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Memories of Gizmo
Where do we start ... You came into our lives 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. You were the best puppy anyone could have asked for. From the first moment I held you, Papa knew you were destined to come home with us. You brought so much joy and happiness into our lives and we will never forget you.

When we brought you home and tried to think of a name, you started to coo. Much like that of the good little gremlin, so we named you Gizmo! That first day home, you picked up a tennis ball and played fetch! At that time the ball was as big as you. Soon you grew up, but always enjoyed playing fetch, along with many other games. We laughed, we played ... You were a ball of energy. You were extremely smart and knew exactly what to do without being told.

People were always amazed at how you would ring the call bell we set on the floor, to let us know you needed to go out. Most of the time it was to take care of business, but sometimes you just wanted to romp outside! I will forever keep the picture of you in my mind of how you would sit at the bay window in Illinois and gaze at passerby's. I'll miss our morning walks and how you made friends along the way.

I wish you had more time to enjoy our new life in California. I know how much you enjoyed bathing in the sun of our backyard. You amazed me at how easy you adapted to the change and how quickly you picked up on a new routine.

We've heard from so many of your friends in Illinois, your new friends in California and family about how sweet you were. EVERYONE misses you.

You were my shadow and Papa's little girl. We had hoped to have more years with you in our new home, but understand that you had to go. My heart aches, Papa's heart aches. You never met your sister Freckles, but I'm sure she'll find you. Please keep each other company and one day Papa and I will join you!

You were more than just a pet. You were our child. I love you puppy, puppy, puppy! My little Stinkanella Rockafella ... Papa loves you and will miss how you happily greeted him every evening. You gave us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! For that we will always love you, honor you, miss you.


Dearest Gizmo,

Our puppy, puppy, puppy ..... It's now been one week since we said goodbye. You were only 10lbs, but had the presence of the universe. You gave us unconditional love every day of our short time together. The ten short years that we shared with you was enriched by your love of life and the energy you brought to each of our days. We miss you dearly and our hearts still ache ... We will always cherish our time together and appreciate how our lives were enriched by you. Please know that we will FOREVER carry you in our hearts.

Mommy & Papa


Hello Gizmo my sweet puppy!

It's been a while since I wrote, but I think about you every day. I still cry daily from missing you sooooo much. I've visited the dog park several times and all our two legged and four legged friends say "HELLO" and they miss you too. I told them I've talked to a lot of people at Rainbow Bridge who are visiting their furbabies memorial. They all have been very nice and we've shared stories. It's sounds like you are running with a GREAT NEW GROUP of FRIENDS!!! Knowing that has helped Papa and me. I hope you've found your sister Freckles and both of you are keeping Grandpa Haerr and Auntie Arlene company when you take a break from playing with your new friends. Miss you ... LOVE YOU ... Mommy


Sweet Gizmo,

Another emotional day for me and Papa. We picked up your ashes today and when they handed us the small cedar box, they also gave us a cast of your paw print. It made both Papa and I burst into tears. We have your ashes and paw print home now and they will rest next to those of Freckles proudly displayed. I hope you are still making new friends. Romping & playing pain free over at Rainbows Bridge. I feel you in my heart every day ... Love Mommy


Gizmo my puppy,

Cried a lot today as we put some of your stuff in storage, like your car seat, travel crate and stroller .... I think I made Papa feel sad too. He tried not to cry, but I saw tears in his eyes. I know he's still hurting too. Your toys and bed remain in our room. Your food bowl and water bowl are still in the kitchen. Since you were always at my side, like my shadow, I continue to look down at my feet to make sure I'm not stepping on you and cry when I don't see you. I miss you ..... Love Mommy


Good Morning Gizmo,

You remain in my dreams, which makes waking up without seeing you very sad. The sorrow still consumes me. I'm told time heals, I know time heals, but hearing and knowing doesn't make it any easier. Love you, Mommy


Hello Puppy!

I just can't seem to let you go .... I had a really bad night of crying from missing you so. All of our sweet memories are haunting me and I long for the day I will find comfort in them. I hope you know how much you meant to me and papa. How sorry we are that we could not save you. Love, Mommy.



