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Memories of Ginger
Ginger came into my life at the approximate age of 8. Her early years must have been very difficult for her, as she was an extremely fearful and unkept little girl when I found her at the shelter. She had been found wondering as a stray. My heart went out to her and after the required 3 day wait for her previous parent I happily took her home. She warmed up to me right away and we became very close.

Since she came from a shelter her birthdate is uncertain, however the records they gave me indicate Ginger was born on May 30, 1996, (apparently she had been in this shelter previously- poor baby!). She left us on June 16, 2011 at the age of 15.

Ginger gave me many wonderful years. She saw me through some very difficult times. We went everywhere together. She was a great traveler, as she flew with me, in her carrier under the seat, to Texas and Kansas to visit family as well as a long car trip to visit my sister in Arizona. When she was riding in the car with me she would sit and stare at me instead of looking out the window. Maybe she was afraid I might leave her. She was such a great companion.

Ginger would love to search for and chase any critters she could find. Rats, birds, rabbits -- they all provided her with excitement and fun. I'll never forget the time I was walking around Lake Murray when she spotted a rabbit and took off after it. Since she was on a leash I had to run after her, leash in hand, until she lost sight of it and slowed down. My friend, who was walking with us, got quite a laugh out of it.

We shared many happy times together. She always wanted to be close to her "Mommie". If she wasn't lying near me she was at my feet or even in the middle of whatever I was trying to do. I needed to let her know when I had to leave or she would search for me until I returned. I suspect this was due in part to insecurity, perhaps because of the abuse she received in her early years prior to winding up at the shelter. I don't know how anyone could mistreat such a sweet little thing, she was always such a joy to have around.

My poor little girl had a near death experience in September 2009 following some dental work. She slowly recovered, but never completely regained her former energy. Her poor little body began failing her in so many ways. She had heart problems, renal failure, back problems, as well as failing hearing and eyesight. In addition to all this her mind began to play tricks on her. Her wonderful vet kept all these under control with multiple medications and then in the last month subcutaneous fluid for her kidneys. In spite of all her problems, she enjoyed life and was sweet to the end.

When she became unable to walk very far she would love going for a ride in her doggie stroller. She'd ride for a while and then want to get down and walk. After a few minutes she'd tire and be ready to be placed back in her "chariot". Right up to her very last day she enjoyed her rides. She would perk up and look all around. Then she would stand up with her head out over the front of the stroller enjoying the breeze in her face, the wind blowing her ears. Made me think of a scene in "Titanic".

She began to loose interest in eating and resisted her medications. It was apparent she did not have much time left, so I decided to not push her to eat, but to give her anything she wanted, and to give only the medication she took easily. She appeared to not be in pain and still enjoyed her life until the night of June 15th when she woke up around midnight and needed to go out. I let her out, but she had problems going and going. I gave her medication and she wanted to go back to bed. I put her back on my bed and her breathing became very labored and fast. She could not settle down to sleep. I called the emergency vet hotline and found that her own vet was on call that night. She told me that Ginger was dying and I needed to make that horrible decision. I didn't want her to continue suffering as she was, so agreed to meet the Vet at her office. As we were sitting in the car waiting for the Vet I held Ginger in my arms and told her it was ok to cross over. The Vet then arrived and when she checked Gingers heart she told me that she was gone. I was sad, but grateful that she died in my arms.

Her crossing over the Rainbow Bridge leaves a huge hole in my life. However I am happy that she is freed of all her physical limitations and can now run free and chase rabbits and birds as she did in her prime. My precious Little Princess will be greatly missed but the memories she etched upon my soul will keep her close and always alive in my heart.


