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Memories of Ginger
My beloved, precious, sweet Ginger, from the moment I saw you, I knew you were going to be the most amazing mouse I have ever known. Your adorable, darling face with your big black eyes and dumbo ears and your pretty orange coat beamed with love and anyone who ever saw you was surrounded by the joy and love you gave. You were so sweet, so loving, so precious, and you were and always will be loved more than anything in the world. As soon as I adopted you, I knew you were a miracle mouse, you overcame so many challenges with ease and filled my life with happiness whenever I was with you. You were the most amazing blessing in the entire world, and I am forever so grateful for you.
I loved watching you bustle around the beautiful home you lived in, and your happy spirit made it all the nicer. You cuddled with your mouse family constantly, and all the mice all came to cuddle up to you; you were their sun, their heating pad, and the center of their world, and you will live on in your mouse family's and my hearts. You loved eating, especially pumpkin seeds and strawberry yogurt drops, and I will always think of you whenever I see your favorite foods. You loved exploring, wheeling, and climbing, and were so curious and active even though you were so giant. Your warm plumpness made you a fluffy ball of love who filled my heart with happiness and reassurance; whenever I was sad or worried, I would go to your habitat and you would come to me and climb onto my hands to comfort me. You loved going on little outings around my room and being photographed, and you were the most beautiful, photogenic animal ever. I have so many pictures of you and you look gorgeous and adorable in every single one, and the expression in your eyes beamed your love for the world. You were one of a kind and everyone who saw you knew that.
My precious Ginger, you lived a very long, happy, healthy, fulfilled, and loved life. You were surrounded by love and affection and you enjoyed every minute of it, you let me know that. You were so full of life in a way I have never seen in any other mouse, and every single second I got with you I will cherish as long as I live. We had so many nice times together, and these memories are the best memories of my life. No matter what age, you were a perfect angel. When you were a cute, tiny baby mouse who loved climbing and wheeling, when you were a giant, friendly, docile, loving, healthy matriarch of the mouse colony, remaining this way until you were so old, and when you were very old and what was left of you was your perfect, sweet kindness. You were equally important, amazing, and truly special at every point in your long life. On your last day, you let me know it was time to say goodbye, your time to leave me and my other mice had come at last, and I held you as you cuddled in my hands, penetrating your love and telling me it was ok for you to let go soon. On the day you passed away, your sweet husband mouse Maximillian found you first, and he cuddled up to you lovingly, gently grooming your soft coat to say goodbye to you. Your gentle daughters Lavendar and Buttermilk surrounded you and softly groomed your fur one last time, and all of the mice are so heartbroken that you are no longer with them. But they know you had the best, most precious life ever and that you are happy and at peace now. When I saw you on that morning, you were lying so peaceful and contented, a serene expression on your sweet face, and I feel certain that your passing was filled with peace and goodbyes from your mouse family.
Ginger, I miss you so terribly I cannot begin to describe how I feel. There are no words that are good enough to explain how special you were and how horribly sad I am that you are no longer here with me. Before you passed away, I didn't think I could go on without you. But as I held you in your serene state yesterday morning, and laid you in your pretty coverlet that afternoon, I could feel your presence with me, and you were telling me it was okay, and that you are happy and peaceful as I type this. Everyday, I will cherish every memory of you, and feel thankful that I ever got to know you. You were the best pet to ever enter my life, and you always will be. For the rest of my life, I will miss you more than anything, but I will think of you always, and whenever I'm feeling upset, thinking of you will make me happy. Rest in Peace, darling Ginger, and I hope I will see you again someday...

Ginger Mouse
Forever my precious baby who will live on in my heart and memories as long as I live
May 6, 2022 ---- December 20, 2023
Rest in Peace, Love, and Happiness

~ Sincerely, your human mommy, Nina Alexandra Zelenak
December 21, 2023

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