I've been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving Day several years back. We were all at Grandma and Grandpa Lonigro's ... We finished the FEAST and Grandma brought the pumpkin pie to the dining room table. Before indulging in pie, we all decided to go into the family room and watch a DVD of family pictures that papa and I brought. About halfway into the DVD, I realized you weren't in the room with us. I got up to look for you and found you ON TOP of the dining room table, with your face in the pumpkin pie! I screamed out "Gizmo!" ... You looked up at me as to say "busted" looked down at the pie and saw you hadn't finished. Took another bite, then jumped off the table and ran!!! As mad as I was, I couldn't help but laugh! So did everyone else, even though we weren't going to have desert. You pooped orange for the next couple days :D I hope you are enjoying a HUGE PUMPKIN PIE today with all your furball friends. I'll try not to cry at dinner today when the pumpkin pie gets served .... LOVE MOMMY



You would have been 11 today! I hope you had lots of pumpkin pie yesterday ~ TODAY I HOPE YOU HAVE A BIG CAKE TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS .... I'll try not to cry all day today, but it's going to be hard. I miss you dearly. Love Mommy


Hello my sweet Gizmo,

Still not getting easier .... So many things remind me of you. I catch myself throughout the day either calling out to you or looking for you. You were such a big part of our lives and I'm having a hard time adjusting to a routine without you. I have received so many letters from Mom's and Dad's who have fur babies that have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. They shared their stories, so I know you are in very good company. Love forever, Mommy xoxox


Hello my sweet puppy ...

I am sitting here, still missing you and trying to hold back my tears .... Yesterday was our closing date for our home back in Illinois. We are happy that it sold so we can move on with our new life here in Southern California. BUT all I could picture most of the day yesterday was how you used to perch yourself in the front window and watch over the neighborhood. It was papa and my home for 20 years. Freckles lived her last seven years there and you for most of your 10 years. I am glad that you had time to live in our new house when we spent last winter here. AND I'm glad you were here for our official FULL TIME move-in this past September. You had no problem adapting to the new home and neighborhood. I wish you had more time to enjoy the California Sun. I miss you terribly ... Love Mommy xoxox


Merry Christmas Gizmo!

Oh how I wish you were here to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Papa and I will spend the day at Laguna Beach! It's supposed to be in the 80's! So much nicer than the bitter cold and snowy days of the past. You would love the beach and the warmth. I'm wearing my reindeer ears with the Santa hat. Cried when I placed them on my head, wishing you were next to me in your matching headgear. I hope Santa still delivered lots of gifts to you .... you deserve the best. Love Mommy xoxox


Good morning my sweet ...

We had a lovely day at the beach on Christmas. Lots of people had their dogs with them, big and small! You would have fit right in! California is soooooooo dog friendly you could go anywhere and everywhere with us. It breaks my heart that you never got the chance. After spending the day at the beach, we stopped for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa on the way home. Grandma is still a little confused and was wondering where you were. Grandpa misses you. See you in my dreams ..... Love, mommy xoxox



I hope your stay at Rainbow Bridge is treating you well. I still have a daily meltdown, missing you so .... I can't seem to heal the huge hole you left in my heart. The weather here has been beautiful! It has been setting records for the warmest winter. Where back in Illinois, they had a record breaking cold snap and LOTS of snow! Hitting lows of negative 30 or so with the wind chill. Without the wind chill, it was still negative readings!! I think that's one of the reasons for my continued meltdowns. I know how much you would be enjoying this awesome weather. You hated the cold, snow or even the rain as much as me!!! The house still feels empty without you. Papa and I have been staying busy taking in all that Southern California has to offer, but you are constantly on both of our minds. Especially since dogs are accepted almost everywhere!!! I still haven't been able to bring myself to pick up your water and food bowl. They're still sitting right where you left them. That goes for you makeshift toy box, and crate which both remain in the same place in our bedroom. Love you stinkanella rockafella ... Mommy xoxox


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! You will always be our sweetheart heart! Sorry it has been soooo long since I've visited. Know that you are always in my heart and on my mind. I can't help but continue to cry every day from missing you. I love you, miss you! Mommy & Papa


Hello Gizmo!

