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Memories of Giovanni
You were just a little guy when we first met you, about seven weeks old we were told. We already had a three year old cat at the time, a tuxedo just like you, and weren't really sure we wanted to add another furry member to our family. It was decided that if you had an Italian name and got along with Luigi we would give you a chance. Before we could introduce you though, we had to give you a flea treatment, the bath we hope you never remembered, and take you for a vet visit to insure a clean bill of health. You survived the bath and passed your health test with flying colors. Luigi accepted you immediately and the two of you became best friends, a relationship that grew and flourished through the years. And grow you did--to a strong, agile 20 pound boy! In your prime you were able to lift all those pounds off the floor to snatch a treat or toy out of the air held at our eye level! Amazing! No door was ever really closed to you unless it was locked. You learned early on how to stand up and open them, often with Luigi sitting there watching and waiting for you to work your magic. You were always playful and happy, always on the move. You would play with anything and everything, keeping us up during the night and waking us up much too early in the morning. Luigi was hard pressed to keep up with you, though try he did. The two of you had become known as The Boys, and quite an impressive pair you were. Your daily tussles were legendary, a sight to behold. It was all in fun of course, and you had such respect for him as your elder, your hero, that you always let him win. You were larger and stronger, could have taken him easily, yet never did. As Luigi walked off the victor you laid there and watched him with that special look in your eyes. You loved him so much, and missed him terribly when he left us. We were quite concerned about you then, afraid you might not want to go on without him. Somehow you did, but you were never quite the same. You were now a much older, quieter G Man; you finally lost that sweet kitten face that had stayed with you through the years and most of that boundless energy was gone. The eye condition that had developed the previous year was still a major issue, your arthritis was visibly progressing and other health problems were starting to emerge. Through it all you kept your good nature and that special light was always there in your eyes. Even that last day when you were so sick, you tried your best to keep going. We miss you so much G Man, this house is very empty without you. We miss your "Mouzer" greeting when we come home, miss you on the foot of the bed at night. We expect to see you on your mat or rug, asleep on the recliner you took as your own. Although it was very hard to let you go, we know it was best for you. You couldn't have gone on the way you were, and we know you are happy now with all the pain and discomfort gone. You can have fun again with Luigi, your best buddy must be so happy to have you back at his side. We love you G Man and always will. You will be in our hearts until we meet again.

You've been gone for a month already G Man; it is so hard to believe. We miss you as much now is we did when you first left us. I still expect to see you when I wake up in the morning, ready for your Fancy Feast. You are supposed to be there waiting for us when we come home, ready for the tidbit from our dinner that you knew we'd save for you. I miss sharing my recliner with you, rubbing your feet, yes "feet", not "paws". Aunt Bunnie & Uncle Jack were here this weekend. We looked at pictures of you and talked about you a lot, remembering all the happy times. Everyone misses you G Man; it will never be the same around here without you. We love you so very much.

Two months now G Man and we're still missing you so much. We were remembering so many things today, how you loved going up on the bathroom counter to drink out of the sink, the way you always jumped up on one recliner to finally lie down on the other--mine. I so miss having you there with me, we miss you everywhere. Love you lots G Man.

It's been a year since you left us Giovanni, and we've never stopped missing you. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn't break all over again when I think about you. It was doubly hard saying good-bye to you because it also meant saying good-bye to The Boys, the dynamic duo that brought so much joy into our lives for so many years. With both of you gone, that special time is over. It's very difficult to accept, all those wonderful memories now bittersweet. We made a calendar in memory of you and Luigi. It has lots of great photos of both of you through the years as you grew up together. The Boys--a unique pair indeed. We adopted two cats recently, a girl and a boy we named Bella and Bruno. They are both brown tabbies, young and active. This was a big decision for us to make, but they are both rescues who needed homes. Now they have a forever home with us where they will be cared for and loved. They will run through the spaces you once ran, play with your toys, and sleep in places you once slept, but they will never take your place in our hearts. Dearest G Man, our special boy. We love you and miss you, always will.

How can it possibly be two years, G Man? I miss you as much as ever, and so often wish you were still here with us. Sometimes photos of you as a kitten come up on the digital frame. When they do it makes me want it to start all over again, that special time with The Boys. Bella and Bruno help; they make us laugh and give us their love and trust. But it isn't the same, it never could be. We will always miss you, dear boy, always love you.

