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Memories of Gizmo Plessinger
Gizzie - I watched you as you quietly emerged into this world. I chose you right away amongst your other 6 siblings. You were the first one out. Your Mom's name is Narra. Your Dad's name is Mountain. I brought you in our Goose Creek home that Christmas time in 1997. Daddy does not want a dog in the house. I had to keep you in the garage and I asked you to be quiet till I tell Daddy about you. To my amazement,no sound from you, not even a little mousey noise the whole night! Daddy never knew i was hiding you in the garage, until the next morning. Daddy fell in love with you the moment he laid his eyes on you.

That very same morning, your Dad & i went to the store, got you all you need. From then on, we knew our life was never the same anymore. You were such a sweet baby for me and a faithful, playful little buddy to your Dad. You became his shadow that wherever he is, you always want to be there too, with him. Sometimes, you throw a fit & you refuse to eat. Daddy will get your food, will neatly pinch it, feed you with his hand, and you'd start eating. Then, he'd tell me, see Mommy, no problem. Our little boy's eating again. Anything Daddy eats, you'd eat!

You were so smart, Gizzy. You learned how to shake hands, to sit, to say your prayers. Daddy taught you how to get the paper outside, to help him carry the mail inside. Heck, you guys even surprised me one day when you got my slippers for me when i got home from work. Hahaha! After a tiresome day at work,it was always a joy coming home to see you. You'd bark at the door to greet me, then ran all over the house to find my slippers. Sometimes you found both all by yourself. And sometimes Dad has to help you. You always listen to Daddy where to look. And when you find them, you got a Treat!!!You were just so awfully Sweet, Baby! We just love you so very much!

Do you still remember how much you love to go traveling with us? Do you still remember Gizzy, when i had to sleep with you in a hotel's bathroom floor so you stop barking at people passing by? You were very small then and we were able to sneak you in the hotel. You were almost a year when we realized you never barked! Do you still remember how Dad & I went on the floor with you teaching you how to "Rrruf! Rrruf! Rrruf!"? Awww! that was really funny! You looked at us with those big, beautiful eyes as if you're asking us '"Are you guys crazy/"? After a few days, you got it. Eversince then, when you hear the doorbell ring', you beat Mom & Dad to the door, and you "Rrruf! Rrruf! Rrruf! everyone that comes through that door. At night, when you hear something,you'd bark. You'd want us to check it out. For thirteen years, Dad has to work away from us. There was only you and i in the house. I felt very safe with you back then.
Gizzy, You were the Best Security Guard in the whole wide world!

How'bout our neighbors in Goose Creek, Gizzy. Do you remember Mr Bob and Ms Ada? They took care of you whenever Mom & Dad had to leave home for a few days. They have this very cute,little dog named Sophie. She was your Best Friend. Remember? Twice a day,everyday, you and Sophie would walk down our street,on to the lake to do your business there.Hahaha! Oooh Gizzy, you and Sophie looked very cute together. I'm sure you miss Sophie. How about the Hathaways? Do you recall Mr Scott and Ms Carrie? When Mom &Dad went cruising to The Carribeans, they took care of you. Everybody in the neighborhood loved you Gizzy. Uncle Andy and Aunt Nancy Smith took care of you for three weeks when we had to come over here to scope things up before we made the move. You bravely took that 21-hr airplane ride. People can't even believe that we have you with us. You remained very quiet during the whole trip. You were an amazing traveler. You made our trip very interesting. We were so focused on you.

Baby,you brought so much sunshine in our lives that we did not even notice the passing of years.

Seventeen years has passed Giz, Daddy got old, Mommy got old, Gizzie got old. Gizzie, you got sick. We did the best we could for you. We know you know that. We love you so much. We couldn't stop crying for you. How we wish that we could be together again even for just one more day.
In Mommy's and Daddy's hearts, we know that one day, we will be seeing each other again, never to part again. My dear Baby know that we love you and miss you. And that the sunshine you brought into our life is the Special thought that we will revere of you until we meet again.

