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Memories of Gizmo
Gizmo was absolutely the best puppy a mommy can ask for. He was the best caregiver, cuddler, protector, secret keeper... just about anything I could ever want or ask for. I love you Gizmo!

6/24 (really still Tuesday, but I can not sleep as I look at your collar) Hi Giz, I miss you terribly. Getting up this morning, without you waiting next to the shower, or giving me the face that was so impossible to leave to go to work... I dreaded coming home knowing how much it was going to hurt to not have you wagging your tail when I got home. I love you my little munchkin, and while I am happy you are not hurting anymore, I miss you more than any words, thoughts or tears can ever explain. Love, your Mommy

6/26 (really still thursday) Hey my little guy. Not sure why it did not occur to me until tonight, but now you are with my Mommy, so I know that you are taking extra special care of each other. Even though i do not really want to, tomorrow I am taking your Uncle Danny to Disney. I'll be missing you the whole time, thinking of the little Mickey I bought for you on my last trip, that kept you company when you were in the ICU. There is nothing i do that does not make me think of you, I miss you and love you Moes ~ Mommy

6/27 Gizmo, I miss you terribly and feel guilt that I have no tears left, but I did get to pick you up from the vet today, which made me VERY happy. You would like the box, it is very pretty. Rev said he missed you, and Aunt Nina misses you too. I love you pumkin! ~ Mommy

7/7 Hey my little guy! I have not had the best internet access... On Friday Paula, Jean and Charlene stopped by to toast to you. We had peperoni and Paula brought some slim jims in your honor (no thank goodness we did not open them). I think Aunt Deidre is getting a bit annoyed with me, sincee your bowls are still in the kitchen, and your beds are still out. I did send your cookies home to Benny and Cocoa on Sunday, but kept some around for Miss Lola, in case she comes to visit. There is not a moment that I am not missing and thinking about you. I love you ~ Mommy

7/19 Hi Moes! Just wanted to let you know that Raina said she missed you today, and Ryan made me a book all about you. I miss you, and think about you all of the time. I hope you are having lots of fun, and the only thing that makes my missing you tolerable is knowing that you are not feeling sick or sad anymore. I love you my litle baby Moes! ~ Mommy

7/25 Hey Gizzabut!! Your thank you cards got picked up today, and sadly yesterday I reminded myself that i had no reason to rush home from work without you there :( Paula is taking care of a kitten in the neighborhood, and it makes her sad to be here without you. I love you my little munchkin!! Miss you ~ Your Mommy

8/11/09 Oh my baby... I miss you terribly. This weekend I put away you favorite beds, if under the table counts, and put your medicine and cookies away. I could only bring ,myself to part with old toys that you had not played with in a long time. I hope i am not disapointing you, it just still hurts so much to not cuddle with you when I go to bed. Aunt Deidre keeps finding "twins" of you, but I ony want you back, I can not fathom the idea of another puppy coming close to the special bond we have. My heart hurts without you, and I miss you eery moment of every day! ~Love, Your Mommy

9/4/09-Hey my little guy! I miss you so much. You were tremendously missed for my birthday. I so wish you were cuddled up next to me right now my little one. I love you and have to keep myself from writing you notes everday so not to run out of space. It pains me not to have you, but to know that you are no longer in pain makes me feel so much better. I love you munchkin, hugs kisses and belly rubs - Your Mommy

10/1/09 (really 10/2)- Hey my little munchkin! I miss you every day, but tonight is particularly tough. I would do anything to still have your sweet loving self still here with me! I take comfort knowing you are safe and not in pain, but i miss you so much. I love you baby - Your Mommy

3/23/2010 - Happy Birthday baby Moes, I love you and miss you with all of my heart. Not a single day passes without my wishing i had you to hug, kiss, and cuddle with. You are with me in my heart always! I love you little guy!

6/22/2010 - Hey little one!! I miss you terribly. It is unbeleivable that you have been gone a year, and i still look for you when i get home i'll wrtie more tonight, but wanted to say i love you!

1/5/13 - Oh my little muchkin, miss and love you ever day!!

6/22/2014 - my little guy... Was talking about you just last night! Miss you and love you alway!! 5 years is too long. xoxoxoxoxo

6/22/2015 - Hey little guy, still miss you to pieces and talk about you like you are right here next to me. xoxoxo

6/22/2017 - Miss you every day little guy! It's been so long, but you are always with me in my heart xoxo

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