We said good-bye to you three years ago today, G Man, and still miss you so very much. We took you and Weege on another trip with us last month; we finally visited Delaware, that one little state we all rode through so often but never took time to stop and stay a while. So, be sure to tell Luigi that we finally have that map filled up and you were both a special part of it all. Hope you found Arthur, remember him? Elliot's brother, you boys met them in Maine. He just crossed over the bridge and is probably still trying to find his way around. The four of you, together again; hope you have loads of fun. We love you and miss you lots, G Man, always will.

We have been thinking about you a lot today, remembering clearly, much too clearly, that day four years ago when we had to make the difficult decision to let you go. It was very hard to say good-bye, but we knew it was best for you. Thankfully we have many wonderful memories of the years we had you here with us, the many happy times we all enjoyed together. We hope you are having loads of fun there over the bridge, jumping high and running fast again, enjoying every minute. We will always miss you though, always wish you were still here, always expect to see you hanging out in one of your favorite places. We love you lots, dearest G Man.

Five years, G Man, how can it possibly be that long? Some days it feels like yesterday, other days it feels like forever. You were such a special part of our lives for so long. You and Weege, The Boys; so many wonderful memories. I know you would have liked Bella and Bruno; they are special too, in their own ways. Of course neither of them will ever be you, but then they are not meant to be. We love them both, but still love you and Weege too, and will remember you always. I hope you and Weege will continue to stand at the bridge as I asked when I lit your candle today, to try to keep Chance from crossing. He has a lot of serious issues, but he is a fighter, just like you two. His parents and his brothers are not yet ready to say good bye, so if you do see him approaching please tell him to go back, that it isn't his time. Your time came much too soon for us. We miss you and we love you G Man, our dear sweet boy, and we always will.

Another year has gone by, six now since you left us. I was remembering today how you let me hold you and cry into your fur that day after Luigi left us. You never did like to be held that way, but you stayed anyway, for me. That is how you always were though, such a sweet boy. You seemed to know how much I missed him, missed holding him. I know you were missing him too. I remember how long you searched for him; you looked everywhere. Somehow we all got through it, but never stopped missing him; and then you. I love you G Man, and wish you were still here with us. I know you and Weege are enjoying lots of good times together, still having your daily tussles. Have fun, dear G Man, special boy; we miss you.

I sit here wondering how it can possibly be seven years. Although sometimes it feels like you've been gone forever, sometimes it feels like just yesterday that you left us. There are a few things that happen with the tabbies when we are reminded of you, the way you would have reacted to or played with something. But yet in so many ways you were unique, truly one of a kind. Those are the things we miss, the things that made you the special boy you were. We will never stop missing you and we will always love you, our G Man.

Time continues to move on, so many years since you left us. Eight now, so hard to believe and yet it is. We are slowing down a bit, G Man. It's getting difficult to keep up with things around here, a lot of space for us, a lot to take care of. The tabbies aren't quite as active anymore either. They still keep us going though, still nice having them around. They will never take your place, but have made their own places in our hearts. That doesn't make us miss you any less, we will always miss you and Weege. Those sure were special times we all had together. We love you lots, sweet G Man, always will.

You wouldn't like things around here right now, G Man. Our roof had a really bad leak so we need a new one. They are working on it now, making a lot of noise up there. The tabbies aren't happy at all about the noise and don't like it that they can't go on the porches while the workers are here. All of the living room furniture is in the hallway and dining room because of the leak. The tabbies like the change and I think you and Weege would have liked it too. It's different, makes new places to explore and take naps. I wish you were still here with us, wandering around and checking it all out. I love you and miss you lots G Man, our special Boy.

It's been ten years now G Man, I don't know how it can possibly be that long. Sometimes it still seems like yesterday that you left us, there are memories of you everywhere. Bella and Bruno fill some of the empty pleaces, but you and Weege are still here in so many others. We will never forget either of you. Your special little frog is still on the fireplace next to your urn and the robe sash you loved to chase and jump after is still in my nightstand drawer. Your photo is on the fridge and there are photos of you and Weege, The Boys together, on the fireplace and my desk. I miss you so much, G Man, and will love you always.

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