Ever since you left, I've been networking on Facebook to help pups dumped in shelters find their FURever homes. I started out sharing posts and pledging, then I volunteered to pull a few pups out of high kill shelters and transport to rescue groups or the vet of rescue groups. Papa has even gone on a few trips with me too! I wish I could save them all ... but I'm learning that's impossible. Today we drove to Palm Springs to pick up a little Yorkie mix to foster for Lisa with "Fluffs & Scruffs". Her name is Victoria! She was an owner surrender. Last week Lisa called me to get her from a lady in Temecula who didn't have time for her. She's only a year old and already had a litter of pups 8 weeks prior! You & she would have gotten along like best buds! Love, mommy


Dear Gizmo ... Tragically Buddy, Diane & Kirks pup, was hit by a car and died. PLEASE find him and show him around! Introduce him to your sister, cousins and all the friends you've made. He'll be happy to see your friendly face. Love, mommy


Hello little girl,

I took Victoria to Lisa's vet today to be spayed. When I went back to pick her up, we found out that she was 2 weeks pregnant so the litter was aborted .... Poor thing, through so much in her short life! I think I feel you watching over her as her personal doggie angel. Thank you! Love You! Mommy


Gizmo my pup!!

Papa and I made a BIG decision today! We are going to adopt Victoria .... The house had been so empty, now it feels full again. Please know that she will NEVER replace you in our hearts. Just like you didn't replace Freckles in our hearts! Please continue to watch over me, papa and now Victoria. Love, mommy.


Oh my SWEET GIZMO ....

I can't believe how fast time has been flying! I'm sorry it has been so long since I've written to you BUT PLEASE KNOW ... I think about you every day. Even now, as I sit here and type, my heart aches from missing you. I talk to Victoria all the time about you (we call her Tori now). I know she would have loved playing with you. After we adopted her, my paranoia had me take her to Dr. Zimmer for a full blood workup. Not knowing her full history, I wanted to make sure she was healthy. Well, there was a spike in her white blood cells. After a number of tests and visits to a specialist we found out she has pulmonary infiltration with eosinophilia [PIE]. We've been back and forth to California Vet Specialists (the place where you spent your final days) for more tests and she's on medicine to get it under control ~ finally it is!!! She'll probably have to stay on medication for the rest of her life, but at least it's under control.

We've almost been in this house for 1 year now! Remember the movers picked up our stuff on September 17th and me, you, and papa started driving west on the 18th! I promise I'll won't take so long to visit again. LOVE, HUGS, AND LOTS OF KISSES TO YOU, Mommy. P.S. Tell Freckles we still love her, and miss her like crazy too!


Hello little girl,

I can't help but cry thinking back to this weekend one year ago. Papa, me and you took a trip to Idyllwild .. You weren't your vibrant self. You seemed to have a bit of a stomach ache, a not very hungry. You still hiked with us, being the trooper that you've always been. BUT you were hiding your pain. I wish I could go back in time and save you from the outcome .... Love, mommy


Hello sweetheart,

Last year today we could tell something was terribly wrong. You no longer could hide your pain. I took you to Dr. Zimmer and he ran a blood test, which showed your kidney levels were off the chart. The disease that we had under control for the last three years, was no longer under control. I left you with him for the day. He wanted to pump you with fluids hoping to flush out your kidneys and get them working good again. When I picked you up later that day, you looked exhausted. In the middle of the night, your breathing became labored so I bundled you up in a blanket and we rushed you to California Veterinary Specialists. God please save our baby!! The staff there did everything to comfort us, but the only thing we could do was cry and pray. All we came home with that night was the blanket I had you wrapped in and hope that god would aid them in saving you.


Gizmo my puppy, sweet pup!

This week last year was the worst week of our lives. Papa & I have not been able to sleep. We are so worried for you! Dr. Bennett has kept in constant contact with updates on the different procedures they are trying to heal you. She still has hope you will recover. We visit you daily, but you don't have the strength to acknowledge us. All you can do is cuddle in our arms. "OH god, please help" is the silent scream in our heads.


Dearest Gizmo,

Our puppy, puppy, puppy ..... It's now been one year since we said goodbye. You were only 10lbs, but had the presence of the universe. You gave us unconditional love every day of our time together. The ten short years that we shared with you was enriched by your love of life and the energy you brought to each of our days. We miss you dearly and our hearts still ache ... We will always cherish our time together and appreciate how our lives were enriched by you. Please know that we will FOREVER carry you in our hearts.