My precious baby - Christmas without you is so hard. Your funny playful ways are greatly missed. I'll especially miss you diving into your stocking and pulling out the treats. You enjoyed that so much! And napping beneath the tree. You were the perfect Christmas decoration as you lay there. I hope Christmas at the Bridge is a happy time for you with all your new friends. Mommie will be thinking of you. You're always in my heart. I'm sending lots of hugs and kisses up to you my little Angel. Mommie

One year yesterday. It has gone by so quickly, yet seems like only yesterday. I still miss you more than words can say. I've become involved with Welfare of Animals Guild in your memory. Because of you, my little one, other rescues like yourself will have a better life. This brings a small amount of comfort in knowing that your legacy lives on in them. I know this makes you happy. My precious Little Darling, I so hope you are enjoying playing at the bridge. I know you welcomed Reggie. He didn't deserve what he got. But now you have a new friend. Tell him I send my love up to him as well. Now you go play and always remember how very much I love you and forever hold you close within my heart - until we're together again.
Hugs and Kisses My Angel,

It's been 2 years my precious baby girl. I still miss you terribly. The tears frequently come when I speak of you. I know you want me to be happy and I am finding some happiness as I continue to work with W.A.G. rescued dogs in your memory. I was able to foster a sweet terrier puppy for a while. He now has a wonderful home which I found for him. I'm heading up a fundraising committee so we can take in more needy dogs. I know it makes you happy to know that because of you other rescued furbabies will have a good life. Thank you for the time we had together. You changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Recently on a cruise I saw a picture depicting Rainbow Bridge. I'm happy, my Darling Angel, you're running and playing with Tinkle and Reggie and the others enjoying your time there until we can be together again. Mommie sends tons of love and kisses up to you. I will always hold you close within my heart longing for the time I can hold you in my arms again.

Hugs Forever my Little Angel,

My precious little girl, it's hard to believe you left for the bridge 2 and a half years ago. Though you are not sleeping under the tree this year, I placed your ornament with your picture on it at the top of the tree. So you are still a part of our Christmas. I know you were here in spirit. I filled your stocking for Maisie. I know you are happy to share this with her.

Thank you for welcoming and caring for the 2 rescue pups who passed over so young. I'm sure you were a good Mommie to them. And thank you for being there for Finnigan on Christmas Eve.

Dale finally said I could get another dog. I'm waiting for the right time and sweet pup. One that needs me, as you did. Will you have a part in this? I so very much hope so.

I miss you incredibly and look forward to one day holding you again, enjoying your kisses.

Hugs and Kisses My Precious Little Angel,

My Precious little girl. It seems impossible that tomorrow it will be 5 years since I last held you and you left for the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you so much, and the tears still come. If only I could hold you one more time.

As I'm sure you know, I have adopted another little fur baby and named her Zoey. I think you had a part in choosing her for me, after she was rescued from a backyard breeder. She is so different from you. Very independent, yet a snuggler. You would have enjoyed playing with her. I love her with all my heart, yet she will never replace you. You were so very special. And she is special, too, in her own way.

Thank you for all the wonderful times we had together, and for all the joy you gave me. I so look forward to seeing you again when I cross the Bridge to meet you.
Until then, my precious Angel, enjoy playing at the Bridge and maybe come visit Mommie sometime. I love you so much!!!
Hugs and Kisses My Darling,

My precious Ginger, I find it hard to believe that you have been gone for 9 years. I still carry your picture in my wallet and have it beautifully framed on the hall wall. I miss you so much. I still cry when I come here to your memorial page. I had a plaque made in memory of you and placed on the memory wall at WAG's Halfway Home Ranch. Because of you I worked with WAG for several years helping homeless dogs. I hope I can soon continue doing so with another organization. You are my inspiration to help these little ones.

Today Aunt Marys dog, Bear, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you welcomed him and showed him around. He's such a great dog, I know you will enjoy playing with him. I'm sure he's glad to be free of his painful body and able to once again run and play. Aunt Juli's dog Lacey crossed over 5 months ago, and I am sure you have welcomed her as well. Its so hard on us to let each of you go, however, I know all three of you are enjoying the carefree life and play at the Bridge. You are all missed greatly.

Enjoy playing with your cousins until we meet again. My Darling Baby you are loved so very, very much.

Hugs and Kisses My Precious Little Angel,

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