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Memories of Gizmo
She never asked how my day was but always greeted me with a complete wiggle of her little body as she heard the key in the door. Upon sight of me the joy of her voice let me know she missed me and was happy to see me.

She stayed under my feet until I picked her up and she told me how happy she was that I was home. The word outside and off we went to the door and quickly back in not wanting to be away from me.

A little while of playing ball, then dinner was fixed, had to rinse the gravy off her food. At last a time to rest together as we watched TV on the couch. She knew when it was time for bed as I gathered up my coffee cup and we went to the kitchen, one more treat before bed. I would go to my bed she would go to her pillow, content to sleep knowing I was close by.

I felt safe knowing she was close by and she felt safe knowing I was there thru the night. If I awoke she would immediately be by my side. A true friend always grateful for the treats, love and attention from the past thirteen years. I will always love you my special girl.

April 23, 2010
As I sit here the hour of your passing draws closer. The memory of last Friday will never leave my mind. Gizmo I have faith to believe that you are happy and safe. Please don't forget me as I won't forget you. You were my trusted companion for almost thirteen years and I miss you dearly. Dad

March 18, 2019
So hard to believe its has been almost nine years since you crossed the bridge Gizmo. Live has had many changes yet the memories of our life together has never faded as you continue to rest in the warmth of our home in your urn.

April 24, 2010

My special baby girl Gizmo went to Rainbow bridge on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 0850 AM. She had become unsteady and tried to get off the couch on Wednesday evening of last week. I was in the kitchen and heard her and went and checked her and didn't think anything was wrong.
She had become a picky eater over the past year so I didn't worry too much when she did not eat Wednesday evening. I sat in the kitchen floor and made her some small ice cubes and she drank some water out of my hand. Thursday morning she ate a little and again drank some water. I went to work Thursday and later in the evening I noticed a smell from her mouth so I knew we needed to go see the vet. We slept on the couch together Thursday night and I was up at 0530 on Friday morning, the vet opened at 0730. I called at 0740 and we were there in five minutes. I told him to give her a sedation to be looked at because I knew she was going to have no part of anyone looking in her mouth. She was alseep when the vet and I looked and checked her, she had broken her little jaw from the fall. I was in shock and told the vet give me a minute I went outside and called my friend, he was there in just a minute, then another call for my other friend. I smoked like a train for those few minutes. I sent someone to the house to get her bed and blanket. The vet Dr. Leathers was wonderful he talked to us about the different aspects of repair, but I knew with her age, eye sight and some tumors from a year ago what decision I needed to make. I held her, kissed her, and showered her in tears. The greatest pain I have ever felt.
We wrapped her in her blanket and placed her in her bed and we came home. My friend called Caleb from Butler and son Crematory and he was at the house in 30 minutes. Gizmo and I had our time together and I carried along the route she would take when going outside, then we came back in for a few minutes. I sign her cremation authorization and selected a nice cherry urn that I could put her picture in the front. My friends walked with me to place her in the front seat and I put the seat belt around her bed.
On Friday evening I made a memorial site for her with pictures, flowers from work, candles and her precious little urn. Sunday morning I made her memorial page on this site and I am forever grateful to everyone who has signed her guest book. It is hard to type with tears streaming down my face.
Gizmo and I traveled everywhere together, she was born in Peoria, Arizona and we moved to Georgia my home in 2001. She has been to many states and has stayed in many hotels. She loved to travel, loved cheesburgers, and ice cubes. She will always be my Giz Monster and until she hears my voice and runs to be held I will always remember and love her. When I would come home I always picked her up her resting on me with her front paws on my shoulder. The softness of her fur and the love in her eyes will carry me till my journeys end. I love you Gizmo,

May 16, 2010

Silent Love

The morning I awoke with great excitement as the day arrived with a glorious streaming sunrise, the day I would be introduced to silent love.

The drive to meet silent love was one of peace and tranquility with a brilliant blue cloudless sky and a gentle breeze to wash the humidity from the sticky desert air.

As I emerged from my vehicle and walked up the crushed stone walk way and knocked with a firm rasp on the reddish brown door I was met by silent love wrapped in the arms of human flesh.

The years of cherish memories pasted as rapidly as the swift mighty rapids of a raging swollen river during a spring thaw of gentle white snow that had gathered during the dwarfness of winter.

Silent Love and I grew the spiritual bonds that only we could understand as the language of communication was made only between herself and I, the mortal human who knew her best.

The day Silent Love left this earthly world in the breathing form was a day when the intent burning fire of separation would become my soul mate for the rest of my earthly journey.

My Silent Love was given the name Gizmo because of her adorable little Gremlin face with the protruding under bite of white teeth.

My silent Love until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, play safe, stay well, and keep an ear tuned to the Eastern sky when with your keen hearing you hear my familiar step and the sound of my voice and we meet again for all of eternity, while ages roll.

Glenn Gilmore

March 8, 2012

Well, it has been awhile since I have written some words but the absence of words does not meanyou are absent from my heart and mind. Gizmo, I left home in April of 2011 and have been living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since lat July. I know you have been safe with Aunt Ann looking after her and the fur babies she has. I know your urn with your smiling face is resting on the mantel in the living room. I will be back in July to hold you in my arms. I have always remembered you and will always miss you, the tears in my eyes as i write is the evidence of the love we had for each other. Stay safe, play with lots of energy and when you hear the sound of my voice know that time has come for us to cross the bridge together.
Love you always,

April 15, 2013
Tomorrow will be 3 years since the joy of my life left and went to Rainbow Bridge. Gizmo just wanted you to know that time has not removed or dampned my love for you. Play safe and one day you will hear my voice again.

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