Gizzy, baby it's almost New Year here now. Christmas came and went like a blur. Do you have Christmas and New Year where you are? I bet you had so much fun playing with all your friends there. We miss you with us Gizzy. Do you remember the Christmas Tree ornament that you gave Mommy one Christmas? Well, Mommy put up a tiny little Christmas Tree this year and Mommy put your ornament on the tree. It was beautiful Gizzy. How we wish you are still here with us to celebrate holidays with us. Well, new year is almost here. Hope you are okay where you are. Keep playing. Stay happy. Someday we'll be together again, never to part again. We love you Gizzy, so very much!

Hello Giz! I just want you to know that Mommy and Daddy are thinking about you all the time. Did you play with your Bridge Friends today? I'm sure they like you. Why wouldn't they. You are the bestest friend anybody could ever have.Hope you make many more friends there and may you be happy all the time,till we meet again.

Giz, baby. thanks for getting mommy's attention the other night when she forgot to take you upstairs. Guess what? She'll never forget you downstairs anymore. Ever!

Gizzy, Mommy was trying to get to the Monday Candlelighting but i couldn't. Please help me.
Sorry 'mo, the day did not go over very well. Maybe next time. Thanks for keeping me company every night. Thanks for listening to me. I can't pat you on the head anymore, but i keep you in my heart all the time. Keep playing with your friends at the Bridge, till we see each other again.Luv yah!

Hi Momo! Sorry, it's been a while. No, mommy did not get busy and forgot you. Sometimes mommy just gets immersed into some other stuff. Mommy still misses you Momo. Tucking you to bed every night and taking you downstairs every morning makes me feel you are still here with me. Did you feel my kisses every morning, Mo? Do you hear me when i say Good Night and Good Morning? How 'bout the little spaghetti noodles? Did you like 'em? Momo, you make me cry,missing you.Wish i can still ruffle the hair on your head. I miss you, it hurts.

Good Morning MoMo :) We just got done with the Candlelight Service for you. I felt you were so happy that we have done that. I also felt your sadness of missing us.We miss you too MoMo. I'll take you to the terrace with me tonight. Promise. Love you Gizzie,

Hi Gizzy Baby! How are you today? Like what we've been talking about for a few nights now, I'd have to leave you with Daddy for a little while. I'll be away for a little bit. He will take good care of you, just like before. You look after Daddy and make sure he wakes up in the morning and that he gets a good night sleep at night. You and Daddy, just you and Daddy until I get back. He will not make you sad while i am away. Mommy just asks that you pray for her that her trip and back be a safe and hassle-free and an enjoyable visit. :) You and Daddy wait for me till i get back. (I might have a happy surprise for you when i get back.) :)
Good night Gizzy. Mommy is having a big head ache tonight. Stress perhaps. Always remember Mommy and Daddy loooves you very much!Play and enjoy the meadow and your friends, till we see you again.Goodnight Sweet Gizzy.

Hi Gizzy! Well, i hope you pray for mine & Ate Glo's trip tomorrow. That we have a safe, hassle-free trip. I will be staying at Ate Janice's and Ate Glo at Kuya Joel's. I'm sure we will all be eating together every mealtime. I will be back soon. I Love You and miss you Gizzy.

December 4, 2016
Hi Gizzy! Today, is your second year anniversary. It is hard for me and Daddy to remember you this way. A lot has happened since you left. Daddy has now a new wife and a new dog. He is happy with his family that he created. He said he still loves you and me. But that he needs the new wife and his new dog to survive. I am sure we both understand him for that. Let us just be thankful of the nice memories we all shared when we were together.
Just remember that we love you Gizmo. You and i shared and spent a lot of happy times together. I can never forget you. I still cannot find the heart to get another dog to replace you Gizmo. That spot you left in my heart will always be there just for you. If you happen to come back, you will find that nobody has touched your spot in my heart.
Go now, and play with your friends for now Giz. My heart bleeds missing you. But i know that we will see each other again to be reunited never to part again. i will wait for that day Giz. No one ever will understand me better than you would. Thank you Giz for the wonderful days we shared. Mommy and Daddy loves you Giz.

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