Mommy & Papa


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Papa and I went to Denise and Mikes house. Grandpa and Grandma were there too .... Of course the same story always comes to mind .... You helping yourself to a whole pumpkin pie while we weren't looking! We love you! We miss you!


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gizmo ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Papa and I miss you so much. We wish you were still here with us, enjoying Southern California and being a big sister to Tori. I miss your night time snuggles, your happy face, and unconditional love. My heart still aches from the loss of you.

Love always,
Mommy & Papa


HOPPY EASTER my hug-a-bunny!! You are always in my thoughts ... I still have your beautiful face as my cell phone screen saver. All of last week you were on the forefront of my mind. Then today, I came across a post from 4 years ago today:

"April 5, 2011 at 9:41am ~ My Gizmo's got to have an ultrasound test for possible kidney problems. Taking her tomorrow at 9 am. Going to be a LONG 24 hours of worry ....."

The results gave pappa and I a lot to worry about from that day forward. Although with careful watch, lots of trips to Dr. Christine and prescription food, we were able to keep you with us for another 3 wonderful years. I wish we could have done more to keep you with us on earth as long as we had Freckles with us. But then again, even 17 years with Freckles wasn't long enough. Thank you for watching over your new sister Tori. I know you are because every now and then she does something that reminds me of you.

Love forever,
Mommy & Pappa


Dearest Gizmo,

I'm sorry once again for taking so long to write. Been working crazy hours, but that will soon change. Your presence is still in our hearts and in our home. It is strong! Sometimes I think a part of you lives on in Tori .... It's crazy how some of the actions she does is out of character for her, but sooooo much like you. She obviously feels your presence too! Please continue to keep a watchful eye over her. Take care my sweet Gizmo.

Love always and forever,
Mommy & Papa


As October approaches, I feel overwhelmed with sadness .... Not a day goes by, without having you in my thoughts. Miss you my sweet!

Love Mommy


Hello Gizmo, our sweet little furball ...

This day will always be heavy on our hearts! 2 years ago today we hugged and kissed you for the last time. Although we don't visit your site as often as in the past, you remain in our daily thoughts, and we visit often in our dreams. You were a GREAT little trooper, all the way up and through your final days. Please know how much your unconditional love enriched our lives. WE DEEPLY LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.

Mommy and Papa


Dearest Gizmo,

I am sooooo sorry it has taken me this long to visit with you! Please know that you are not forgotten. You are always in my heart. So much has happened since my last visit with you, so I don't know where to start. For the past year I have been dog sitting to bring some extra money in. Tori, Bill and I have made friends with lots of other little furballs. One in particular is a dog named George. He reminded papa of you! His mom had to move and give him up, but as much as we loved him, we are not at a point to bring a new member into our home permanently. We helped to foster him and in the process found him a GREAT loving home. In early June, my dad ... your grandpa passed away. It's still a rough time for me, but time is healing ..... I still miss you snuggling with me at night and papa misses his Sunday morning snuggles with you too. Please look for grandpa and give him a kiss from us.

Love always,
Mommy and Papa


Hello little girl,

This day is never easy for me or papa! It's now been three years since we said our last goodbyes. As I type this note to you, I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Your time on earth was too short, but that time we had together will never be forgotten. Please say hello to grandpa Lonigro, grandpa Haerr, and auntie Arlene. I hope you and Freckles are keeping them company ...

We Love you and Miss you,
Mommy and Papa


Hello sweet Gizmo,

You would have been 14 today. When we got you, I know papa and I both assumed you would live as long as Freckles did and you would still be with us. I miss playing catch with you, and your snuggles at night. I miss you .... We have entered the Holiday Season, which continues to get harder and harder as we look back on memories of lost family members. You included our precious child.

Mommy and Papa


Dear sweet Gizmo,

I am soooo sorry for how much time has passed since my last entry. Time is passing so quickly. I can't believe it is October already. We lost my daddy on June 6th 2016, and then my mommy on January 31, 2017 ... very sad times in our lives which seem to be passing in the blink of an eye. Now we are approaching the fourth year of losing you! This is always a super sad time for us. We love you still so very dearly. Please say hello to all our lost loves and know you are always in our thougnhts, and live on in our hearts.

