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Memories of Ginger

08/02/18 Sweet Ginger, your passing a year ago was one of the toughest times of my life. I am glad I let myself truly grieve you and just cry it out for a few months. Although we have been very busy with the twins, you are still missed and we still think of you daily. Your pictures are still all over the house and I smile looking at them now instead of feeling sad. It will be some time before we have another dog, and I'll In not sure you will ever Be replaced. I wish you were still here, but I know you are happy wherever you are. Love you sweet girl!

10/03/17 Dear Ginger, I can't believe it has been 2 months since we said "goodbye" to you. I still cry as I am writing this, because you are missed so much. Your sweet spirit may have gone on to a better place, but it is still a part of me. Time and space have made me see so clearly how sick you were and the true nature of your quality of life. It was your time --we both knew it and I could see it in your eyes that you were ready.

The weather is changing to fall, your favorite time (other than spring :)). I remember watching you chase squirrels through the yard and running through piles of fall leaves, getting them stuck in your ears. We would have been out going on walks in the neighborhood or at Chastain. I would have picked out a new costume for you to celebrate Halloween, which you would have smiled in for about 5 minutes before looking at me like I was a crazy lady. I miss your hugs and your face nuzzled next to mine. I miss kissing your cheek and putting our foreheads together. We had a thousand little joyful moments, that added up to a big love! For that, I will always be grateful. Love, Mom.

08/30/17 Hey sweetie, it has been one month since we said goodbye to you on that very sad day. We miss you every day and I lit two candles by your picture today in remembrance. We are so grateful for the 9 years of love we had with you and cherish the time God gave us and for leading us to you. You will never be replaced, but as we head into this new chapter over the next few months, I know I have to make room in my heart for the twins. I like to write one good memory with each of these posts, so I don't forget anything...do you remember that time we performed a wedding ceremony for you and Henry? You two were smitten from the start and although I am not sure you loved being in the doggie wedding dress, you loved your time with Henry boy and he misses you! Love, Mom.

08/26/17 Happy National Dog day, Ginger Boo! We miss you so much, it has only been about 3 weeks since we said goodbye (for now). We took a few of your things to the humane society so another pup in need could use them. Your memory box came in, it is beautiful! I am still so sad, but as each day passes, I find myself laughing and smiling a little more over all of our memories with you. You were such a gift for all of those years and I was truly blessed to have you. I saw a picture of another little ruby meeting his "little brother" and it made me sad that you will not be able to meet the twins. However, I have to come to terms with the fact that God felt like your time was right and to keep you suffering would have been selfish. We love you, sweet Ginger!

08/18/17 Ginger, last week was a crazy week-- dad and I had to fly to Houston for an emergency surgery to save the twins. I'm not on modified bed rest/resting at home to make sure the pregnancy continues to go well. Yesterday, your canvas prints came in and I guess I went a little overboard (dad certainly thinks so). We have your pictures all over the house and I am pretty sure if we had house guests they would think I had "lost it." I like them, though, and I miss you so much that it feels good having your face around the house. Grandma went down to visit you yesterday and put a lovely customized memorial stone over your grave, it says "love never leaves." Every day we still think about you, still see your face through the door and window; now that I am at home on bed-rest, it would have been the perfect time for us to snuggle and be sofa buddies. The house is not the same without you here...just too quiet and there is a void you left behind. Maybe in a year or two I will understand God's plan behind losing you too soon, but for now, we are just stuck.

08/09/17 Dear Ginger, today marks exactly one week since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It has been a really tough week for mom, ending with me getting home and dealing with you not being here. I know you are in a better place now. I hope you have found Jasper and y'all are playing plus getting and giving lots of hugs and kisses to your new Heavenly family. I know you can breathe now, no more diapers from the diuretics, and no more pills or eye drops. I hope you have a new found love of peanut butter, bananas, green apples, and cheese. I know you were losing your appetite towards the end; I hope where you are, there is a constant supply of goodies ad you are enjoying every bite! Dad and I have been sharing all of our favorite funny memories of you and I lit a candle by your photo in remembrance this morning. Thank you for giving every single day and for making us laugh, feel love and comfort during the hard times. Love, mom

08/07/17 Hey Sweetie. I visited you one more time before I head to Atlanta today. I brought you the sweetest little lamb sculpture, a little bunny, and fresh flowers. It is breaking my heart today not being able to take you home with me. Many tears this morning...wishing I could put you in that squeaky crate and home with us. Hoping you are wrapped up in the arms of loving family and angels in Heaven. I hope you are sharing your hugs with them, love you.

