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Memories of Ginger Lamb Bonner

October 22 1993 - February 22 2008

Ginger was sent on a prayer

In loving memory of our Ginger who we love so much. Ginger will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Ginger was sent into our lives on a prayer, given to us as a gift and left with a piece of our hearts. While with us, she was a comforter in our sicknesses, a friend in our loneliness, laughter through our tears, and a small bundle of cuteness in our sometimes crazy lives. She always held true to her commitment to love unconditionally and to always expect to be provided for. And she would remind us in her "princess" way if we ever forgot our commitment to give her the best. She was the smallest among us, but the leader of the pack. Ginger gave us a voice, each family member talked through her and she became our soft place to land.

Ginger took us through a difficult but wonder filled season She grew up with our children and helped them both to move on. She absorbed and erased my pain all she could and I hope that if there are eternal rewards for dogs that she is now receiving the most incredible treats known to the canine pallet.

But most of all through Ginger's death, I have somehow regained the appreciation for all of the little things I so take for granted. I spent 15 years with the most precious little soft being I know, and I can never again take anything in my grasp for granted.

It seems so unthinkable that something that means so much in your life can be summed up in just a few short thoughts or phrases. But that's the way it is isn't it? Our emotions hold such sway and make us feel so deeply that words can't express their affect. I write of a relationship with a little being whose life on earth as a dog, a canine, ended, but whose life's work will never end. Now that she's gone, I know that she was a part of my soul. But how do you memorialize the little living breathing, warm fuzzy, lovable cute, comforting companion we all knew as "Ginger"?

Ginger was my little heart beat, living with me, patiently I might add, through the most tumultuous of times Never asking for a whole lot, a little demanding as little dogs are, but for what she gave back to me, I would have given her just about all she begged for...and sometimes did!

She came to us in the middle of a family crisis. Of the many pets we had had, most being dogs, none had really become an integral part of our family life. Being animal lovers, we had shared our home with birds, cats, hamsters, rabbits and a broad array of other animals all of which were either very prolific or very unlucky. We had even bred thoroughbred dogs to sell. But when the time came, we had learned how to give them up to new eager families.

Then came the day when our family hit a very big wall. Our whole lives were turned upside down. We made big changes overnight, leaving everything familiar behind us. My children left their friends and school, we left our jobs,and we lost many people who were dear to us. Through a set of circumstances my husband searched until he found this little precious gem we now know as "Ginger". We had talked of getting a puppy, but here we were me, my husband, and two kids, on a journey to pick up a little being that we didn't know would become apart of our family. When we first walked up to the house I noticed three adult dogs coming to greet us and then bounding out from all the blitz of fur and big brown eyes, and curly tails,emerged this little fur ball. She was totally one of the "big guys" even helping to chase off a poor unfortunate cat.

Ginger had a little bounce when she walked and a permanent look of doggy wisdom. But the real connection happened in the car when my husband placed her on my chest, she stopped trembling and looked up into my face searching for my eyes, and once she found them we were locked for life.

Thanks Wes for the best little gift you found for us, And thank you God for allowing us the joy of knowing such a companion.

We love you Ginger.

Mom, Dad, Britt and Penie

Ginger, for some reason I am missing you so much today, and it seems the world just goes on. I'm crying now tears I would have cried holding onto you. Maybe it's because I know this weekend will be hard for me and you won't be with me. I want to thank you for all the comfort you gave me little one. I realize that only the two of us really understood the depth of our care for one another. I miss you so, I hope you are at rest and finding all the love you need. I just wanted you to know that...Ma

Ginger, it's me again, almost a month to the day I wrote you last time. I miss you so much and I grieve silently in my stillness as always. It's so hard when no one understands the devotion and love you gave except for me. They only saw it, I experienced it. I will miss you til the sunset of my life...I will always miss you. You are one of a kind, a special treat that God Himself created for the need I had at the present moment...now you're gone. I miss you especially at night when I sleep. Your little warm body is no longer there, I pray that you are nestled somewhere being kept warm until we meet again....Love, Ma.

I can't believe it's been 3 years since you left us! Ginger, I still think of you as a peice of my heart and always will. Your friend Mimi passed away a few weeks ago, she would often talk fondly of you and missed you. I am now dealing with her passing, but I will never forget how you helped me through so many hard times. I will celebrate you today, you are loved.

8/18/11 Today, my sweet Ginger Lamb, your little sister Jasmine Joy came to meet you on Rainbow Bridge. I know how you celebrated together to finally be reunited. Jasmine came to live with us to give you company, but little did we know, she would become your body guard, protector and "fun police". Jasmine 's quest in life was to be just like you, she adored you from the beginning, chasing your tail, doing everything to get your attention! But you knew how to put her in her place. She loved to spy on you from the stairway and would just watch you for hours. After 13 years as companions, she has missed you the past few years. She still searches for you when your name is called. Now we've sent her to be with you... The evidence that she knew she was coming to you id that she wagged her tail right before she passed! She must have seen you. Enjoy all your playing, tussling, eating, and fussing, on the Rainbow Bridge!! :)
Love, Ma

2/24/12 Well, I'm sure you've met up with your other little sister Jada Jewel who passed on this day. She grieved everyday of her life for you two. When we rescued Jada, we didn't know how wonderfully she would complete the package of our family. Beautiful champagne girl... You loved your Dad and would never give up no matter how difficult life got for you! We love you little Jada...have fun with your sisters until I see you again! Farewell... Ma

2/22/13 it seems my three angels at Rainbow Bridge have been looking out for us... I love you all three! On this fifth anniversary of Ginger's angel day... I hope you party hardy and remember all your good times on Earth with your family. I miss you so much, life hasn't been the same without the three of you! Thank you Ginger for helping start our family on this incredible journey! Love, Ma

2/22/16 Ginger, Jasmine, Jada... I know you met your brother Maximus at Rainbow Bridge. I know he's been there since last October, but please look after him. Your whole pack is there now and I miss everyone of you, and though we have another pack, you are always the first. We love you so much.

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