Mommy and Papa


Gizmo our sweet little girl,

The days leading up to today are always filled with sadness ... You were a tough little cookie, but you could not beat the inevitable. We are and always will be grateful for the unconditional love that you shared with me and papa. We cherish all of our memories and carry you in our hearts until we meet again. GONE, but NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Love xoxox

Mommy & Papa


Dearest Gizmo,

Time is flying so fast! This year seemed to have passed with a blink of an eye! It's almost October already, yet January seems as if it was AGES ago. No matter how much or how quickly time passes, you are always in our thoughts and loving memories.


Mommy & Papa


Hello sweet baby!

Another year has passed since visiting your page, but you still remain in our hearts and in our thoughts everyday. MISS YOU SO MUCH!XOXOX

Love always,
Mommy and Papa


Dear sweet Gizmo,

This will always be a difficult day for us. It's the day we had to say goodbye to you. You gave us so much unconditional love and took a piece of our hearts when you had to go. As I type this note to you thru tears, I cling to the sweet memories of your time with us on earth ... Until we meet again my sweet baby, you will always remain in our thoughts.

Love forever,

Mommy & Papa

p.s. I just found out that your buddy Kozmo recently crossed over Rainbows Bridge. Would you and Freckles please find him and show him around. Let him know his mommy and daddy miss him. xoxox


Well sweet child, I'm not really sure where this year has gone! There's this thing called COVID19 that hit us and put the world into a tail spin! Back in March when we were hours from getting on a plane to Ireland with Papa's family, things went crazy! We didn't go ... we turned around and came home. Things only got worse and still today it is not back to normal. I'm afraid nothing will ever be the same. Papa and I had so many plans for this year that were cancelled due to COVID. We've still been able to have some fun, but time seems to be at a stand still. One thing that hasn't changed and never will is the fact that WE MISS YOU! We miss you each and every day.


Mommy & Papa


Dearest Gizmo,

Seven years ago today you got your wings. Not a day goes by that you aren't in our thoughts. Both you and Freckles were our children and loved deeply. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

Hugs & kisses

Mommy & Papa


Sweet little girl,

WOW!!! I thought COVID made 2020 fly by, but here it is another year later and I'm just now writing to you. Of course as ALWAYS you continue to be in my thoughts and in my heart along with Freckles. Late last December Papa and I bought an RV and we have been traveling A LOT! Your sister Tori LOVES our travels and I know you would have as well. We have several more trips planned before this year is over and are already thinking of places we want to visit next year. Fingers crossed Papa will be able to retire mid next year AND THEN our trips will be even longer. Hugs and kisses to you my sweet girl.

Mommy & Papa


Hello sweet girl,

8 years ago today you gained your wings. Even though we shed tears all year long, the sobs are a little longer and harder on this day. I wish we had more time together, but the short time you were here filled us with so much love and joy. We will always cherish our memories. We will love you forever.

Mommy & Papa


Hello my sweet ANGEL ...

We need your help! Please look after your sister Tori. She's been a sick little girl all week. It started Monday, with symptoms eerily close to what we had with you the week before sending you over Rainbows Bridge. I am beside myself with worry. You know how intensely Papa and I love our furbabies. Today she had to be admitted into the Emergency Pet Clinic in Temecula. I don't want to go over all the details of this weeks horror, but just wanted to ask you to look over her. Hopefully todays care will get her back to her spunky little self and we can bring her home.

Love you my sweet Angel


Dearest Gizmo,

Another year flew by! I had a hard time falling asleep last night knowing today was the day we lost you 9 years ago. Sorry I never updated you on Tori's condition from this time last year. It was a scary week, but she got thru it. Thanks to you and Freckles watching over her. Papa finally retired in April of this year, so we have been traveling A LOT ... Neither of us seem to know what day of the week it is, but that's a good thing. One thing is for sure, WE MISS YOU! We love you and carry you in our hearts everyday. I promise I'll make a better effort to visit more often this year.

Love you xoxo


TEN YEARS HAVE PASSED since we had our final hug, our final kiss and said goodbye ... Even with all the time that has gone by, this day still weighs heavy on our hearts. I still cry mourning your departure. Sweet memories help, but the hole in our heart still remains. I'm sorry I fell short on my promise of visiting this site more often throughout the year, but I do visit you often in my dreams.


We love you xoxo

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