08/06/17 Hey Baby Girl, I went down to see you again this afternoon. It must be the hottest day of the summer, but you are getting a breeze from the lake. I brought you sunflowers, a seashell (since you loved the beach so much), and mom is giving you one of her crosses. Not a day has gone by when I didn't cry (multiple times). Dad went back to Atlanta today and I am going back tomorrow. I am scared to go home and you not be there. Dad asked if he could get rid of your stuff before I came home, but I sad not to. I have ordered your memory box and want to go through your things and pull out a few special items. He doesn't want to see me in any more pain.

Ellie is having a hard time adjusting to Laura's baby...I suppose you would have to.If you were here, y'all could have pouted together :) My gut reaction is to adopt another puppy to fill your void, but the truth is, I may not be ready for a long time. No one compares and it wouldn't be fair. I miss you more than words can describe...Sunday was our day together when we did fun things and had extra snuggle time. "I had all and then most, and then some and then none of you. Take me back to the day we met."

08/05/17 Dear Ginger, it has been 3 days since we laid you to rest. Mom has been very, very sad...many many tears for you. You are not here to meet Aunt Laura's baby and your cousins are missing you, too. I walked down to see you yesterday and put yellow roses on your grave. You are buried by the lake under the willow tree, next to your cousins. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. I still see you everywhere I go...sitting at the top of the stairs looking down and waiting for me to come get you, running down the patio with Sweet Pea, and sitting next to me during breakfast. I even miss giving you your morning and night meds :)

I am getting through it by reminding myself of how sick you were getting day by day and how I had tried everything I could to stop you from getting worse. But, at the end, this last week, you just couldn't breathe despite all of our efforts to fix your medications and give you oxygen. You were scared, suffering, and looking to me to end it. I didn't want to put you through any more treatments, medication, physical pain or trauma.

On the way to the vet, on your last car ride sitting in my lap, you stared up at me the entire ride, knowing that this would be your last. We got to the vet, laid you on a blanket on my lap, your daddy sitting next to me. The tears streaming down my face, I tried to stop them, but had no control. The vet came in and gave us a few more minutes with you before coming in one last time. You were relaxed and ready to go, but inside, I was losing it. It happened so fast, and then you were gone, your brown eyes staring blankly out. But, your body and spirit were finally at peace, no more struggle or pain.

I know we will eventually move on with life and the pain will ease, but you will never truly leave us. I know we will be together again and you are running and bouncing around with Jasper and your other Cavie friends. Love you and miss you.

--------Ginger Spice Memories----------

Ginger was the joy and light of my life for 9 years. She brought so much love, laughter and comfort into our lives. She always wanted to be right next to me, so much so, that I called her my little "minion." As a puppy, she learned how to sit in your lap and give you a hug around your shoulders when you asked. This became our daily habit for many years in the evening.She was a mild, easy-going, and affectionate dog. She had big, round, brown eyes with little eyebrows that made every expression meaningful.

Ginger was a sweet and loving spirit. All she ever asked was to be near to us. She loved the ocean, being with her cousins (Sweet Pea, Henry, and Ellie), walks in our neighborhood, having fun in the country at grandma's, cozyinng up with me on the sofa to a movie. She loved her favorite toy, "Boo," and "Lambchop." Ginger loved food and treats --especially peanut butter.

In the morning, she loved her first hour in the backyard chasing "Ruby Red" and "Sammy the Squirrel." She would get so excited, she would run fast laps around the circle in the backyard and her long ears would be flapping in the wind. We loved our trips to PetSmart, picking out new toys and outfits.

She loved her daddy- they would do big hugs when he got home from work, and most of the time, he would pull me in and we would all hug. We were a loving family of 3...where we were, she was not far away. We will always love you and wish we saw your sweet little face waiting for us through the door. Life may never be the same, but we know you are with the Lord and your spirit has been renewed.

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