me when I'm drinking my coffee or just sitting around. I know u r my 😇 mijo.
I hope u r having lots of fun mojo at RB w your new 😇friends and a lot of your friends parents have visited your memorial
U know I can go on but 4 now GOODNITE GIZMO REMEMBER I ❤ & MISS U 2 MUCH LOTS OF HUGS & 😘😘
Hi mijo my 😇, how r u? Having lots of fun w your friends, I thought u would a pic of your lady(Lady) she's been sleeping w your Santa suit since Chris. Eve
Gizmo, u turned on my stario ha! (Thank u 4 not blasting it, i was still able to😴) and other signs i've been getting from u Now I truely believe u r my 😇
Thank u, We miss❤ u 2 much mijo MUNCHOS BESOS

Woke up 2 a new year w out u here😔😔😢😢😢😢 we
❤miss u 2 much mijo😇
HI POPS,GIZMO I MISS U SO MUCH😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢It really feels strange around here,especially when I get out of the shower, now no one licks the water off my legs & feet. Mmijo I refuse 2 let u go 4 now, who knows, I may never let u go plus if u keep giving me small signs, its you I know its u mijo, keep having fun at RB MY LITTLE😇, WE❤MISS U 2 MUCH, MUNCHOS HUGS&😘😘😘
Hi my my ttle 😇, Gizmo ( Pops) I hard u snoring this morning. I asked u 2 give me a sign that u r always w me & u did got 2 Go 4 now remember mojo we😘❤miss u 2 much😘😘😘
Good nite mijo ❤umissu2 much MOM😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Hi Pops, How r u doing, Gizmo I miss u so much, thank u 4 the small signs u give me letting me no u r w me in spirit, I cant c u but I feel your presence & that gives me great comfort & also showing up in my dreams Sometimes.SuZ, especially Lady misses u.Gizmo u r on my mind 24/7.So u keep giving lots of fun w your 😇friends OK & everyday I'm just waiting 4 a sign any day now, I'm getting use to it Mijo ❤MISS U2 MUCH SENDING MUCH HUGS 😘😘😘 MOM!
Feb. 4
Hi! Mijo, Gizmo I got out of the shower ,Lady started licking my feet& u no she never did that, so I believe ur spirit entered her body!! Thank u Pop . I've been missing ur licks, Oh migo, I WAnt2 thank u 4 showing me u r here w us & I know u spend time w ur Lady, she stays in the room w bed u both slept on 4 long time, I no u r w her Th u MISS❤U2 MUCH
MOM 😘😘😘😘
Gizmo HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤. Lady sends u a big kiss😘 We ❤ miss u 2 much MOM😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
The 16 was 3 months since u left us, I'm sorry I didn't do it on the 16, u no my mind sometimes doesn't work rite but boy do I miss u so,but I still sleep w your ashes every night, I hope u r having lots of fun w your fury friends. Mijo remember u will always b my #1, I ❤ miss u 2 much Mom😪
Hi! mijo (GIZMO),I haven't felt your presence so I decided to come to talk to u, I haven't came because it just reminds me of what someone did to u,that I had 2 let u go, Gizmo, I'm just so sorry. Gizmo today around 2 its going 2 b 4 months since u had to go, Gizmo I just can't believe ur gone, they say time heals all wounds, I don't no! tomorrow they r going to operate on Lady,your gf, her eyegland got infected So please mijo, watch over her ok!,I'll b back soon ok mijo we ❤ miss u to much Mom😢
I told u I'll b back soon, well Lady is at the vet so u watch over her ok mijo i left u some white rosesI miss u so much😔i❤u mom😘
Hi! Mijo,I miss ❤u.
5/16 MIJO today 7 months😥. WE MISS❤U GIZO F/E
5/24 Gizmo, waking up today(my b day)w out u, after 11 years,made me sad because i didn't get no kisses from u, like i did every year, I miss & Love u so much!!!!!
Hi, my little angel, Gizmo, so today is 6 months since u left us but your spirit is here,but I just miss not seeing u play with Lady or walking, bathing, sleeping, everything u use to do together.Gizmo, I miss u &Love u so much I just wish the neighbors would have never moved here & u would still be here. Anyways r u having fun all ur friends, did u meat the other Gizmo,well Gizmo I'll b back soon, I
I love & miss u so, much!
6/21. Hi mijo, it is hot, I just miss u so so much, I wanna just, hold, hug, kiss,& I just can't u loving on Lady,she surely misses u alot!!!
I love u mijo MOM
7/4 i just want to tell u I LOVE & MISS u so, so much mijo!!!!! MOM
7-16. Hi!, mijo, it's been 8 months, but missing u like it was yesterday, I guess time will tell, GIZMO, I miss u r kisses, so does LADY GIZMO WE LOVE & MISS U
7/21 Mijo im just missing u so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love u MoM!
8/16 Hi Mijo, it's been 9 months since u left us, But I no your spirit is always w me, Gizmo I miss u so much,I hope u r having fun with ur friends at the bridge
Lady misses u loving on her, we sent u MUNCHOS HUGS N KISSES Gizmo we love n miss u muncho, MOM

9/16 hi! Mijo it's been 10 months,time flew, but to me u r not gone because ur spirit is in the house, I feel ur presence quite often & that makes me happy! Lady sends her love with kisses Gizmo we miss & love u so, so much!! MOM 10/16/17
Mijo Gizmo its been 11 months wow! How time flies, my boy, u no what u miss rhe most, u not sleeping next to me, u were the only that slept w me, snored in my ear, took the whole bed& thle only one that laid by my feet when i watched tv & the only one that licked my legs after i showered. GIZMO i just wish i could c u 1 more time,wish, wish!!! Mijo visit me in my dream, love,miss u 2 much, but i no ur spirit is here GIZMO!!!
Mijo i miss & love u so much!!!!! Mom
thank u 4 your visit i love,miss u MOM

11/16 Gm my angel, a year today is the day u had to go away because u were in so much pain, remember i told
u i was going to make you a memorial out side the house, well i finally finish it. I looked and found all the things that belong to you in the memorial. I really hope like your memorial. I wanna thank this organization for letting me have you memorialized so i was able to visit you and expressed my feelings. Now i'll be able to have you much near, Thank you for letting me know when your around it makes me very happy. your presence makes me very happy. I hope your friends at Rainbowbridge also give their parents the same feeling that u give me. The 12th will be your last day. I want to send blessings to parents and their pet kids. Happy Holidays. Gizmo I will forever love you. For me the only thing that happen is that ur fur coat came out because your spirit is still here not your body. i can feel you but i cant see you. Thank you for being here for 10 years. i would have loved to have you more but it was your time to go away. Love u & miss u Mom

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